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Character Review-Thingy: Why I usually Like Sub-Characters more than Main-Characters

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Alright, before I start the review, I have an announcement. I got a Wii U! It’s so cool! Anyway, on with the review!

So, as the title says, in most games that I play-or animes that I watch-I usually prefer the sub-characters over the main-characters. Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t like the main-characters. I just prefer the some of the others. And this review is going to look at why. The way this is going to work is like this, I’m going to describe each character and why I don’t/do like them.


Tyson: Main-Character

Tyson is a young boy who likes to Beyblade. And with his Bit Beast Dragoon, he is one of the strongest members of the “Blade Breakers”. Unfortunately, this makes him pretty cocky, and while that’s not all ways a turn-off for me, with Tyson it’s usually pretty annoying. It’s one thing to be cocky because you really have great skills, it’s another to just be cocky. Tyson is the latter. Another bad point is his temper. Like in most animes I watch, he’s a main-character that is a hot head. His good points are that he is pretty friendly, and he despises bullying. When he sees bullying going on, he usually steps in to stop it. He also usually keeps a positive outlook, even when the rest of his team doesn’t.

Ray: Sub-Character

Ray is another member of the “Blade Breakers”. As far as skills go, well, his beyblade leaves scratch marks on other players blades just by touching them. His blade as been shown to destroy¬†an entire playing field, and it just kept on spinning afterward as though nothing had happened. His Bit Beast is a Tiger that I know the name of, but have no idea how to spell. Ray is definitely a calmer person than Tyson. He hardly ever gets mad, except in situations where anyone would get mad. He also isn’t big on bullying, but Tyson usually steps in to stop it before he does. He also doesn’t complain much, and he doesn’t really like it when others complain. In fact, in one episode he told Tyson several times to quit his belly-aching.

Kai: Sub-Character

Kai is the leader of the “Blade Breakers”. Kai started out as a bully, and the leader of a gang that went around breaking other people’s blades. He was also the regional champion at Beyblading until Tyson defeated him in the championships. Kai is more of a loner, and was hesitant about joining the “Blade Breakers”, but, in the end, he joined. He made sure that the rest of the team knew that just because he was joining the team didn’t mean they were all going to best buddies. Kai spends most of his time at a distance from the rest of the team (usually leaning on a wall or something), and he hardly ever gives a direct answer when asked what his opinion is on a matter. Kai has a bit of an ego, and he’s a little cocky, just not as much as Tyson. Another difference between him and Tyson is that he has the skills to back up his cocky-ness. He almost always knows exactly what to do in a situation, and if he thinks his teammates really need his help, he’ll give them advice on what to do, as well. Kai usually couldn’t care less about what happens to other people, but I think the reason for that is because of his grandfather. The reason I think this is because, of what I’ve seen anyway, his grandfather is very self-centered, and puts way to much pressure on poor Kai. Of course, Kai doesn’t show it, and always plays the tough guy.

Anyway, I think  this post is long enough. Later.

P.S. – What sub-characters do you like more than main characters?