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Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 3

“Okay, Pepper. Hows about we do some training?” I asked my newly obtained Poochyena. Pepper jumped up, barked, and started wagging her tail excitedly. She definitely liked that idea. “Alright then! Let’s see… Why don’t we start with some basic tricks first?” Pepper started panting excitedly at that. I was about to start teaching her “sit”, when I happened to think that maybe Caso would want to do some tricks as well. “Go, Caso!”
“Mudkip!” he exclaimed as he emerged from his Pokeball, then he looked over at Pepper, and tilted his head to the side, “Muudkiiiip?”
“Caso, this is Pepper. Pepper this is Caso,” I introduced the two. “Okay, now that everyone knows each other, how’s about I teach you two some tricks?” Pepper looked extremely excited to get started. Caso, not so much. “Let’s start with an easy one. Sit.” Pepper sat down immediately.
“Kip.” Caso just stuck his nose in the air, walked over to a tree, and laid down at its roots. Pepper watched him with a confused look on her face. She obviously couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to do tricks.
“What’s the matter Caso? Don’t you want to do tricks?” Caso merely turned his back to me and Pepper. “I guess not.” Pepper whimpered. “Don’t worry, girl. Caso just acts like that. But, we can still work on tricks, if you want.” She wagged her tail.
We spent the next hour doing simple tricks like “beg” and “lie down”. Pepper got every single one right on her first try. So, after a while, we started working on harder tricks, like going to get whatever item I told her to get from my backpack. Caso just watched the whole time. I invited him to join us several times, but each time he just pretended to be asleep. Once we were done doing tricks, I decided that we should get back on the road. I decided that it would probably be easier to keep Caso in his Pokeball. It was one thing when he attacked me, but I couldn’t take a chance on him attacking someone else.
“Caso, return!” I said as I held out Caso’s Pokeball. “Okay, Pepper. Time for you to go in your Pokeball,” I pointed her Pokeball towards her. She then got the saddest look I had ever seen, and started whimpering pitifully. “What’s the matter? Would you rather stay out here with me?” Pepper barked. That was what she wanted. “Okay, then. Come on, girl.” I said as I headed back to Oldale Town.
We walked straight through Oldale Town, and took the northern path again. I wanted to catch a Zigzagoon, and I figured this was the best place to do that. It didn’t take a whole lot of searching to find one.
“Okay, Pepper. You ready to help me capture my first Pokemon?” Pepper got ready to charge. “That’s a good girl. Now, just wait for my signal. Steady… Steady… Pepper use Tackle!” Pepper charged as soon as I gave the order, and crashed into the Zigzagoon with all her might. “Alright, girl, get back! Go Pokeball!” Pepper jumped back just before the Pokeball whizzed through the air. The ball hit the Zigzagoon, and shook once, twice, three time.
“Gotcha! Zigzagoon was caught!” I exclaimed. I then sent the little raccoon back out. “Hey, there little guy. I think I’ll call you… Zip.”
“Zigzagoon!” Zip seemed to like his new name. Pepper walked up to welcome him to the team.
“Come on out, Caso, time to meet our newest friend!”
“Mud, Mudkip!” Caso appeared from within the Pokeball. He seemed to be thinking about if he wanted to welcome the new member, or not. After a few seconds he walked over to Zip, he still seemed a little reluctant as he welcomed the newest member of the team.
“Good job, Pepper,” I said as she came happily bounding over to me. I held my hand up, and she happily raised on of her front paws and touched the palm of my hand. That was her way of giving a high-five. Zip started looking around, then suddenly took off.
“Zip, wait! Where are you going?! Come back!” I shouted as Caso, Pepper, and I started chasing after Zip. He hadn’t gotten very far, and he seemed to have something in his mouth. “What’cha got there, Zip?” I asked as I reached down to get what he had. It was a Great Ball. “Wow, Zip. Did you find this all by yourself?”
“Zig, Zigzagoon,” he replied. I then pulled out my Pokedex, and saw that he had the ability “Pick Up”.
“Wow, that’s a really handy ability to have. Well, I guess we should start heading back to Oldale Town and take the western path. Caso, Zip, return!” I held out the two Pokeballs, and both Pokemon returned to their Pokeballs in a red light. “Okay, Pepper. Let’s go!” Pepper barked in agreement as we headed back to Oldale. As we ran, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of Pokemon I would catch next.


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