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Art of 2017 Video

So, I actually uploaded this a while ago, and I meant to make a post featuring the video not long after I uploaded it, but that didn’t actually happen until right now. Heh heh. A lot of the art in this video are the free requests I did, so you Awesome Readers have already seen those. But, there’s also some art that I did in-between doing requests, so there is some new stuff in the video. Anyway, here’s the video if you Awesome Readers would like to watch it:


And now for the other reason I’m making this post. So, as some may remember, I was once doing a Nuzlocke in Pokemon Emerald, which unfortunately got cancelled because I lost the data for it. Anyway, in that nuzlocke I had a Poochyena named Pepper, and I drew her for the first time in around 4 years (goodness, doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that I was doing my nuzlocke) the other day. So, I decided that I wanted to post both the old drawing of Pepper, and the new one so you awesome readers could see them. So, first up is the old one from 2014:

I also just feel like pointing out that the lighting is everywhere on this one. Although, other than that, it’s not too bad considering how old it is.

And here’s the one I drew the other day:

So, yeah. Practice really does help with art!

Anyway, that’s about all I wanted to show you Awesome Readers. Later!

What’s This?! Strawberry’s Making A New Post?!

Yes, my awesome readers, I am making a post. It has been awhile. I could probably think of some excuse, but I won’t. It is what it is. Anyway, I guess I should give some updates. I have the next chapter for Trainer Strawberry already typed, and have had it ready for quite a while, I just haven’t posted it yet because it’s on my other computer and I haven’t been using it a lot lately. As you awesome readers have probably noticed, I have been nowhere near as active on WordPress as I used to be, and, chances are, it will be awhile before I become that active again, if I ever become that active again. Anyway, that’s really all I can think of as far as updates go, so I guess I’ll put up some pictures of some sketches I’ve done.




Yeah, I either messed up on Kyo’s hair or his face. Whichever it is, it makes him not look quite right.

If any of you awesome readers would like any information about any of the characters I have drawn, leave a comment with your question and I would be happy to answer it.

Oh, and before I forget, I got a new puppy! Here is her picture:

WIN_20150221_143954 WIN_20150221_143946

Her name is Ezzie (short for Esther). She is mostly a Heinz 57 dog, but we think she has some Border Collie in her.

Well, I leave you with this beautiful (but sad when they play it in the anime) song from an anime I have recently started watching. Later.

Video by AdeL Aissa Boumaza

Liebster Award

Special thanks to Fenneblogin for nominating me for the Liebster Award!


I’ve heard that there are varying sets of rules for this award, but I’m going to follow this set:

Liebster Award Rules

Okay, so I guess I’ll provide the random facts about me first.

1: Even though my Pokesona (Strawberry) is pink, my favorite color is blue.

2: My favorite food is Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread.

3: My favorite Anime is Deltora Quest.

4: Even though I like to play them, I suck at platforming games. Especially Super Mario games.

5: Even though I don’t animate much, I once had ideas for several episodic series, but since I didn’t write down the ideas, I’ve forgotten quite a few of them.

6: I originally planned on making Trainer Strawberry a comic series instead of a written series, and still plan on making a comic of it someday.

7: I take picture requests, although, just because I take requests doesn’t mean I’ll do all of them.

8: I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, which is why most of my pictures end up being unfinished.

9: I also have several unfinished AMVs.

10: I have an account on Youtube under the same name as this blog. (I meant to mention this in an earlier post, but forgot to do so. Here is a link to my Youtube account: Strawberry the Glaceon )

11: I’m shy when I first meet someone, but once I get to know them a little better, it’s hard to get me to stop talking.

Now for the questions asked by Fenneblogin!

1. (Q.) Do you like pokemon? (A.) Yes I do.

2. (Q.) Are you a pokemon? (A.) As far as the internet is concerned, yes. I am a Glaceon.

3. (Q.) Would you want to be a pokemon? (A.) I don’t think I’d want to actually be a Pokemon, I think I’d rather be a Pokemon Trainer.

4. (Q.)  If you had one skill, that you were perfect at, what would it be? (A.) Animating.

5. (Q.) What movie do you like that is also a book? (A.) Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Gahoole.

6. (Q.) What is your favorite food? (A.) Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread.

7. (Q.)  If you could drink only one thing, what would it be? (A.) Root Beer

8. (Q.) Do you like smoothies or juices? (A.) Both.

9. (Q.) What is your fave fruit? (A.) Tomatoes.

10. (Q.) What is your hobby? (A.) Playing video games.

11. (Q.) Do you have talents? Can you show them to me in a post? (A.) I can play the piano. But I haven’t made any posts about that. But I do have some pictures on my blog, although, I’m not really very talented at drawing.

Okay, now for my questions for the people I nominate.

(1) What is your favorite TV show?

(2) Have you ever been able to complete a ten minute challenge on Youtube?

(3) What Nintendo games have you played?

(4) Do you have any pets?

(5) What is your favorite color?

(6) What is you favorite animal?

(7) Do you have a favorite Pokemon? And what is it?

(8) Have you ever played a Megaman game?

(9) What is your favorite video game?

(10) What is your favorite food?

(11) If you could live in any fictional world, which one would you live in?

My nominations:


Life as a Kewpie Doll

The Spice of Colleen Feeney’s Life

Nerdy Ninja Platypus


Mindworks, Inc


Alright, so I haven’t played any Megaman recently, but I think I might have something that I’m going to post soon that will make up for that. First, I should tell you awesome readers that I have started a Nuzlocke in Emerald. For those of you who don’t know, a Nuzlocke is a way of playing through Pokemon games, and it has certain rules. If you want to know the rules, you can ask me. But if you want to ask an expert on the subject, you should go ask Taco. Anyway, instead of taking snapshots and making a gaming journal about it, I asked my sister to help me take notes of important things that happened as I played. And now, I have one chapter written of my Nuzlocke story. The name of the story is “Trainer Strawberry”. The chapter isn’t very long, but considering that it’s the first real chapter of something that I’m writing that I finished, I think that’s okay. I’m sorry if it seems a little jumbled and/or inconsistent, hopefully that will be fixed as continue to write and get experience writing. Also, I will be making a new page with links to all future story posts, so if you ever want to re-read one of my stories, just go to that page and click on the link to the story you want to read. The story should be up in an hour, so check back then if you’re interested in reading it. Critique is not only accepted, but welcomed on my story. Any useful tips on how to write better are also accepted.

Anyway, I have a few videos to show you guys. First, is a Japanese video made for “Respect Your Elders Day”. The kanji near the end video reads, “Are you respecting them?”.


I think this video perfectly describes what it is like to play one of those games where you have to hit a button over and over. You can skip to :18 in the video if you want to skip the intro. The thing you’re supposed to pay attention to is the guys at the bottom of the screen. You don’t have to watch the whole video, just please watch until a little past :37.


Please leave a comment with your reactions to the videos-I would love to read your reactions. Unless you don’t have time to comment, in which case, just don’t worry about it.

Happy (late) New Years! Later.