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I’m Still Here

So, I still haven’t quite gotten back into the swing of posting. But, in my defense, it is canning season where I live, so I’ve been busy canning beans. Anyway, as far as picture projects go, I was working on an animation, but it’s pretty much been dropped now. Maybe I’ll pick it back up sometime in the future. Instead of working on the animation, I’ve been trying my hand at drawing a realistic picture. So far, the only thing I’ve really finished is the eye, although I have drawn an outline for the rest of the picture, and I’ve started on the hair. Anyway, I’m going to let you awesome readers have a look at the eye. See if you can guess who I’m drawing based on the eye (except for you Dino, because you already know). I’ll give you a hint, the character is from a video game series.

Realistic Eye

I also have made a blinking animation with the eye (because I was bored one night, and I felt like animating), but I haven’t saved it as a GIF file yet, so I’ll have to post it some other time.


I Haven’t Been Doing Much… Gaming Wise Anyway

Mostly I’ve been playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. But, other than that, I haven’t been playing a lot of games recently. Anyway, the other day when I was playing LOZ: TP, I was fishing because it was necessary in order to continue the story. And when I finally caught a fish, I noticed something that I found hilarious. Link looks super happy to have caught a fish, but if you look at his eyes, there isn’t any light in them. It’s almost like he’s lost his soul or something (and, yes, I am well aware that video game characters don’t have souls). Anyway, I took a snapshot for all of you awesome readers to enjoy.


It really looks like happiness was forced upon him. Maybe it’s because of how bad the fish smells?


Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 17

Pepper and I stepped into the cave and stood for a few seconds while our eyes adjusted to the dim light. We stepped cautiously, carefully watching for the Team Aqua member who had been seen entering the cave. We had to be extra careful since he had an old man’s Pokemon held hostage.

Wait, did I get that old man’s name? No, no I didn’t. Well, that wasn’t a smart move on my part.

My thoughts were then interrupted by a voice suddenly shouting, “Don’t take another step! One more move, and this little Pokemon gets it!” I quickly looked to where the voice came from. It was the Team Aqua member, and with him was a scared looking Wingull.

Could that be Peeko? Nah, it couldn’t be. It’s probably just one of his own Pokemon.

Confident that it was just a trick, I took another step forward. The Team Aqua member seemed surprised by this.

“Oh great! Leave it to me to kidnap a useless Pokemon! Well, I guess I’ll just have to fight instead. Go, Poochyena!”

I sent out Zip and the battle began. Zip charged in with a “Headbutt”, but the Poochyena was faster than it looked and easily dodged the attack by jumping off of one of the walls of the cave. The Poochyena then used its momentum to attack with a fast and powerful “Tackle”. Zip dodged with “Quick Attack” and ran along the walls and jumped from stalagmites. The Poochyena chased him around the cave, neither Pokemon losing any of their momentum. Finally, Zip jumped back toward the Poochyena with a “Headbutt”. The attack hit, and the Poochyena was knocked out.

“This can’t be! Okay, if these Devon Goods are so important to you, you can have them!” And with that, the Team Aqua member dropped the stolen goods and ran off.

“Well, that wasn’t too tough,” I said as I picked up the dropped goods. Zip agreed. “So, any chance that you’re Peeko?” I asked the Wingull the Team Aqua member was holding hostage.

“Wingull! Wingull!” Peeko seemed extremely happy to hear her name.

I giggled. “I guess that’s a ‘Yes’.”

*Back outside the cave*

“Oh! Thank you for saving my precious Peeko!” The old man said as he hugged his ‘Precious Peeko’.

“No problem. My name’s Strawberry, by the way. And you are?” I asked the strange man in the hopes that he would let the poor Wingull breathe.

“Oh! Where are my manners? I’m Mr. Briney. I run the ferry from Route 104 to Slateport City. I also stop at Dewford Town. So, if you ever need a ride to either of those towns, you know who to see. And, as thanks for saving my precious Peeko, you can ride for free whenever you want.”

“Really? Thanks Mr. Briney!”

We both waved goodbye as we headed our own directions. It was time for me to return the stolen Devon Goods.


What’s this?! Another Trainer Strawberry chapter? What sort of magic is this?! Anyway, this chapter isn’t the best one I’ve written, but it will take awhile before I get back in the swing of things.

I’m Still Alive! And I Finished My Half of a Collab!

Here is my half of the collab with Stina:



I suck at drawing hands, so you can fix the hand if you want to, Stina. It needs help. Anyway, here is a color reference for N if you want one:

Pokemon Trainer N


Okay, now to address my lack of activity on my blog. I could use a lot of excuses, but I’m just going to be honest, I was being lazy. Well, that’s one reason I haven’t updated in awhile, and I think it’s the only reason I’m going to give. In other news, last month I turned sixteen!

Anyway, hopefully I’ll have another chapter of Trainer Strawberry posted soon, but I’m not going to make any promises on when. So, in the mean time, here’s a picture I drew of Pepper! And a work in progress picture of Caso!



Caso WIP

Pokemon Trainer N (Seriously, What)

And this is just here because I think it’s funny. I mean, seriously, either N is really big, or Zekrom is really small!