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Info #6

Here comes chapter eight of TS! In this chapter, Strawberry and team start out on Route 104 in order to prove themselves. On the way, they run into a little trouble with a Team Aqua member! I hope you enjoy this next chapter. (I really need to work on thinking of more stuff to put in these “Info” posts.)

Info #5

Alright! Here comes chapter 7 of Trainer Strawberry! In this chapter, Strawberry meets Wally, a new Pokemon Trainer that I honestly didn’t think I’d get enough material from to make a whole chapter. Like, seriously, in my notes all I have is “Re-entered Petalburg City”, “Went to Gym”, and “Helped Wally”. That was it. And it turned out that “Helped Wally” ended up making a whole chapter! I hope you enjoy it!