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Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 18

Before heading back to Rustboro, Pepper and I decided to go back into the cave to make sure all the Pokemon in it were okay. As we entered the cave, I noticed something purple hiding behind a stalagmite. I stood still while I tried to figure out what the purple thing was. When it didn’t hear any movement, it poked its head out from behind the stalagmite. It looked like a chubby, purple rabbit with yellow ear tips.

Cool, a new Pokemon! I’m gonna catch it!

I looked at Pepper, and nodded toward the Pokemon. Pepper must have just been waiting for the command, because as soon as it was given, she charged toward the Pokemon and used “Bite”. The Pokemon was too surprised to move, and the attack became a direct hit. Once the Pokemon had fallen over from the force of the attack, I threw a Pokeball at it, then waited until it stopped shaking. My Pokedex then informed me that the Pokemon was a Whismur.

“Gotcha! Whismur was caught!” I sent the newly caught Pokemon back out. “Okay, the Pokedex says that your cries equal a jet plane in volume. So, how’s about I call you Echo?”

“Whis, Whismur.” The Pokemon quietly replied. I guessed that meant it was okay with that name, but it was hard to tell.

“Umm, well, okay. Let’s return the stolen Devon Goods. Okay, Pepper?” I asked my canine companion as I returned Echo to his Pokeball. Pepper nodded her head in agreement, she also seemed to not be quite sure how to respond to the quiet answer of Echo.

*Later, back at Rustboro*

Pepper and I headed toward the Devon building when we were stopped by a slightly familiar voice yelling at us.

“Hey!,” The Devon Researcher Man called as he waved his hand in the air, trying to get our attention, “Did you get the stolen goods back?”

“Yeah, we have them right here.” I yelled back. The man ran over to make sure the goods were still in good condition.

“This is wonderful! Come on, you simply must come to the Devon Building so we can properly thank you!”

I followed the Devon Researcher Man into the building, he lead me to the third floor. He then pointed to a chair and told me to wait there, the man then disappeared to parts unknown. Pepper jumped into my lap once I had sat down.

“I’m back, thanks for waiting.” The Devon Man said cheerfully when he came back after what had seemed like hours. “Here, take this as a token of my gratitude.” He said as he handed me a Great Ball.

I gave a slight bow as I accepted the item, I had heard that bowing was a polite gesture somewhere-or-another, and it seemed appropriate for the occasion. I then turned to leave when the man stopped me.

“Wait just a second. I have a favor to ask. Do you think you could deliver this package to Capt. Stern at Slateport’s Shipyard? You can? Great!” The man shoved the package into my hands before I could object, it was the same stolen goods I had just recovered, I guess the poor guy didn’t want to risk running into more bad luck and being unable to deliver it. “Also, the president would like to speak to you. Please follow me.” The man then headed toward some stairs, with Pepper and I following close behind.

“Well, hello there.” A man sitting behind a desk said as we entered the room. He had white, slightly spikey hair, kind but stern eyes, and he wore a white shirt with a bluish-greenish tie underneath a blue suit with some black stripes on it. His desk was surprisingly tidy, and on it sat a white hat with a gray band around it. “I’m Mr. Stone, the President of the Devon Corporation. I’d just got word about you! You saved our staff not just once, but twice! I have a favor to ask of an amazing person like you. I understand that you’re delivering a package to Slateport’s Shipyard. Well, on the way, could you stop off in Dewford Town? I was hoping that you’d deliver a Letter to Steven in Dewford.”

“Umm, yeah, sure.” I replied, I was surprised that Mr. Stone was actually giving me a choice in the matter. So far, it had seemed like everyone I met on my journey didn’t ask if I wanted to help or not, they all just seemed to expect my help, even if I had never met them before. And this guy was actually asking for my help, giving me the option of if I wanted to help him or not. That wasn’t exactly what I was expecting from the president of a company as big as Devon.

“Really? Well, you should know that I am a great President. So, I’d never be so cheap as to ask a favor for nothing in return. That’s why I want you to have this!” He handed me a strange device that I had never seen before.

I assumed that this was a new device that had just come out, but just because I had never seen it before didn’t mean it was new. While I was moving, I got a little behind on technology, so it wouldn’t surprise me if almost every Pokemon Trainer had one of these devices. Not knowing what to say, and not wanting to admit that I had no idea what the device was, I bowed in gratitude, just as I had done when the Devon Researcher Man gave me a Great Ball.

“That device… It’s a Pokémon Navigator, or PokéNav for short. It’s an indispensable tool for any Trainer on an adventure. It has a map of the Hoenn region. You can check the locations of Dewford and Slateport easily!” He explained, seeming to sense my confusion, “By the way, I’ve heard that sinister criminals—Magma and Aqua, I believe—have been making trouble far and wide. I think it would be best if you rested up before you go on your way.”

“I’ve heard of Team Aqua before, they’re the ones who attacked your staff and stole some of your company’s goods. But, I’ve never heard of this Team Magma that you mentioned, who are they?”

“They’re Team Aqua’s arch enemies. You see, while Team Aqua wants to expand the oceans in hopes that it will help restore the Pokemon of the world’s habitats, Team Magma wants to expand the world’s land mass, so life will be easier for humans.”

“How are they going to do that?”

“I’m not sure. All I know is that both of them need to be stopped. If either one of them succeeds, they will disrupt the balance of this world, and who knows what the consequences will be.”

“That just means I’ll have to do everything in my power to stop them!” I said as I turned to leave. “Thanks for the Pokenav, Mr. Stone. I’ll be sure to deliver the letter and the package for you.”

“Well, then, Strawberry, go with caution and care!”

I nodded as I left the room.

Team Aqua and Team Magma. What could they be thinking?!

Pokemon met this chapter: Echo, male, quiet nature


Whoa, a new chapter of Trainer Strawberry?! What is happening?! Haha, yes, at long last, I have written another chapter of Trainer Strawberry. No, your eyes do not deceive you. Just as a side note, it’s been so long since I wrote a chapter for Trainer Strawberry, that I had no idea what any of my notes meant. Like, seriously, I had to get Dino to help me translate them. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and I hope it was worth the wait (but it probably wasn’t).


Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 17

Pepper and I stepped into the cave and stood for a few seconds while our eyes adjusted to the dim light. We stepped cautiously, carefully watching for the Team Aqua member who had been seen entering the cave. We had to be extra careful since he had an old man’s Pokemon held hostage.

Wait, did I get that old man’s name? No, no I didn’t. Well, that wasn’t a smart move on my part.

My thoughts were then interrupted by a voice suddenly shouting, “Don’t take another step! One more move, and this little Pokemon gets it!” I quickly looked to where the voice came from. It was the Team Aqua member, and with him was a scared looking Wingull.

Could that be Peeko? Nah, it couldn’t be. It’s probably just one of his own Pokemon.

Confident that it was just a trick, I took another step forward. The Team Aqua member seemed surprised by this.

“Oh great! Leave it to me to kidnap a useless Pokemon! Well, I guess I’ll just have to fight instead. Go, Poochyena!”

I sent out Zip and the battle began. Zip charged in with a “Headbutt”, but the Poochyena was faster than it looked and easily dodged the attack by jumping off of one of the walls of the cave. The Poochyena then used its momentum to attack with a fast and powerful “Tackle”. Zip dodged with “Quick Attack” and ran along the walls and jumped from stalagmites. The Poochyena chased him around the cave, neither Pokemon losing any of their momentum. Finally, Zip jumped back toward the Poochyena with a “Headbutt”. The attack hit, and the Poochyena was knocked out.

“This can’t be! Okay, if these Devon Goods are so important to you, you can have them!” And with that, the Team Aqua member dropped the stolen goods and ran off.

“Well, that wasn’t too tough,” I said as I picked up the dropped goods. Zip agreed. “So, any chance that you’re Peeko?” I asked the Wingull the Team Aqua member was holding hostage.

“Wingull! Wingull!” Peeko seemed extremely happy to hear her name.

I giggled. “I guess that’s a ‘Yes’.”

*Back outside the cave*

“Oh! Thank you for saving my precious Peeko!” The old man said as he hugged his ‘Precious Peeko’.

“No problem. My name’s Strawberry, by the way. And you are?” I asked the strange man in the hopes that he would let the poor Wingull breathe.

“Oh! Where are my manners? I’m Mr. Briney. I run the ferry from Route 104 to Slateport City. I also stop at Dewford Town. So, if you ever need a ride to either of those towns, you know who to see. And, as thanks for saving my precious Peeko, you can ride for free whenever you want.”

“Really? Thanks Mr. Briney!”

We both waved goodbye as we headed our own directions. It was time for me to return the stolen Devon Goods.


What’s this?! Another Trainer Strawberry chapter? What sort of magic is this?! Anyway, this chapter isn’t the best one I’ve written, but it will take awhile before I get back in the swing of things.

Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 16

“Help! Someone, please help!” I heard someone shout as Pepper and I made our way to the edge of Rustboro to start heading to the next town.

“I wonder what’s going on? Come on, Pepper, let’s go check it out!” I said as Pepper and I ran in the direction that the shout had come from. It was the Devon Researcher we had met in the forest. “What happened?” I asked as Pepper and I approached.

“That Team Aqua member stole the Devon Goods I was supposed to deliver!” The man wailed.

“Okay, Okay, calm down. Which way did he go?”

“He ran toward Rusturf Tunnel.”

“Alright, don’t worry, we’ll get your stuff back.” Pepper and I raced towards the Tunnel. Or, at least, we raced towards where we thought the tunnel was. It probably would have been a good idea to get directions first, now that I think about it. Oh well, we found it eventually.

“Wait! Don’t go in that cave, Whippersnapper!” A voice suddenly called as Pepper and I were about to enter the tunnel.

“Huh? Why not?” I asked the old man who was the source of the voice.

“Because there’s a bad guy in there. And if you’re not careful he’ll steal your Poochyena like he stole my Peeko!” The old man sobbed as he said the latter part of his sentence.

“Wait, slow down. Who’s Peeko?”

“Peeko is my beloved Wingull. My poor little Peeko, I hope that terrible person isn’t being mean to my precious Peeko…”

“This guy…is he wearing a blue headband?”

“Why, yes. How did you know that? Are the two of you working together?! What have you done with my Peeko?! Answer me!”

“I’m not working with that him! The reason I know he’s wearing a headband is because he stole something from someone else, and I’m trying to catch him so I can return what he stole.”

“Oh. Then in that case… Could you possibly save my precious Peeko for me?” As he made his request his eyes got larger and sparkly-er than I though possible.

“Uh, sure…” I replied, trying to hide the fact that I had been slightly creeped out by his sudden change in behaviour.

“Oh, thank you!” He exclaimed as he hugged me.

“You’re welcome. Just, please, let me go.”

“Oops! Sorry about that, sometimes I get a little carried away.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll be sure to return your Peeko as soon as I can.”

I waved goodbye as the old man thanked me again and Pepper and I headed into the tunnel.


Sorry that this chapter is late. I could make an excuse as to why I didn’t get it posted last week, but I really don’t have one. I guess writing is just one of those things that’s hard get into the habit of, and easy to get out of the habit of. Again, I’m really sorry that this is late. I hope you awesome readers enjoyed it, though!

Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 15

“Alright, guys. As a special reward for all of your hard work at the Gym, you may all pick out one thing from this store that you want, and I’ll buy it for you,” I told my Pokemon as we stood at the entrance to a gift shop in Rustboro City. We had decided that it wouldn’t hurt to stay a few more days in the city before we moved on. After all, all work and no play isn’t fun for anyone. I told my Pokemon to meet me at the entrance in an hour; they agreed and set off to pick out what they wanted.

*Zip’s point of view*

Alright! Now’s my chance to get something cool. What should I get? A collar? An armband? A cape?! There’s so many cool things in here! How can I choose just one? Maybe I should ask Caso for some advice. He probably knows what the coolest thing in this store is! After all, he’d have to be pretty cool to already be a Marshtomp!

I rushed through the aisles looking for anything I thought was cool and trying to find Caso. While I was running around, I spotted something that made me stop in my tracks. There, sitting near the door, was a Plusle that appeared to have gotten into a fight that it couldn’t win. It had bruises all over it, and it looked sad. Another thing I noticed right off was that it was alone. Usually, Plusles hang out with Minuns, and the two Pokemon are never apart.

Maybe I should go ask what’s wrong, but, then I might not have enough time to pick something out. Well, if I was that Plusle, I’d want someone to ask me what was wrong.

I then ran over to see what had happened. The Plusle told me that it was attacked by a pack of Mightyenas, and that while it had escaped, its best friend wasn’t so lucky. I felt really sorry for the poor Pokemon. Suddenly, I knew exactly what I was going to get in the store.

*Scar’s point of view*

I didn’t really want anything from the store, so I just flew around, practicing my flying maneuvers. Then I spotted Zip running around the place like crazy. I figured he was probably trying to figure out what he wanted, so I didn’t pay much attention. Or at least, I didn’t pay much attention until Zip stopped suddenly. That was really unlike him. Things got even stranger when he bolted for the door. I decided to see what was going on, so I flew over to check it out.

When I reached the door, I saw what Zip had been so concerned about. It was a Plusle. The red-eared Pokemon was telling Zip something, but I couldn’t catch what it said.

But, you know, maybe I will get something at this store after all…

*Aqua’s point of view*

I walked through the aisles looking at all of the colorful things they had. Well, I wasn’t really looking, I was actually acting like I was looking while I was really thinking about ham sammiches. That’s when Zip ran by and nearly knocked me over. Which snapped me out of my train of thought.

Aw man. I was just thinking about this awesome ham sammich that was bigger than a skyscraper! Why did Zip have to snap me out of that? Suddenly I noticed Zip head for the door. I wonder what he’s doing? It isn’t time for Strawberry to pick us up yet. Next I saw Scar fly over to the door too. Alright, now I know something’s going on.

I headed over to see what was going on for myself. And after I did, I knew what I was going to get in the store.

*Later, when Strawberry came to pick the Pokemon up*

“Alright guys, did you all find something you like?” I asked my Pokemon as they gathered at the door to show me what they had picked out. Pepper had picked out a metal armband, Caso had picked out a collar with small spikes on it, Zip had picked out a small Minun plushie, Scar had picked out a basket of Oran berries, and Aqua had picked a basket of macarons.

After I had paid for the items my Pokemon had gotten, we left the store. Suddenly Zip, Scar, and Aqua stopped at the door.

“What’s the matter guys?” I asked as I approached my Pokemon. When I came closer, I noticed a Plusle sitting there. As I stared, not knowing what to think, Zip, Scar, and Aqua gave the items they had gotten to the poor thing. When the Plusle saw the items, its face brightened up immediately. Then it began to jump up and down in joy. I don’t think I had ever seen a Pokemon that was so happy. After thanking Zip, Scar, and Aqua for the gifts, the little electric Pokemon ran off. Words could not describe how proud I was of my Pokemon, and I told them that. Then we headed to the Pokemon Center to rest up for our journey the next day.


What’s this?! A new chapter of Trainer Strawberry?! Is this a dream? No, no it isn’t. This is really happening. And I have plans for that Plusle. Mwa ha ha.

WIP: Super Smash Bros Brawl – Episode 1

Episode 1 – Another Peaceful Day, Or Is It?

It was another peaceful day in Toadtown. Toads were busy doing what they always do. But, at the castle, Princess Peach was worried. That’s why she sent for Mario and Luigi. “Thank you for coming,” she said as they walked down the hall, “I hate to bother you, but the fact that Bowser hasn’t attacked in a while has me worried. I fear something terrible is going to happen.”

“No problem, Princess. And you shouldn’t worry, if something bad happens, Mario and I will protect you,” Luigi said he seemed pretty confident. Mario nodded his head in agreement.

“Thank you, Mario, Luigi, that means a lot to me.”

Mario moved his hand like he was swatting at a flying insect. “Don’t’a mention it.” Just then they heard a loud sound, causing them all to turn to the window.

“That sounded like an explosion,” Luigi exclaimed.

“Let’s’a go see what caused it,” Mario said even though he had a good idea what the cause was. The two brothers dashed out the door.

“Be careful,” Peach whispered after them.


The two arrived at a devastated town square. “What’s’a going on here,” Mario asked a Toad that was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

He stopped running and looked over towards Mario and Luigi. “Oh, thank goodness you’re here! Bowser attacked just a minute ago. You must protect Princess Peach. I’m sure that she’s who he’s after,” He told them before he went back to freaking out.

“PRINCESS,” The Mario brothers exclaimed as they ran back to the castle.

When they arrived Toadsworth was already freaking out. “THE PRINCESS, HE KIDNAPPED THE PRINCESS! OH, WHY DID I LEAVE HER ALONE FOR 10 SECONDS?” Mario was just asking himself the same question, minus the 10 second part.

Mario and Luigi rushed to the hallway where they last saw Princess Peach, and looked around to see if their foe had left any clues as to where he had taken the princess. The window was broken, but that was about it. The floor wasn’t cracked, there were no burn or claw marks on the wall, there wasn’t even one or two Goombas waiting for them, just a broken window. This was so unlike Bowser.

“It’s surprisingly clean in here, considering Bowser just attacked,” Luigi commented as he looked around.

Mario walked over to inspect the window. What if Bowser wasn’t the one who did this? What if we have a new enemy? If that is the case we will have to be on our guard.

Sudden movement outside the window caught Mario’s attention. “I think I might have just spotted the culprit. Luigi, let’s’a go,” Mario said as he jumped out the window and started to chase the figure. Whoever they were chasing was fast. Even though Mario had started running as soon as he hit the ground, he had already lost sight of the person, or Koopa, or Toad, or whatever they were chasing.

Eventually the two brothers came across a cave. It was large and menacing on the outside. And dark and creepy looking on the inside. “D-do you th-think he went in th-th-there,” Luigi asked while shaking nervously.

“It looks like the kinda place Bowser would hide. But there’s only one way to find’a out,” Mario replied calmly.

“I was afraid y-you’d say th-that,” Luigi said as he followed Mario inside.

Once inside they found that there was a lot of lava in the cave, another trademark of Bowser. The glow from the lava caused the walls to have a reddish tint to them, and the heat was almost smothering. There was a single straight walkway going across the room, with a door at the end opposite of where Mario and Luigi were standing.

“We should be careful, Bowser must have some preety good traps’a here for there to not be any Goombas or Koopas around. And the door isn’t locked so he’s probably preety confident that no ones’a gonna get in,” Mario stated as they cautiously started walking to the door.

“Or maybe he just got lonely, and wanted some company, so he made sure it was easy to get to his room,” Luigi said hopefully. Mario turned to face Luigi with an “Are You Serious?” face. “It could happen,” Luigi said as he shrugged.

The two reached the door without setting off any traps. Mario cautiously pushed open the door. The room inside the door was huge, circular, and empty.

“Well, what have we here? Nice to see you two showed up.” That wasn’t Bowser’s voice. A figure then dropped from the ceiling, the same figure Mario had seen through the window. It was tall, slender, and. . .Furry. Now that Mario had a better look at it, he realized it wasn’t a person at all, it appeared to be a large anthropomorphic wolf. It raised itself up slowly and
menacingly. “We’ve been expecting you, and personally, I was beginning to wonder if you were going to show up, or if you had chickened out,” It got a terrifying smirk as it said that last part. If it was trying to be creepy, it was doing a VERY good job at it. It turned to the Parakoopa that had followed it down from the roof. “Tell the king, ‘The peasants have arrived’.” The winged Koopa gave a salute and flew off.

“Who are you, and where have you taken Princess Peach,” Mario asked trying to ignore
Luigi’s whimpering. It didn’t seem to hear him, in fact it didn’t even really seem to acknowledge that they were still in the room. “Well, ANSWER ME,” Mario demanded slightly angered by the creature’s behavior.

It chuckled. “Wouldn’t you like to know,” It had turned its head and was looking at the brothers over its shoulder. Suddenly there was a loud crash as the roof caved in, and
in dropped Bowser. The wolf then leaped into the air and grabbed on to a rope ladder that was attached to a helicopter. “See you later, heroes,” It said mockingly as the helicopter ascended and flew away. That left Mario and Luigi with Bowser.

“So glad you could stop by, I was looking forward to stomping you like the bugs you are,” Bowser said tauntingly. Considering all the times Bowser’s plans had failed, Mario found that statement to be very false.

“Where have you’a taken the princess,” Mario asked knowing that Bowser was so talkative and boastful that he would probably answer.

“I’ve taken her to my new hideout, not that that information concerns you seeing as this will be the last day you ever live,” Bowser stated. Mario was right, he would give them an answer, and seeing as this was Bowser’s hideout, that meant that Princess Peach must be in the cave somewhere.

“Let’a her go,” Mario demanded.

“Who’s gonna make me?”

“I am.”

“A-and I am too,” Luigi spoke up starting to not tremble as much.

Bowser just simply laughed. “Very well then. I’d like to see you try,” He said. They got into their battle poses.

“Let’s’a go,” Mario shouted to Luigi as they charged toward Bowser. Bowser leaped into the air with surprising speed, and counter attacked with a fire-ball while still in the air. Mario and Luigi easily dodged, and leaped into the air. Luigi grabbed Mario, spinned, and hurled Mario higher into the air. Mario kicked Bowser with his most powerful kick that he would use when playing soccer with his friends. This sent Bowser into the wall, then crashing to the floor. But he didn’t seem to have felt the attack at all, and got back up with no problem at all.

“Is that all you got?” Bowser asked, acting disappointed, “My turn.” He then charged at them, and swiped with his claws. The attack sent the brothers flying through a door at the other side of the room, and into another room similar to the one they where just in, except the roof was up way higher and there where ramps on both sides of the room that wound up and around the room to the roof.

Mario and Luigi started running up one of the ramps, while Bowser entered the room. When Bowser saw that they were running up a ramp, he shot a fireball in their direction. But he missed, and hit the wall instead, causing rocks to fall and block him from going up the same ramp. So instead he went up the other ramp, firing more fireballs at Mario and Luigi as he went. And Mario and Luigi dodging every single fireball as they continued to run up the ramp that they were on. Suddenly Mario turned and leaped into the air. With some movement of his hands, he launched twin fireballs at Bowser. They spun as they went, creating a sort of vortex between them. The fireballs hit their target, and pushed Bowser against the wall. Mario had hoped to land on the ramp but it was too far away for Mario to reach. When Mario realized this he started to flail his arms trying to reach the edge of the
ramp, but his efforts were in vain, and he began to fall.

“MARRRRRRIIIOOOOOO,” Luigi yelled as his brother fell.

Mario thought for sure he was done for, when suddenly something caught him. He looked to see what it was. It was a green lizard with a white underbelly and a red back and a pair of white wings. “Yoshi,” Mario exclaimed joyfully, “Boy, am I’a glad to see you’a.”

“Yo, Yo,” Yoshi responded happily as he carried Mario back up to the level where Luigi and Bowser were. Mario waved to Luigi as they flew up. Luigi was having a little party over at the ramp he was on, he clearly thought he would have to face Bowser on his own, and was relieved when he saw Mario was okay.

“Yoshi, do’a you think you’a could’a help us defeat Bowser,” Mario asked. Yoshi nodded his head and made his signature record-scratching sound. He then turned in mid-air and started firing fireballs at Bowser while circling him in the air. He continued firing until he couldn’t see Bowser through the smoke left by his fireballs after they hit. Then he landed on the platform Luigi was on, and lost his wings as he landed.

“Alright, now you’ve made me mad,” Bowser said angrily. Everyone turned toward where Bowser was standing. As the smoke cleared they could see him standing with an angry look on his face. “You dare think you could defeat me, Bowser, the King of Koopas, with a few puny FIREBALLS? You will pay for your insolence,” Bowser said clearly enraged. He then started to grow larger, his shell turned blue and got spikier, his horns, teeth, and claws also got longer and sharper, the scales on his face turned blue, and his eyes looked wild and furious. Bowser had gone giga.

A puff of smoke escaped from his mouth as he growled, he was definitely more powerful now. Bowser roared and as he did the sound of turning gears could be heard and the ramps
turned into a platform that made a perfect battle arena. Mario knew they couldn’t defeat Bowser the way he was now, but they didn’t need to. Bowser couldn’t hold his giga form for long, so all they needed to do was keep dodging his attacks and wait for him to get tired.

The monster rushed forward and swiped with his claws, the three friends dodged and took off in separate directions. Yoshi ran to the side of the room opposite to where Bowser was, and stuck out his long tongue while pulling down his right eyelid with his finger. Bowser roared loudly and charged at Yoshi. Yoshi tried to jump over him, but Bowser had grabbed his tail and threw him back down to the floor. Yoshi gave a yelp of surprise.

“Yoshi!” Mario and Luigi yelled as they charged at Bowser. They jumped and gave Bowser a hard kick on both sides, but it didn’t seem to hurt him.

Then, all of a sudden, they heard an angry yell coming from the other side of the wall. The wall crashed down as a man in purple overalls and a yellow hat and shirt burst into the room.


His entrance was just what Mario and Luigi needed to turn the battle around. It had distracted Bowser long enough for him to run out of energy, causing him to turn back to normal.

“WHAT?” Bowser exclaimed, “This can’t be! Oh, well. I don’t need my Giga power to stomp you insects”. He seemed pretty confident. Too bad he was so busy boasting that he didn’t see Wario leaping towards him ready to punch.

“I’LL SHOW YOU WHOSE AN INSECT!” Wario yelled as he hit Bowser right in the face. Bowser flew through the wall opposite of where Wario entered, and fell. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi ran to the hole in the wall to see if Bowser survived. When Bowser suddenly hovered to the window, thanks to Kamek.

“You got lucky this time,” Bowser growled. “But I’ll be back, and next time you won’t be so lucky. Soon, I will be treated like a king! And not just in this world. Bwah-ha-ha!”

Suddenly, a huge hole opened in the sky with a bunch of different places mixed together in it. Bowser and Kamek quickly flew into it.

“What do you’a mean?” Mario yelled. But it was too late-the hole had already vanished, and with it, so had Kamek and Bowser. Mario turned around and thanked Wario for his help, but Wario was too busy looking for his garlic to notice. Mario sighed and turned back to the hole in the wall.

“So, now what’a do we do?” Luigi asked his brother.

“I’a guess we should’a go to Yoshi’s Island and ask’a Professor Elvin E. Gadd for help’a.” Mario replied.

“I’m’a coming too, Bowser’s’a going to pay for stealing my garlic’a,” Wario said, to the surprise of Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi.

Mario nodded, and stared off into the distance. We’a have to be ready for anything. He thought.

~Later at Yoshi’s Island~

“Why’a do you’a think the Professor came to Yoshi’s Island’a?” Luigi asked as they walked to the Yoshi’s Village. Yoshi turned around and started waving his arms up and down, and desperately tried to tell them something.

“What’s’a wrong with the overgrown gecko?” Wario rudely asked.

“He’s a Yoshi!”, Mario stated, then he turned to Yoshi, “What is wrong?”

Just then the group was interrupted by a familiar voice, “Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and…Wario? What are you doing here?” the voice asked, sounding confused. It was Professor E. Gadd.

“We’re’a looking for you’a.” Mario said. He then proceeded to tell the Professor everything that had happened.

“Hmm. It sounds like Bowser has taken the Princess to another world,” the Professor said when Mario had finished.

“Another world?” Luigi said, seeming totally lost.

“Yes, another world. There are many other worlds besides this one. And each contain different creatures, lifestyles, and people. So, it stands to reason that Bowser has found a way to travel to these worlds and has teamed up with other villains from these worlds. If this is true, you may have to find heroes from other worlds to help you stop them. But first, you will need a way to travel to these worlds.”

“Can you’a figure out a way we can do that Professor?” Mario asked.

“Well, I have an invention that should do the trick, with a few modifications. It will be entirely experimental, of course, but I wouldn’t worry about that.” The professor replied. Luigi shivered has he remembered the last time he had been the guinea pig for one of the Professor’s inventions, it was not fun.


This isn’t the end of the first episode, but it is as much as I’ve wrote so far. I started writing this long before I even thought of writing Trainer Strawberry, so my writing skills in this probably aren’t as good as they are now (they really aren’t that good now, but I feel pretty confident they’re an improvement compared to what they used to be). So, what do you awesome readers think? Is it worth finishing? I should probably mention, though, that even if it is finished, it will probably be awhile before it is posted because I am working on Trainer Strawberry right now. Speaking of Trainer Strawberry, I posted this as an apology for not posting a chapter of Trainer Strawberry last week like I had planned on doing. I’m really sorry about that. I got busy. 

Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 14

We re-entered the Rustboro Pokemon Gym. Finally, we were going to take on the Gym Leader, Roxanne. As we walked to the back of the Gym, Aqua appeared from within her Pokeball.

“Marril, Marril! Marril, Marr, Marril?” Aqua seemed to be asking me something.

“What’s that, Aqua? You want to fight Roxanne?” I asked the blue, round Pokemon. Aqua nodded her head. “Okay, but you have to let Caso fight at least one Pokemon; he’s been looking forward to this, too.”

When we reached the back of the Gym, Roxanne and I greeted each other, then got ready to battle. Roxanne’s first Pokemon was a Geodude. Since Aqua was already out, I decided to let her have this one. When the referee gave the signal, we both ordered our Pokemon to attack, Roxanne having Geodude use “Tackle”, and me having Aqua use “Water Gun”. The Geodude realized it was heading into the attack, but it was too late. Aqua’s attack hit it straight on, knocking it out and winning us the first round.

Roxanne’s next Pokemon was another Geodude. I switched to Caso. Once again the signal was given, and our two Pokemon charged at one another. This Geodude was faster than the other, and managed to dodge Caso’s “Water Gun”. After dodging, the Geodude turned around and hit Caso with a “Tackle”. When Caso landed, we decided it was time for a new approach. Caso used “Water Gun” on the ground to make it more slippery, then began to bounce off of the rocks sticking out of the ground everywhere on the battle field and slide around at high speeds in order to confuse the Geodude. It worked. The Geodude became dizzy while watching Caso, and slowly drifted to the ground. Caso then used “Mud Shot” to make sure the Geodude didn’t move. After that, he used “Water Gun” for a KO.

Roxanne was down to one Pokemon: Nosepass. I switched back to Aqua, then the battle began. Aqua fired a “Water Gun”, but it failed to connect. The Nosepass then charged at Aqua faster than either of us had anticipated and hit her with its “Tackle” attack. Aqua then began to use “Rollout” to use the rocks to her advantage. Unfortunately, the Nosepass quickly caught on and used “Tackle” to destroy the rocks.

Well, that didn’t work.

The Nosepass then used “Block” so I couldn’t switch out to Caso. Since switching was out of the question, Aqua began firing “Water Gun” as rapidly as she could. She hit the Nosepass a few times, but it didn’t seem to do much. The Nosepass charged through the blasts to hit Aqua with another “Tackle”. Aqua was getting tired-I didn’t need to be an expert to know that she was on her last limbs.

Why did I have to send out Aqua? I know that’s what she wanted, but why did I have to listen to her? I should’ve just refused, and let Caso fight instead. He has more power than Aqua does. No. I can’t second guess myself now. Aqua needs me.

“Come on, Aqua! I know you can do it!” I shouted encouragingly while Pepper barked. Aqua got back up with a determined look. She wasn’t about to give up, and neither was I. We both gave it all we had, “Water Gun” after “Water Gun”, “Tackle” after “Tackle”. The battle was long and hard, and I thought that I might lose Aqua. But, in the end, we pulled out on top.

“Nosepass is unable to battle, Marril wins!” The referee announced.

“Aqua, you did it!” I exclaimed happily as I threw Aqua into the air and Pepper barked her congratulations.

“So… I lost… it seems I have much to learn…I understand. Take the Stone Badge,” Roxanne said as she walked up to me with the Stone Badge in her hand.

“Oh, wow, thanks!” I said happily as I took the Stone Badge. I sent out all of my Pokemon so they could see it too.

“And, here. Take TM39 with you as well. It contains a move called Rock Tomb. I hope you are as successful during the rest of your journey has you were today.”

“Yeesh. Where’d you get that line? A fortune cookie? Thanks anyway, though. I hope we’re as successful as we were today, too.”

We left the Gym, happy but tired. What challenges will we face next?


Info. Finally, we are past the first Pokemon Gym! So, I have some questions concerning Trainer Strawberry for you awesome readers. What is your favorite moment in the story so far? Which moment do you think is the funniest? Also, I have tried to have some motivational lines in the story at times. Which line do you think is the most motivational, or is there even any motivational lines? And lastly, are there any lines that you think could become quotes?

Info #12

I think this will be the last “Info” post I make. I don’t really think they’re necessary, the chapters are pretty self explanatory. Unless you awesome readers want me to keep doing these “Info” posts. Then I will gladly continue. Anyway, in this chapter, Strawberry and company finally take on the Rustboro Gym Leader, Roxanne.


Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 13

“Okay, guys! Give it all you’ve got!” I shouted as my Pokemon trained. We had recently defeated the Gym Trainer in the Rustboro City Gym, but I had decided we needed to do some training before we took on the Gym Leader, Roxanne.

Suddenly, a Pokemon that looked like a bird showed up. My Pokedex told me it was a Taillow, a Flying- and Normal-Type.

“Oh, wow, a new Pokemon! Let’s catch it! Go, Zip!” I was always excited to catch a new Pokemon.

“Zigzagoon!” Zip ran forward at my request. The Taillow prepared to battle as well. When the Taillow turned towards us, I realized that it had a scar on its right eye.

“Taillow!” It shouted as it charged at Zip.

“So, it’s using ‘Quick Attack’,” I said mostly to myself. “Zip, dodge it and use ‘Headbutt’!”

“Zigzagoon!” Zip easily moved to the side to dodge the Taillow’s attack. Then, right as he and the Taillow were side by side, he jumped up quicker than most people would have thought possible. He hit the Taillow, and sent it flying into a tree nearby.

“Now’s my chance!” I shouted as I threw a Pokeball at the Taillow. It shook three times, then it clicked. “Gotcha! Taillow was caught!” I exclaimed happily. All of my Pokemon, except Caso, jumped up in down in happiness. They were all glad to have a new friend. “Now, he just needs a name. Come on out, Taillow!” I threw the Pokeball containing my newly caught Pokemon. When he emerged, I walked around him a little, examining him to try to figure out a good name. “How’s about… Blackfeather?”

“Taillow, Taillow.” The bird Pokemon shook its head. He didn’t like that name. He then tried his best to point at his eye.

“Oh, I get it. You want to be called Scar, right?”

“Taillow, Taillow.” Scar nodded his head. I was a little surprised that he would like that name. I thought Pokemon didn’t like their scars being pointed out, but I guess I was wrong.

“Alright then. Let’s get back to training!” All of my Pokemon happily agreed. Even Caso agreed, not happily, but he agreed.


Our training had been going great, when suddenly, we heard a rushing sound, like a bunch of wings flapping at one time. Soon after the sound started, we spotted the source. It was at least twenty Taillows, and they looked angry.

“Whoa! That’s a lot of Taillows!” I yelled in surprise. “What do you guys think they want?” I asked nervously while I turned to my Pokemon to see if they had any ideas. When I looked at them, I realized they were looking at me, waiting for me to tell them the answer. All of them except Scar, who was looking at the other Taillows with a slight hint of anger. Scar and the other Taillows were talking to each other about something. That’s when I realized, Scar had probably been kicked out of this flock of Taillows, so they were probably mad that he hadn’t left the area yet. I couldn’t help being angry at that realization. No one, and I mean no one, picks on my Pokemon. I don’t care if they’re Pokemon as well, I will not tolerate it. “Alright, guys! It looks like these Taillows want a fight, so let’s give them one they’ll never forget!” My Pokemon roared in agreement.

The battle began, with both sides giving it their all. We were vastly outnumbered, but that didn’t stop us. We were ready for them, I don’t know how, but we were. As we fought with the flock of Taillows, I felt my Pokemon and I getting closer. It was an experience I had never felt before-it was like my Pokemon and I were thinking the exact same thing. I knew exactly when my Pokemon would dodge and how they would retaliate. It was like we were in perfect sync.

So, this is what it really means to be a Pokemon Trainer.

Sometime during the battle, my Pokemon began using moves they had never used before. Pepper was using “Bite”, and Aqua was using “Rollout”. It was a long battle, but we came out on top. Suddenly, Caso began to glow a bright white. Even though he was glowing brightly, I could see he was changing shape. Just as suddenly as it began, Caso stopped glowing, but he wasn’t a Mudkip anymore.

“Marshtomp!” Caso called when he stopped glowing. His appearance had changed quite a bit. He was slightly taller, and he stood on his hind legs. The three orange spikes on the sides of his face were now one single spike. He had two fins on his back, and both his back fins and his head fins turned into a grayish color. And his underbelly was now orange.

“Wow, Caso! You’re a Marshtomp now!” I said excitedly with my Pokedex in my hand. I had to check, okay. Caso stared at me for a moment, then he used “Water Gun” to hit me in the face. I sputtered for a minute before angrily yelling “Caso!”, the rest of my Pokemon just laughed. I stared angrily at Caso for a few seconds, then I sighed and started laughing too. After all, that was just his way of teasing me, so maybe it was a good thing.

Well, at least now I know that Caso’s still Caso, even if he looks a little different.

Pokemon met this chapter: Scar, male, lax nature


Info. Once again, sorry for the wait. I hope this chapter was good enough to make up for it. Anyway, quite a bit happens in this chapter. Catching a new Pokemon, Caso becoming a Marshtomp. By the way, did you guys know I have a page that keeps track of the little details like which Pokemon are on my team, and what attack they know? Well, I do. The link to it is here.

Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 12

This is it. We’re finally gonna take on a Gym.

Pepper and I stood outside the Gym doors, full of confidence that we would win the Gym Badge. After looking at the building for a few seconds, we entered through the sliding, automatic doors. The inside contained rocks that lined the walls all the way up to the ceiling.

“Welcome, Future Champ!” The referee called as I entered. “Are you ready to take on the Rustboro Gym Leader, Roxanne, Rock-Type Extraordinaire? Rock-Types are weak against Water, Ground, and Grass-Type attacks. So, make sure you have plenty of Pokemon of one of those types on your team!”

“You bet I’m ready!” I answered enthusiastically.

So, Roxanne has Rock-Type Pokemon, huh? Well, I don’t have any Grass-Type Pokemon, but Caso and Aqua are both Water-Types. So, we should be fine.

“Great enthusiasm! That will take you to great places!” The referee said happily. He clearly loved his job, either that, or he was the best actor in history. “But, before you can challenge the Gym Leader, you have to get to her. The only way to do that is to make your way through the Gym Trainers.”

“Gym Trainers?” That was another term I had never heard of before.

“Gym Trainers are Pokemon Trainers that are stronger than the average Trainers you find hanging out on Routes. If you can get past them and make it to the Gym Leader, then you get to challenge Roxanne!”

I thanked the Referee for his help, then Pepper and I started walking to the back of the Gym. As we walked, I made sure that I had Caso and Aqua’s Pokeballs handy.

“Well, lookee here. We got us a challenger,” An unfamiliar voice said.

“Are you one of the Gym Trainers?” I asked the source of the voice, it was a boy who appeared to be a Pokemon Trainer.

“Sure am. You ready for a battle?” He asked as he prepared to throw one of his Pokeballs. I nodded my head I prepared to throw Aqua’s Pokeball.

“Let’s go, Geodude!”

“Come on out, Aqua!”

“Geodude!” A Pokemon that looked like a rock with arms, hands, and a face called has it emerged from its Pokeball.

“Marill, Marill!” Aqua called has she emerged from her Pokeball.

“Aqua use ‘Water Gun’!” I shouted. Aqua shot a steady flow of water at the Geodude.

“Humph. Geodude, dodge it.” He ordered his Pokemon like he had no interest in this battle at all. Geodude moved to the side faster than I thought it could. “Now use ‘Tackle’.” Geodude charged at Aqua.

“Aqua, look out!” I called. Aqua tried to dodge it, but the attack still slightly hit her. “Good job, Aqua! Now use ‘Tackle’ as well!”

“Ha. That won’t work. Geodude’s a Rock-Type; Normal-Type attacks just feel like a poke to him.”

“Who said we were using ‘Tackle’ to attack?” By this time Aqua had gotten to point-blank range. It no longer mattered how fast the Geodude was – it wouldn’t be able to dodge Aqua’s next attack. “Now, use ‘Water Gun’!”

“Oh no, Geodude!” The Gym Trainer yelled as Aqua’s attack hit the Geodude full force.

“Geodude is unable to battle, Marill wins!” The Referee called as the Trainer returned his Pokemon.

“No big deal, that was the weaker of my Geodude anyway.” He said while trying to act like this was exactly what he wanted. He threw another Pokeball that contained a Geodude.

“Aqua, return! Show ’em what you got, Caso!” I said as I threw Caso’s Pokeball.

“Mud, Mudkip!” Caso called as he emerged from his Pokeball. He then turned around and used “Mud Slap” to hit me in the face.

“Ugh, Caso! Now is not the time to do that!”

“Haha. Looks like your Pokemon doesn’t like you!” My opponent called arrogantly.

“Grr. Caso use ‘Mud Slap’!” I shouted. Caso began firing spheres of mud at the Geodude. The Geodude dodged the attack easily. It was like Caso wasn’t even aiming at the Geodude.

“You call that an attack? Geodude show ’em what a real ‘Mud Slap’ looks like!” The Geodude began attacking with spheres of mud of its own.

“You know what to do, Caso!” I shouted encouragingly. It had taken me a minute, but I had picked up on Caso’s strategy. Geodude’s attack hit Caso, causing mud to splatter everywhere. When it stopped raining mud, Caso was nowhere to be seen.

“What’s this?! Where’d that Mudkip of yours disappear to?” He asked as both him and his Geodude looked around frantically, trying to figure out where Caso was.

“They don’t call Mudkip the Mudfish Pokemon for nothing!”


“When Caso used ‘Mud Slap’ earlier, he wasn’t aiming for Geodude. He was using it to get the battlefield nice and muddy, so he could dive into it. Now, Caso reappear and use ‘Water Gun’!” Caso leaped out of the mud directly behind the Geodude, and shot out a steady current of water from his mouth. The Geodude was down for the count.

“Geodude is unable to battle, Mudkip wins!” The Referee shouted as we both returned our Pokemon while complementing them on how great they were. Afterward, we both shook hands and agreed to battle again sometime. Pepper barked happily and wagged her tail, she was happy that we won too.

I decided to wait a while before we challenged Roxanne. Because, even though we won, the battle against the Gym Trainer hadn’t been easy. And I knew Roxanne would be even harder to defeat. So, Pepper and I headed to just outside of Rustboro to do some training. And once we’re stronger, we’ll come back to challenge Roxanne!


Info. We finally made it to the Gym. Whew, it took awhile, but we made it. I should have the battle against the Gym Leader in the next chapter. But, there is a possibility I won’t with how I’ve been writing this.