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New Profile Picture

:EDIT: For some reason, WordPress won’t let me upgrade my profile picture to this. So, I guess it’s just a picture in this post to look at now. Sorry about that. :EDIT:

Yeah, I know, it’s been forever since I posted. Sorry about that. To be honest, I just haven’t had a lot of motivation to post in a while.

Which brings us to the post where I actually have something to post about. My new profile picture!


Also, I now have a new drawing program called Paint Tool Sai. And I love it! It’s what I drew this picture with.

I also now have a DeviantArt account which I am a lot more active on. And where I post most of my art. Here is the link if any of you awesome readers would like to see: http://strawberry-glaceon.deviantart.com/

Anyway, that about does it for now.


Two Year Difference

So, I redrew my picture that I did for Halloween two years ago (and this time I actually had it uploaded to my Tumblr on Halloween). So, I decided to make a post exactly two years after the original posting showing a comparison of the two pictures. I hope all you awesome readers like it! Now, on to the pictures!

Halloween 2014

Here’s the original picture from 11-06-14


And here's the redone version from 10-31-16

And here’s the redone version from 10-31-16

And it is from this that we can all learn that I still have no idea what to do with Glaceon’s ice-crown-thing.

Well, since I decided to wait until exactly two years had passed, this will be a little late, but I suppose that’s just typical Strawberry fashion by now. Happy Halloween!