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Liebster Award

Special thanks to Fenneblogin for nominating me for the Liebster Award!


I’ve heard that there are varying sets of rules for this award, but I’m going to follow this set:

Liebster Award Rules

Okay, so I guess I’ll provide the random facts about me first.

1: Even though my Pokesona (Strawberry) is pink, my favorite color is blue.

2: My favorite food is Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread.

3: My favorite Anime is Deltora Quest.

4: Even though I like to play them, I suck at platforming games. Especially Super Mario games.

5: Even though I don’t animate much, I once had ideas for several episodic series, but since I didn’t write down the ideas, I’ve forgotten quite a few of them.

6: I originally planned on making Trainer Strawberry a comic series instead of a written series, and still plan on making a comic of it someday.

7: I take picture requests, although, just because I take requests doesn’t mean I’ll do all of them.

8: I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, which is why most of my pictures end up being unfinished.

9: I also have several unfinished AMVs.

10: I have an account on Youtube under the same name as this blog. (I meant to mention this in an earlier post, but forgot to do so. Here is a link to my Youtube account: Strawberry the Glaceon )

11: I’m shy when I first meet someone, but once I get to know them a little better, it’s hard to get me to stop talking.

Now for the questions asked by Fenneblogin!

1. (Q.) Do you like pokemon? (A.) Yes I do.

2. (Q.) Are you a pokemon? (A.) As far as the internet is concerned, yes. I am a Glaceon.

3. (Q.) Would you want to be a pokemon? (A.) I don’t think I’d want to actually be a Pokemon, I think I’d rather be a Pokemon Trainer.

4. (Q.)  If you had one skill, that you were perfect at, what would it be? (A.) Animating.

5. (Q.) What movie do you like that is also a book? (A.) Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Gahoole.

6. (Q.) What is your favorite food? (A.) Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread.

7. (Q.)  If you could drink only one thing, what would it be? (A.) Root Beer

8. (Q.) Do you like smoothies or juices? (A.) Both.

9. (Q.) What is your fave fruit? (A.) Tomatoes.

10. (Q.) What is your hobby? (A.) Playing video games.

11. (Q.) Do you have talents? Can you show them to me in a post? (A.) I can play the piano. But I haven’t made any posts about that. But I do have some pictures on my blog, although, I’m not really very talented at drawing.

Okay, now for my questions for the people I nominate.

(1) What is your favorite TV show?

(2) Have you ever been able to complete a ten minute challenge on Youtube?

(3) What Nintendo games have you played?

(4) Do you have any pets?

(5) What is your favorite color?

(6) What is you favorite animal?

(7) Do you have a favorite Pokemon? And what is it?

(8) Have you ever played a Megaman game?

(9) What is your favorite video game?

(10) What is your favorite food?

(11) If you could live in any fictional world, which one would you live in?

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