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Art of 2017 Video

So, I actually uploaded this a while ago, and I meant to make a post featuring the video not long after I uploaded it, but that didn’t actually happen until right now. Heh heh. A lot of the art in this video are the free requests I did, so you Awesome Readers have already seen those. But, there’s also some art that I did in-between doing requests, so there is some new stuff in the video. Anyway, here’s the video if you Awesome Readers would like to watch it:


And now for the other reason I’m making this post. So, as some may remember, I was once doing a Nuzlocke in Pokemon Emerald, which unfortunately got cancelled because I lost the data for it. Anyway, in that nuzlocke I had a Poochyena named Pepper, and I drew her for the first time in around 4 years (goodness, doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that I was doing my nuzlocke) the other day. So, I decided that I wanted to post both the old drawing of Pepper, and the new one so you awesome readers could see them. So, first up is the old one from 2014:

I also just feel like pointing out that the lighting is everywhere on this one. Although, other than that, it’s not too bad considering how old it is.

And here’s the one I drew the other day:

So, yeah. Practice really does help with art!

Anyway, that’s about all I wanted to show you Awesome Readers. Later!

Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 17

Pepper and I stepped into the cave and stood for a few seconds while our eyes adjusted to the dim light. We stepped cautiously, carefully watching for the Team Aqua member who had been seen entering the cave. We had to be extra careful since he had an old man’s Pokemon held hostage.

Wait, did I get that old man’s name? No, no I didn’t. Well, that wasn’t a smart move on my part.

My thoughts were then interrupted by a voice suddenly shouting, “Don’t take another step! One more move, and this little Pokemon gets it!” I quickly looked to where the voice came from. It was the Team Aqua member, and with him was a scared looking Wingull.

Could that be Peeko? Nah, it couldn’t be. It’s probably just one of his own Pokemon.

Confident that it was just a trick, I took another step forward. The Team Aqua member seemed surprised by this.

“Oh great! Leave it to me to kidnap a useless Pokemon! Well, I guess I’ll just have to fight instead. Go, Poochyena!”

I sent out Zip and the battle began. Zip charged in with a “Headbutt”, but the Poochyena was faster than it looked and easily dodged the attack by jumping off of one of the walls of the cave. The Poochyena then used its momentum to attack with a fast and powerful “Tackle”. Zip dodged with “Quick Attack” and ran along the walls and jumped from stalagmites. The Poochyena chased him around the cave, neither Pokemon losing any of their momentum. Finally, Zip jumped back toward the Poochyena with a “Headbutt”. The attack hit, and the Poochyena was knocked out.

“This can’t be! Okay, if these Devon Goods are so important to you, you can have them!” And with that, the Team Aqua member dropped the stolen goods and ran off.

“Well, that wasn’t too tough,” I said as I picked up the dropped goods. Zip agreed. “So, any chance that you’re Peeko?” I asked the Wingull the Team Aqua member was holding hostage.

“Wingull! Wingull!” Peeko seemed extremely happy to hear her name.

I giggled. “I guess that’s a ‘Yes’.”

*Back outside the cave*

“Oh! Thank you for saving my precious Peeko!” The old man said as he hugged his ‘Precious Peeko’.

“No problem. My name’s Strawberry, by the way. And you are?” I asked the strange man in the hopes that he would let the poor Wingull breathe.

“Oh! Where are my manners? I’m Mr. Briney. I run the ferry from Route 104 to Slateport City. I also stop at Dewford Town. So, if you ever need a ride to either of those towns, you know who to see. And, as thanks for saving my precious Peeko, you can ride for free whenever you want.”

“Really? Thanks Mr. Briney!”

We both waved goodbye as we headed our own directions. It was time for me to return the stolen Devon Goods.


What’s this?! Another Trainer Strawberry chapter? What sort of magic is this?! Anyway, this chapter isn’t the best one I’ve written, but it will take awhile before I get back in the swing of things.

Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 3

“Okay, Pepper. Hows about we do some training?” I asked my newly obtained Poochyena. Pepper jumped up, barked, and started wagging her tail excitedly. She definitely liked that idea. “Alright then! Let’s see… Why don’t we start with some basic tricks first?” Pepper started panting excitedly at that. I was about to start teaching her “sit”, when I happened to think that maybe Caso would want to do some tricks as well. “Go, Caso!”
“Mudkip!” he exclaimed as he emerged from his Pokeball, then he looked over at Pepper, and tilted his head to the side, “Muudkiiiip?”
“Caso, this is Pepper. Pepper this is Caso,” I introduced the two. “Okay, now that everyone knows each other, how’s about I teach you two some tricks?” Pepper looked extremely excited to get started. Caso, not so much. “Let’s start with an easy one. Sit.” Pepper sat down immediately.
“Kip.” Caso just stuck his nose in the air, walked over to a tree, and laid down at its roots. Pepper watched him with a confused look on her face. She obviously couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to do tricks.
“What’s the matter Caso? Don’t you want to do tricks?” Caso merely turned his back to me and Pepper. “I guess not.” Pepper whimpered. “Don’t worry, girl. Caso just acts like that. But, we can still work on tricks, if you want.” She wagged her tail.
We spent the next hour doing simple tricks like “beg” and “lie down”. Pepper got every single one right on her first try. So, after a while, we started working on harder tricks, like going to get whatever item I told her to get from my backpack. Caso just watched the whole time. I invited him to join us several times, but each time he just pretended to be asleep. Once we were done doing tricks, I decided that we should get back on the road. I decided that it would probably be easier to keep Caso in his Pokeball. It was one thing when he attacked me, but I couldn’t take a chance on him attacking someone else.
“Caso, return!” I said as I held out Caso’s Pokeball. “Okay, Pepper. Time for you to go in your Pokeball,” I pointed her Pokeball towards her. She then got the saddest look I had ever seen, and started whimpering pitifully. “What’s the matter? Would you rather stay out here with me?” Pepper barked. That was what she wanted. “Okay, then. Come on, girl.” I said as I headed back to Oldale Town.
We walked straight through Oldale Town, and took the northern path again. I wanted to catch a Zigzagoon, and I figured this was the best place to do that. It didn’t take a whole lot of searching to find one.
“Okay, Pepper. You ready to help me capture my first Pokemon?” Pepper got ready to charge. “That’s a good girl. Now, just wait for my signal. Steady… Steady… Pepper use Tackle!” Pepper charged as soon as I gave the order, and crashed into the Zigzagoon with all her might. “Alright, girl, get back! Go Pokeball!” Pepper jumped back just before the Pokeball whizzed through the air. The ball hit the Zigzagoon, and shook once, twice, three time.
“Gotcha! Zigzagoon was caught!” I exclaimed. I then sent the little raccoon back out. “Hey, there little guy. I think I’ll call you… Zip.”
“Zigzagoon!” Zip seemed to like his new name. Pepper walked up to welcome him to the team.
“Come on out, Caso, time to meet our newest friend!”
“Mud, Mudkip!” Caso appeared from within the Pokeball. He seemed to be thinking about if he wanted to welcome the new member, or not. After a few seconds he walked over to Zip, he still seemed a little reluctant as he welcomed the newest member of the team.
“Good job, Pepper,” I said as she came happily bounding over to me. I held my hand up, and she happily raised on of her front paws and touched the palm of my hand. That was her way of giving a high-five. Zip started looking around, then suddenly took off.
“Zip, wait! Where are you going?! Come back!” I shouted as Caso, Pepper, and I started chasing after Zip. He hadn’t gotten very far, and he seemed to have something in his mouth. “What’cha got there, Zip?” I asked as I reached down to get what he had. It was a Great Ball. “Wow, Zip. Did you find this all by yourself?”
“Zig, Zigzagoon,” he replied. I then pulled out my Pokedex, and saw that he had the ability “Pick Up”.
“Wow, that’s a really handy ability to have. Well, I guess we should start heading back to Oldale Town and take the western path. Caso, Zip, return!” I held out the two Pokeballs, and both Pokemon returned to their Pokeballs in a red light. “Okay, Pepper. Let’s go!” Pepper barked in agreement as we headed back to Oldale. As we ran, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of Pokemon I would catch next.


Info. Quick question. Who’s your favorite character in this story so far?

Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 2

*Back at Professor Birch’s lab*

“Here is your Pokedex, Strawberry,” the Professor said as he handed me a small red thing that kinda looked like a 3DS that was closed. “This device will record the data of every Pokemon you encounter, so try to find as many as you can. It is my wish that you would be able to fill up this Pokedex completely. But, don’t worry, you won’t have to complete this task on your own. My son, Brendan, also has a Pokedex, and is working on accomplishing the same goal.”

“Speaking of Brendan,” I interrupted, “Where is he? I thought he was helping you with your research. But, if he was, he would’ve helped you out when that Poochyena attacked you.”

“Oh, he had already left to start his journey around the Hoenn Region,” the Professor stated casually.

Great. That means he’s got a head start. I growled. “Well, I guess I should go too.”

“It’s great that you’re so eager to start your journey! If you head North, you’ll reach Oldale Town. There’s a shop there where you should be able to buy some Pokeballs.”

“Okay. Well Caso, are you…ACK!” Caso had fallen asleep. Great. Not only is he stubborn, but he doesn’t pay attention either. I walked over and started gently shaking the Pokemon. “Caso, wake up. Wake up, Caso.”

The little guy sat up and yawned. “Kip, Mud, Mud,” I think that was the equivalent of “Fine, let’s go.”

Finally, we were on our way. The professor’s lab was literally in front of Route 101, so it only took about five minutes to reach it. I had thought it would take longer than that, since Caso was outside his Pokeball for the moment. But, despite the fact that he had short, little legs, he kept up very well. We hadn’t gotten very far when a Zigzagoon suddenly popped out of the bushes.

“Zigzagoon,” it said angerly, that’s when it hit me.

This little raccoon must be friends with that Poochyena from before. Maybe the Poochyena told it about us, and all we’ll have to do is scare it away. “Okay, Caso, use Growl!”

“Muuuuuudddd, Kip!” instead of using Growl, like I told him to, Caso used Tackle. The Zigzagoon fled as quickly as it could.

“Caso,” I said firmly, “I’m your Trainer, you’re supposed to do what I tell you to.”

“Kip,” Caso turned his head and stuck up his nose.

I sighed, “Look, Caso. I know you don’t like me very much, but you’re not exactly the most lovable Pokemon in the world either. If we’re going to make it through this Region, we’re going to have to learn to work together.”

The blue mud fish turned its head toward me, and stuck out its tongue, “Muuuuuuudddddd.”

“Grrr. Fine, be that way,” I stormed off. How could he act that way? I was his Trainer for crying out loud. Trainers are supposed to be their Pokemon’s best friend. I walked on for a while, then I heard some soft footsteps behind me. I turned around to see who was there. It was Caso. “Why are you following me? I thought you didn’t like me,” I teased.

“Mud, Mudkip. Kip, Mud, Mudkip.”

“Oh, I see. We just happen to be going the same way, huh?”

“Mudkip,” Caso nodded his head. I giggled at the little guy, and kept walking. He may not admit it, but I think he was starting to warm up to me. Maybe there was hope for him yet.

When we reached Oldale Town, I realized that I forgot to bring a map. There were two ways I could go, I could either keep going North, or I could go West. I decided to go North first.

“Well, Caso. I’m going this way,” I pointed in the direction I was going.

“Muuud, Mud, Mudkip,” Caso replied as he began walking in a different direction.

He’ll be back. He acts all tough, but I get the feeling that he hates being alone.

Not long after I started walking on Route 102, a Zigzagoon popped out of nowhere, and started to attack. “AHHHH! Somebody help me!” I screamed as the Zigzagoon charged.

“Mud Mud Mud Mud, Mudkip!” Caso tackled the Zigzagoon as he made his heroic entrance. But the Zigzagoon wouldn’t be defeated so easily, and attacked with a Tackle of its own. Caso went flying with the hit.

“Caso! Are you okay?” I asked as I ran up to the blue dude.

Caso got up, shook himself off, and nodded his head, “Mud, Mud”. Then he spit a little water on the ground, and used his tail to launch the newly formed mud at the opponent.

“Whoa, Caso! You learned Mud-slap!” I exclaimed as the Zigzagoon dashed away. Caso shrugged as though it was nothing. “So, does this mean you decided to come with me after all?” I teased, Caso just shrugged again.

After we walked a little farther, I spotted a familiar face. It was Brendan. “Hey, Brendan,” I called as I ran up to him, “We finally caught up with you!”

“Hmm. Oh, hey, Strawberry. I was just catching some new Pokemon.”

“Really? Ack! I just remembered, I forgot to buy some Pokeballs at the Pokemart in town.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve got some extras that you can have,” Brendan started digging through his bag, then he pulled out five Pokeballs and handed them to me. “Here ya go.”

“Oh, wow. Thanks, Brendan.” I placed the Pokeballs in my bag.

“Well, I should get back to traveling,” Brendan said as he started to walk off. “Later.”

“Bye, Brendan.” I turned back to Caso, “Isn’t this great, Caso? Now we can make more friends!” The little Pokemon didn’t seem as enthusiastic. “What’s the matter, Caso? Don’t you want to make new friends?” Caso seemed unsure. I bent down and patted his head, “Don’t worry, Caso. No matter how many new friends I make, I’ll never forget you. We’ll always be friends.”

Caso wiggled out from under my hand, “Mud, Mudkip!” He seemed insulted that I thought he was worried about losing me as a friend.

“Oh, so that’s not why you don’t want any new friends?”

Caso shook his head, “Mud, Mud, Kip.”

“So, why don’t you want to make new friends?”

Caso turned his head to the side, and stuck up his nose again. He obviously wasn’t going to tell me.

“Come on, Caso. You know you can tell me.” Caso looked at me again, used Mud-slap, and hit me right in the face. “Okay, that’s it! You know what, Caso? You can just stay in your Pokeball until you want to be nicer to me,” I said as I pulled out his Pokeball. “Caso, return.” Caso went back into the Pokeball in a red light.

I started walking back in the direction of Littleroot Town, “If all Pokemon are like Caso, then maybe I don’t want to be a Trainer.”

“Now, now, Dearie,” a voice I had never heard before said.

“Who’s there?!” I asked as I whipped around and faced the source of the voice. It was an elderly woman, with a sack on her back that appeared to be full of apples.

“If you let one Pokemon be the representative of all the other Pokemon, you might miss out on the chance to make the best friend of your life. What you need is another Pokemon to accompany you, and prove to you that every Pokemon is different. Here, why don’t you take Pepper with you,” she motioned to the Poochyena standing next to her. “You will find that she is among the loyalest Pokemon you will ever meet. No matter how rugged the path, how high the mountain, or how tough the battle, Pepper will always be there for you. So, you just make sure you’re always there for her,” she said as she handed me Pepper’s Pokeball.

“Hello, Pepper,” I said as I reached out my hand to pet Pepper’s head. Pepper barked twice and thrust her head against my hand. Then she stretched up and licked my face. “Ha ha. It’s nice to meet you too,” I said as I petted her head a little more. I looked up to thank the woman, but she was already gone.


Pokemon met this chapter: Pepper, female, brave nature


Sorry that this chapter is a little later than expected. For more information on this chapter, check out this post. For more information about when I will be posting new chapters for this fanfic, read this post. Thanks for reading!