Emerald Nuzlocke

I do not own any of the pictures.

Caso the Marshtomp 

Emerald Nuzlocke #6

Met at Lvl. 5

Type: Water and Ground

Ability: Torrent

Nature: Adamant

Attacks: Tackle, Bide, Mud Shot, Water Gun

Pepper the Poochyena

Emerald Nuzlocke #2

Met at Lvl. 2

Type: Dark

Ability: Run Away

Nature: Brave

Attacks: Tackle, Howl, Sand-Attack, Bite

Zip the Zigzagoon

Emerald Nuzlocke #3

Met at Lvl. 3

Type: Normal

Ability: Pickup

Nature: Hardy

Attacks: Tackle, Cut, Tail Whip, Headbutt

Aqua the Marill

Emerald Nuzlocke #4

Met at Lvl. 5

Type: Water

Ability: Thick Fat

Nature: Jolly

Attacks: Tackle, Defense Curl, Rollout, Water Gun

Scar the Taillow (the scar on his right eye is not shown in the picture)

Emerald Nuzlocke #5


Met at Lvl. 6

Type: Normal and Flying

Ability: Guts

Nature: Lax

Attacks: Peck, Wing Attack, Focus Energy, Quick Attack

Echo the Whismur

Emerald Nuzlocke #7


Met at Lvl. 7

Type: Normal

Ability: Soundproof

Nature: Quiet

Attacks: Pound, Uproar, Howl

Boxed Pokemon: 1

“Deaths” so far: 0

17 thoughts on “Emerald Nuzlocke

      1. Strawberry Post author

        Mine is kinda like that too. Because I actually have more Pokemon than what is mentioned here, but I don’t want any spoilers for Trainer Strawberry, so I didn’t mention all of them. By the way, when I get caught up to my file in the game with my writing, I will add their stats.

  1. hydrataco

    On platinum I’m About to battle 3rd Gym Leader and on X I’m about to battle the 7th gym with ease….. But grinding for levels so I dont lose my weakest pokemon takes so much energy out of me.

    1. hydrataco

      I still need to write like 3-2 entries for X and 1 for Platinum because Im to far ahead int the game….. As soon as Pokebank comes out I will trade over my Legends and try Black 2 Nuzlocke….. Or I could try setting up a Egg Locke….. That seems far in the future though because People think that Pokebank is being delayed indefinitely so I have a long time to that anyways.

      1. Strawberry Post author

        I hope Pokebank isn’t delayed indefinitely. I need it to fill the Pokedex up with all 718 entries. 😦 With how I’ve been dragging stuff out in my story, I probably still have 7 more chapters to do before I catch up to my in-game status.

  2. Pingback: Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 13 | StrawberrytheGlaceon

    1. Strawberry Post author

      I hope so. Glaceon’s are my favorite Pokemon (in case you couldn’t tell), but she probably won’t have one until I do a Diamond/Pearl nuzlocke, or some other Pokemon game after the Sinnoh region (if I write about any regions after Hoenn).

    1. dinodimare

      Oh, a Nuzlocke challenge is just playing through the game with a set of rules! You can have as many rules as you’d like, but there’s three that you can’t remove: ‘If a Pokemon faints, it ‘dies’ and can’t be used anymore’, ‘No catching Legendaries’ (unless you’re playing B/W, B2/W2, or X/Y, where you HAVE to catch the Legendary), and ‘You can only catch the first Pokemon you find on the Route’.
      They’re super fun, and really get you attached to your Pokemon!

      1. Strawberry Post author

        There’s a great description for you Linna! One added rule that I use when I’m playing is ‘You can’t catch more than one of each Pokemon’, which means that if I catch a Pokemon, like Zangoose, I can’t catch another Zangoose. And if Zangoose is the first Pokemon I find on a Route, I can ignore it and catch the first Pokemon I find that I don’t have. That rule helps with getting a larger variety of Pokemon, and it’s optional, so if I start another Nuzlocke, I don’t have to use that rule if I don’t want to. I hope Dino’s explanation helped!

  3. hydrataco

    I think I might start a Wonderlocke soon, The only problem being that when i tried that for testing I only got higher level Pokemon, Have Any of your pokemon Died Yet?


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