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It is with a heavy heart we announce that Strawberry has passed away. As such, this account will no longer be active. The family appreciates thoughts and prayers during this time

Blogger Recognition Award

Thanks to Dino and Sam for nominating me!

Blogger Recognition Award


Alright, when nominated for this award you’re supposed to post two pieces of advice and tell how your blog got started.

So, can I just post quotes for the advice? I think I’m gonna do that. If I’m not supposed to do that, please tell me in a comment and I will edit the post. Alright, now for the advice:

1 – “Life ain’t something you just toss aside like garbage, you should protect it!” -Natsu Dragneel, Fairy Tail

2 – “Don’t you know that friends aren’t things or tools?! You can’t just use them however you please! They’re more important than that!” -Natsu Dragneel, Fairy Tail

Yeah, I know that both quotes are from the same character, but I really like those quotes so I decided to use them.

Okay, now for how my blog got started. Well, I was actually wanting to get a Youtube account, but I couldn’t get it at the time. I figured the net best thing would be to start a blog and write about video games and anime since I couldn’t post videos about them. Then, I went on WordPress and made my blog with some help from my sister (Thanks for the help!) And now, here I am. I might not be as active as I once was, but I’m still here!

Alright, now to nominate some other awesome blogs!



Stina and Janielyn


Background and Header change

Edit: yyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo here it be (click on it to see it better it’s really small for some reason????)


Hey, everyone! Dino here. Strawberry asked if I could draw her some new stuff and ta-da! Here it be! I’ll be making her a new icon too, so keep an eye out for that!   Have a RADICAL day everyone!

Top 22 Pokemon X/Y Themes

(Note: This is just my opinion, and therefore, you do not have to agree with it, just don’t make a big deal of it in the comments.)

So, I recently beat the Elite Four in Pokemon X, and I decided to make a list of my top ten themes. But, obviously, I couldn’t just pick ten themes, so now it’s a top twenty-two theme list. I usually don’t notice themes in video games, so I decided to look up a playlist of the themes on Youtube and chose my favorites from the playlist. As a result, I do not know when every theme on this list plays, but I have an idea of when they play with some of them (and there are some that I do know when they play). Also, another reason I decided to make this list is because I thought my awesome readers might enjoy a special extra post. Now, before we get to the list, there is something I must apologize for. I will not be making any new posts this coming week because I am staying with my older sister and probably won’t have the time. Again, I am sorry. I should also inform all of you awesome readers that since it is summer, I may not be able to put posts up as frequently as I used to. This doesn’t mean I will stop making posts, it just means that I am busier in the summer. Anyway, on with the list!

#22 – Battle! Lysandre: This theme plays while you battle Lysandre, the leader of Team Flare. I think it a great remix of the Team Flare Grunt Battle theme. It adds a certain urgent and important vibe to it. And, as this is the battle that will determine the fate of humanity, it needs to have that.

#21 – Spotted! Ace Trainer: Did you know that different themes play depending upon what kind of Pokemon Trainer spots you? Because I sure didn’t know that until I looked up these themes. I like how the Ace Trainer’s theme sounds professional and energetic. That isn’t something that you hear very often, or, at least, I haven’t heard it very often. If any of you awesome readers know a theme that sounds professional and energetic at the same time, I would love to hear it. I like the way themes like that sound.

#20 – The Ultimate Weapon Deployed: This theme plays when Team Flare revives the Ultimate Weapon that nearly wiped out all life on Kalos years ago. It doesn’t really start until around eleven seconds, but then it gets really dramatic sounding, perfect for what is happening at this point in the game.

#19 – Anistar City: This is the theme for Anistar City (obviously). I think it sounds pretty awesome. I don’t remember if something un-ordinary happens in Anistar or not – I don’t even really remember where Anistar is. I just like the theme.

#18 – The Kalos Power Plant: This is the theme of the power plant you have to save from Team Flare, who are trying to use the electricity from it to power the Ultimate Weapon. I think this theme sounds pretty cool. It also as a certain city vibe to it.

#17 – Battle! Gym Leader: I’m pretty sure this is a remix of the theme played while fighting a Trainer, but I’m not 100% sure. Anyway, when this theme plays, you know you’re in for a fight. Unless you’re like me, and your Pokemon are already ten or twenty levels higher than the Gym Leader’s Pokemon when you fight them.

#16 – Battle! Elite Four: This theme plays as you fight the Elite Four. When it plays, you know you’re going to have a tough time if you didn’t pick the right Pokemon.

#15 – Battle! Champion: This is the theme that plays as you fight the Champion of the Pokemon League. It takes a few seconds before it really starts, but I like how it sounds tough and light-hearted at the same time. The fact that the Champion mostly uses Fairy-Type Pokemon adds to the theme.

#14 – Bicycle: This theme plays while you are riding your bike. I like how it sounds so happy and carefree. Which is how I’m sure most people feel as they ride their bike.

#13 – Route 1: This theme plays as you walk on Route 1, which is a pretty short Route. I like how the xylophone makes it sound happy and carefree. And since this is the first Route the Trainers are on when they start their journey, they probably really are happy and carefree because none of the Team Flare stuff has happened yet.

#12 – Spotted! Youngster: This theme plays when you’re spotted by a Youngster. I think it sounds like something you’d hear in Paper Mario. I think it really fits Youngsters because of how youthful and happy sounding it is.

#11 – Tower of Mystery: I don’t know when this theme plays. It takes about ten seconds to really start, but when it does, it’s beautiful. I also think it kinda sounds like something you would hear in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

#10 – A Mysterious Figure: This is another theme that I don’t know when it plays. I like it because it sounds kinda super hero-y. We are now down to the top ten. What songs made it you ask? Well, let’s see.

#9 – Scary House: I’m pretty sure this theme plays while you’re in the house near the swamp that is supposed to be haunted or something. I think it does a great job of sounding kinda creepy yet magical. I also think it kinda sounds like something you’d hear in Banjo-Kazooie.

#8 – Snowbelle City: This is the theme that plays in Snowbelle City. Snowbelle is the city containing the last Pokemon Gym and is covered in snow. And I think this theme captures both of those elements nicely. I also think it sounds like a theme you’d hear in Professor Layton.

#7 – An Eternal Poison: I’m pretty sure this theme plays when AZ is telling you the story about how the Ultimate Weapon almost destroyed all life in Kalos. This theme is also used as AZ’s theme. I think the theme perfectly captures the pain and longing that AZ has felt throughout the past thousands of years he has lived.

#6 – Fin: I’m not sure if this plays during the credits, or if it plays after them when the message that says “Thanks for playing” shows up. I think it’s a nice song to end with either way, though. I really like the way the guitar sounds.

#5 – Looker’s Theme: This is Looker the Detective’s theme. I think this song is perfect for him because it kinda gives you this vibe of hitting the streets, looking for clues, and hunting down criminals.

#4 – Friends Theme (Friends Forever): This is the theme that plays when you meet up with your friends on the bridge before you challenge the Elite Four. This particular theme is actually just a slower version of the Friends Theme (Reunited), which is just a version of Friends Theme (A New Meeting) with a different opening. This was one of the themes that I actually noticed while I was playing. It added to the moment because everyone was all like “Even when they’re far apart, friends are still friends.” I think this theme adds to that, because it sounds very sweet.

#3 – The Sun Shines Down: This theme play after you defeat AZ and he is being reunited with his Pokemon that he thought he would never see again. It doesn’t really start until around thirty-three seconds in. But it is perfect for this moment in this game. You can feel the happiness and relief flowing from this song.

#2 – Together with Shauna: This theme plays while you’re watching the fireworks with Shauna at Parfume Palace. This theme makes me think of my close friends, and I think that’s what it is supposed to do.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The time to find out what my favorite song in Pokemon X/Y is. So, without further ado…

#1 – An Unwavering Heart: In front of the Coumarine City Pokemon Center is a guy that, upon talking to him, will play this song for you. It is just beautiful. I’ve read that it is a rearrangement of a song in Pokemon Black/White, but I don’t remember hearing it in Black (the version I have). Of course, that doesn’t really mean anything, because, as I’ve mentioned before, I usually don’t notice the background themes while I’m playing a game.

Well, there you have it, my top 22 Pokemon X/Y themes. I hope you enjoyed reading this list and listening to my favorite songs from a great game.

Even though it’s Monday, and therefore this will be a day late, Happy Easter to all of my awesome readers!



Unfortunately, I do not have another chapter of Trainer Strawberry ready for this week. Sorry about that. Actually, to be honest with you awesome readers, I haven’t even played any of my Nuzlocke yet. I’m still at the first Gym. Haven’t moved an inch since my last chapter. Also, I probably won’t have the chapter up next week as I will be camping. Again I’m sorry for the wait.

Now for why I didn’t put up a new post about Super Mario RPG. The reason I didn’t make a new post is because there was a Revival at my church this week that ended on Wednesday. And when you’re going to church every night, you don’t really have any time to play video games. Anyway, I hope you awesome readers have a great week, and, again, I’m sorry for the wait.


I’m Very Sorry

I’m afraid I won’t be posting the next chapter of Trainer Strawberry today. Usually, I write the chapters the same day I post them, but I didn’t get the next chapter done today. I’m really, really sorry about that. But, I hope to have it done and posted sometime tomorrow.


Bonus Post: Welcome to Narnia


We’ve gotten about 20 inches of snow here, and I think it makes everywhere kinda look like Narnia did when the White Witch ruled the land. So, here are some pictures for you awesome readers to enjoy.

I wonder if this path is used often by the Narnians.

I wonder if this path is used often by the Narnians.

I wonder if this is a cage, or a house. Which do you think?

I wonder if this is a cage, or a house. Which do you think?

This is how high up the snow was from the ground. Not long after I took these pictures, it started snowing again. So, it's a lot higher now.

This is how high up the snow was from the ground. Not long after I took these pictures, it started snowing again. So, it’s a lot higher now.

I did eventually find some Narnians. They were Narnain chickens. I kinda feel sorry for any Narnian chickens that were around when the White Witch reigned. Because, let me tell you, chickens HATE snow. So much so that even if there's just a light dusting on the ground, chances are, they're not going to even walk in it unless they absolutely have to.

I did eventually find some Narnians. They were Narnain chickens. I kinda feel sorry for any Narnian chickens that were around when the White Witch reigned. Because, let me tell you, chickens HATE snow. So much so that even if there’s just a light dusting on the ground, chances are, they’re not going to even walk in it unless they absolutely have to.

This is the leader of this group of Narnians. She said her name is Kairi. And, according to her, the reason she is so special is because she lays greenish-blueish eggs, instead of white or brown eggs like other chickens.

This is the leader of this group of Narnians. She said her name is Kairi. And, according to her, the reason she is so special is because she lays greenish-blueish eggs, instead of white or brown eggs like other chickens.

After saying goodbye to the nice Narnians, I returned home to have some hot chocolate. Anyway, I have some announcements, unless I change my mind later, I will no longer be posting on Saturdays. I made this decision because I had been neglecting my Saturday posts for several weeks, and I’m sorry about that. Now then, time to post some videos I have been meaning to post for quite a while. The first one perfectly describes what it is like to play any Professor Layton game. Those of you who have played the game will agree with me. And for those of you who have never played a Professor Layton game, you really should. They may be pretty hard, but they are a lot of fun, and they all have a great story.

Next is the saddest video on the internet. Like seriously, it’s extremely sad. It does have a happy ending, but by then you’re crying so much that it doesn’t make much of a difference. So, if you don’t like crying, or you don’t like super duper sad videos, don’t watch this one.

If you watch both of the videos, or even if you just watch one, please leave a comment with your reaction to the video/s. I love reading peoples reactions to stuff.


Walking with Dinosaurs

So, I didn’t get any gaming done today. But, hey, there’s only four more days until Christmas! It’s time to spend time with family. Today, my sister, my mom, and I went to see a movie called Walking with Dinosaurs. It was amazing! I would definitely recommend it. I’ll put a link to the trailer for it.

After we watched the movie, we went to a thrift store, and I got an Eevee plushie, a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon manga, and a few other books. I was going to take a picture of the stuff I got, but then I got lazy. Anyway, the Eevee plushie needs a name. If you have a name idea, leave a comment with the name in it. Who knows, maybe I’ll pick your name idea. The only rule is that it has to be an unusual name, and you have to provide an explanation as to why you think it’s a good name for an Eevee.

Moving on, here’s a pretty catchy song that is actually a News review that was auto-tuned. A News reporter was interviewing the resident of a complex building, and asked her about when she first realized the building was on fire. Then someone out there auto-tuned her response and made it a song.

Well, that’s all for now. Later.


It has been one month since I started my blog! I have to say, when I first started this blog I had no idea what I was going to post about, or if I was even going to stick with it. But, I have really enjoyed having a blog, and I hope to continue for a long time. I didn’t really get any gaming done today, because I was Christmas shopping (yeah, I put it off til the last minute like that). Ah, Christmas. The time to be super sneaky so no one knows what you got them for Christmas.


By the way, I found the perfect picture to describe what it is like in the summer. Oh, and I messed up and put the pictures below, sorry about that. I won’t make that mistake in my next post.


Anyway, I’d like to send a big “Thank you” to all of my readers. Never forget that you are awesome. Here’s a really cool video for everyone. Make sure to watch it until the end, because it is worth it.

Well, that’s all for now. Later.


Hey cool kids this is Dinomacabre and I whipped up something cool for this Gamer-lady

It’s a Portal themed background because I couldn’t think of anything Megaman-y sorry

Now you guys go read her last post because she spent all evening typing it

If it needs to be cropped differently tell me