Finished Free Art Requests Compilation (Wave 1)

Hey there, awesome readers! Sorry about not posting in a long time, I’ve had no motivation for writing posts lately, unfortunately. So, to make up for it, I decided to post the first wave of free art requests that I’ve finished. Anyway, on with the drawings!


This is Lemon the Vaporeon, who was the first request that I received. This was the first full body piece that I did digitally, and one of the first few full body images that I’ve done in general.


This is one of the only times I’ve tried to draw dragon wings (or wings in general), and, looking back on it, they are terrible. This is not proper anatomy at all, I probably should have used some references. Oh well, I’ll know better for next time.


Here we have the first time I tried to draw a dog “play bowing”, with okay (?) results. This is also the last request that I did on Gimp.


This is the first request that I did on Paint Tool Sai. I think the quality of my pieces improved greatly once I started using Sai instead of Gimp. What do you awesome readers think?


Whoa! A request for a human character! I’m not too happy with how the arms turned out, but, otherwise I’m pretty happy with this one. This was a request from a friend, so I plan on remaking it someday with better arm anatomy.


This is easily the request that I’m most proud of. There was a bit of a time gap between the completion of the last request, and this one. I don’t really remember what pieces I drew between the two, but I had gotten more practice before I drew this one, hence the slightly larger jump in quality between this request and the last one in comparison to the other requests.


This is the last of the first wave of free requests that I’ve finished. I’ve only drawn a rat maybe one or two other times, so I’m fairly pleased with how this one turned out. But, I still have a long way to go before I would actually say I’m good at drawing rats. Although, seeing as how I don’t draw rats but maybe once in a blue moon, and maybe not even frequently enough to count it as that often, it will probably be a long time before I think I’m good at rats.


Anyways, I hope you awesome readers enjoyed this post! I would say that I’ll try to post more, but I seriously doubt that will happen. Sorry again, I’m just not super motivated to post on here for the time being. So, see you all whenever I finally post again.


25 thoughts on “Finished Free Art Requests Compilation (Wave 1)

  1. stina

    Strawberry the Glaceon
    Lemon the Vaporeon

    Please tell me there is a whole group of fruit-named Eeveelutions because that sounds adorable XD

    Looking good! I like watching your improvement.

    I haven’t posted on WordPress in forever either ^^;

    1. Strawberry Post author

      Yeah, pretty much. XD I’ve also come across some named Cherry the Flareon, and Blueberry the Glaceon. :3

      Thank you! 😀

      Motivation is hard to find. I think it’s especially hard to find motivation to post when I’m also trying to find motivation to draw. ‘^^

    1. Strawberry Post author

      I can try. XD I’ve never drawn a Darkrai before, so I can’t guarantee how well it will turn out. It will be a while before I’m able to work on it, though, as I still have a whole list of requests to finish first.

      Thank you!

  2. sammisnail

    Hey Strawberry, WP is ok now. It was just my browser. lol I am getting a paid account here in August. There is a theme I want to upload but with a free account … I can’t upload it.

  3. icklemagpie

    Hey girl, Sam again (I joke with my friend about switching journals alot that I’m trying to evade the mob) I’m buying an account either tomorrow or Tuesday… so… here I be. ^^


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