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Quick Update

EDIT: I am now only posting on Tuesday and Thursday. Of course, real life may still make the post one or two days late.

Quick little announcement. I have decided to post new chapters for my story once a week on Thursday. Unless real life intervenes, in which case it may be posted one or two days late. I will be continuing my every other day posts (namely my video gaming journal/random posts). However, on weeks that put me doing a usual post on Wednesday and Friday, I probably won’t put a post up on Wednesday, but will still put one up on Friday. Also, on weeks that put me doing a post on Thursday, I will just put up a Trainer Strawberry chapter, and count it as a usual post, meaning that I won’t put another post up until Saturday. Of course, all of this (as previously mentioned) depends on if I have time. And if I don’t (as also previously stated) it will be posted one or two days late.

Well, that’s all I really wanted to say. Later.