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What’s this, an OC?!

Betaman 2

This is my Megaman Battle Network OC, Betaman. Usually referred to as just Beta. I started this picture a while back, so if I were to redraw it, it might look better. But, I’m too lazy to completely restart a picture just to see if it will look any better. This is the frontal view of a reference sheet I’m working on. Of course, whether or not I finish said reference sheet has yet to be seen. Anyway, you can draw him yourself, if you want to. Just make sure you give credit to me for the character design. And leave a comment with a link to the picture when it is done, because I want to see it. Now, for his backstory. He was programmed by an inexperienced programmer who lived in a place where Net Navis were just characters in stories, not programs that actually existed. Beta’s programmer loved the stories about the Net Navis, and thought it would be cool if they were real. So, the programmer set to work programming a Net Navi. Unfortunately, the programmer didn’t have a PET, nor did anyone they knew have one. So, Beta was programmed for a smartphone instead. The programmer was unable to correctly program Beta’s sight and hearing senses, and instead programmed Beta to use the camera on the phone for sight, and to use the internal microphone for hearing. Beta was also programmed to be able to completely operate the phone on his own, meaning he could access all of the apps himself. He also had capabilities like a security system, being able to send out “Scouts” to check for and eliminate viruses. He also has anti-hacking programs that allow him to detect and prevent hackers from hacking into whatever system he is in. The programmer was also unable to program him to use Battle Chips, so they programmed him with some attacks similar to certain Battle Chips. By lifting his arms and bringing them together, Beta can access his Beta Cannon, which looks like a regular Cannon Chip’s cannon, except Beta’s cannon is white, like him. He also has a Beta Sword (which is also white), and when he wants to use two at one time, it is known as a Double Beta Sword. Beta does not have a buster, however. Later on, both Beta and his programmer meet Dr. Hikari, who helps Beta’s programmer slightly reprogram Beta so he can function in a PET, and Dr. Hikari also adds Beta’s sight and hearing programs. For the first time, Beta is able to see what his world looks like, which was something he was previously unable to do, because the phones camera only showed outside the phone, not inside.

Anyway, I have some more pictures for you awesome readers, because I didn’t play Super Mario RPG today, and therefore, will not be making a post about it. Sorry about that. So, let’s see if you can guess who this is. I’ll give you a hint, he appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. I made three versions of this picture for you awesome readers to enjoy.

Neku Sketch 1-2 Neku Sketch 2-2 Neku Sketch 4-2


Yeah, I’m better at headshots than full body pictures. Also, I had meant to put my signature on my previous pictures, but I forgot to do so.



Current Emotion: Grouchy

Mega Man Battle Network #136


Okay, so I played Megaman today, and I’m still working on getting those upgraded Navi Chips. After defeating Woodman, and not getting a high enough busting level, I decided to take on Masa and Sharkman.EXE. After a couple of tries, I finally defeated him. I was so happy. I had never defeated him before. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a high enough busting level to get his Navi Chip. I tried to defeat him a few more times, and lost each time. So after that crushing experience, I decided to head back to the Undernet to fight some more Elecman copies, and hopefully get his upgraded Navi Chip. I didn’t find any today, though. And that’s what I got done in Megaman.

Now, if you’re one of my super awesome readers who reads my blog frequently, you’ll notice that I didn’t put up a post Saturday. Don’t worry, nothing bad happened. I had went shopping with my Mom, Dad, younger sister, older sister, brother-in-law, two nephews, and one niece. It was pretty late when we got back from shopping, so I didn’t feel like making a post. And I don’t post on Sundays, because it’s a church day. And on Monday I knew I would be making a post today, so I just decided to not fool with it. Sorry if anyone’s disappointed.


I’m Back to Playing Megaman!

Current Emotion: Victory!








Mega Man Battle Network #133


YAY! I’m finally back to playing Megaman! At least, I’m back to playing it for now… Anyway, after about two more tries, I finally got the upgraded Iceman Navi Chip I had been trying to get the last time I played. I think the regular Iceman Chip had 60 attack points, and the upgraded one has 80. So, that’s a pretty good power up.

Mega Man Battle Network #134


I also tried to get an upgraded Numberman Navi Chip, but apparently it doesn’t exist. What makes me say that? Well, usually when you get a busting rank higher than 5, you get a new chip. And I got a busting rank 7, and all I got was a lot of money.

Mega Man Battle Network #135


After trying to get Numberman’s upgraded chip, I decided to go for Protoman’s. I’m not sure if it exists, but if it does, it’s going to be one powerful chip. Protoman’s regular Navi Chip has a power level of over 9000 140, so an upgraded chip would probably have 160 or so. Unfortunately, Protoman proved to be to difficult for me to defeat right now, the only rank I managed to get was 1.

Mega Man Battle Network #19


Since Protoman didn’t work out, I decided to try to get Woodman’s upgraded Chip next. I haven’t succeeded in this yet, but I have modified my Chip Folder just for the purpose of defeating him.

Yeah, that’s all I got done in Megaman, but that’s better than nothing. Anyway, do you awesome readers think I should continue doing the “Current Emotion” with GIFs, or normal pictures? Also, we are still looking for volunteers for Project Imagination; any help is welcome. In other news, I think I’m going to be changing my posting schedule to every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Unless, of course, something more important comes up, then my posts will be one or two days late.

Lastly, here’s a picture I found earlier that I think every Pokemon fan will enjoy.





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So, I had planned on doing a video gaming journal entry. But, instead of playing Megaman, I played Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s World Championship 2011 – Over the Nexus. Let’s just say the NPCs and I don’t really get along. I didn’t get any screenshots, so I guess I’ll just state my victories and losses. I won my turbo duel with Toru (I think that’s his name). His is the first turbo duel you do in story mode. I lost two D-Runner races to this one guy, then I had to go to the D-Runner shop that was near the racing spot so I could upgrade my D-Runner to be as fast as it could possibly be just to beat the guy. After that and a few other things, I had to go back to Crash Town, where I had to duel another guy so I could talk to the guy I was supposed to talk too. I lost to him once, then I defeated him. And when the guy I was looking for showed up-he wanted to duel me too! I lost to him. After that, I decided that I should probably take a break for a while.

Anyway, I had planned on playing Megaman (as previously mentioned), because I realized that there might be some people who really enjoy reading my VG journal entries. My realization was kinda like “I must play Megaman, because:

I’m not sure if I have a fandom or not, but I do have awesome readers. So, how many of you guys want me to get back to making VG journal entries about Megaman?


I Think I’m Getting Lazy

Ben 10


Yeah, I was supposed to make a post yesterday, but I didn’t. Know why? Because I didn’t feel like playing Megaman, that’s why. This usually happens. I’ll be going along good in a game, then I get stuck, and I start to slack off on playing it. Hopefully I’ll get back to it soon, though. So, question. Which do you awesome readers prefer, my video game journals, or my random posts like this one? Please leave a comment with your answer.

Atem #67


While we’re on the subject of me being lazy, I really need to get to work on finishing some pictures, and I really need to get back to work on the Super Smash Bros. Brawl thing I’m working on. I really need to finish the latter, I plan on making about fifty things of it (which is where the picture above comes in as that happening seems very unlikely at this point). If anyone wants to know more about what my SSBB thing is, leave a comment, and I’d be happy to fill you in.

Anyway, I know Christmas has passed, but I found this really cute video that I think people should watch. These guys are extremely caring.


Happy New Years! Later.

Let’s Try this Again

Mega Man Battle Network #123


I actually had time to play Megaman today. I re-tried to defeat the Lifevirus, but unfortunately, I didn’t even get past Magicman. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, I decided to go re-challenge some of Lan’s friends to try and get some upgraded Navi Chips.

Mega Man Battle Network #131 Mega Man Battle Network #132


I managed to get an upgraded Gutsman chip, and another GutsPnch Chip. After getting these chips, I decided to re-challenge Dr. Froid and Iceman. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten an upgraded Iceman Navi Chip. I’ve even re-arranged my chip folder so that most of my chips are electric element, which is Iceman’s weakness. Hopefully I’ll have better luck next time.

In other news, there’s only two more days until Christmas! Merry Christmas everybody! Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had the type of box shown in this video?


Have you ever had the feeling that there was something else you were going to mention, but you can’t remember what? I get that feeling a lot. Oh, wait! I think I remember what I was going to mention. I want all you awesome readers opinion on some names for my Eevee. Which do you prefer Sadie, which is the name of someone on Duck Dynasty, or Taki, which is Japanese for waterfall? Or does anyone have any other ideas?

Well, that’s all for now. Later.

So Close!

Mega Man Battle Network #123 Mega Man Battle Network #124


Finally! At long last, Magicman is deleted! It took me eight tries, but I defeated him.

Mega Man Battle Network #125


But then, Mr. Wily had to go and power Magicman up. And with his new power Magicman almost deleted Megaman. Magicman, if I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d kick “U” out of it. Protoman showed up to save Megaman, but it was too late. Or was it?

Mega Man Battle Network #126 Mega Man Battle Network #127


So, we finally find out what Dr. Hikari meant when he said “I won’t let what happened last time happen again”. He was referring to Lan’s twin brother (I was right, YES!) who died at a young age due to heart problems. Dr. Hikari was unable to accept his son’s (whose name is Hub) death, and transferred Hub’s DNA and memories into a Net Navi, namely Megaman.EXE. Wait, wait, wait. WHAT?! Megaman is really Lan’s twin brother? WHOA. Everything makes sense now. Earlier in the game Megaman and Lan have the following conversation:

Megaman: Hey, Lan, let’s go home so we can get a snack.

Lan: Megaman, you don’t eat. Remember?

Megaman: Oh, yeah.

At first I thought that conversation was just comedy relief, but now I think it was a slight hint to Megaman’s true identity. Anyway, after revealing that amazing fact to Lan, Dr. Hikari tells Lan that he still has Hub’s memory files, and that they can use these files to restore Megaman. But there is a price. Dr. Hikari found a major problem in giving a Net Navi one of his son’s DNA, if anything happened to one, the other would feel it as well. I guess that happens because they’re twins. I’ve heard that sometimes, if identical twins have similar brain waves, they both feel pain even if only one got hurt. In order to prevent this from happening Dr. Hikari changed Megaman’s DNA by 0.001%, but if Lan re-installed Hub.BAT to Megaman, that 0.001% of difference would disappear. Lan chose to re-install the program anyway. Which is good, after all, he can’t exactly watch Megaman get deleted knowing there was something he could do. After all, Megaman’s his brother! Once Megaman awakes, he tells Lan that he always knew they were related, and that the reason he never told Lan was because he knew if Lan knew he was his brother, he would be to scared to use him. And a Navi that is never used has no reason to exist. Lan then apologizes to Megaman for ordering him around all these years. Megaman tells him that it’s okay, and goes on to state that sometimes he wishes he could be in the real world with Lan, but that watching Lan grow up from the PET made him happy. Which was just a major “Awwwww” moment.

Mega Man Battle Network #128


Anyway, Lan and Megaman had better hurry-Mr. Wily’s about to hit the button that will launch the rocket! Lan manages to get there just before Wily hits the button, and jacks Megaman into WWW’s main server that has the rocket controls. I have to say, for the bad guys main server, it was really simple to get through. There was only one path, and after turning a few times, you’ve made it to the end. Like I said, simple.

Mega Man Battle Network #129 Mega Man Battle Network #130


Unfortunately, the Lifevirus wasn’t so simple. At first, I was like “You have got to be kidding me. The Lifevirus is a Crab man with a red flea. This is going to be so easy”. Then I noticed that he has one thousand HP, and a shield strength of one hundred. Which means that any attack that doesn’t do one hundred damage doesn’t affect him as long as that shield is up. And it only goes down when he is hit by an attack that does one hundred damage, or when he is attacking Megaman. In both cases the shield does not stay down for long. I was unable to defeat this guy on my first shot, and because the game does not allow you to save after you defeat Magicman. I now have to defeat Magicman again. UGH. I think I’m going to wait a little while on that. So, that’s all of the Megaman today. But, I do have some videos to show you guys.

First off, is an Apple commercial that I think everyone should see, and that’s all I’m going to tell you about it so that there’s no spoilers.


This next video has a seizure warning, so if you have problems with seizures you should not watch this video. It may also contain some spoilers for Lost/Unwound Future, but I think you’d either have to read the comments on the video, or be insanely smart to figure them out.


The next video is extremely funny, and perfectly describes what it is like in the East when the Weather Forecast says it is going to snow.


And finally, another video that I think everyone should watch, because it is so true.


Also, it would really mean a lot to me if you guys could post comments stating your thoughts on these videos. If you don’t have the time, that’s fine, I understand. But it would really mean a lot if you could.

Well, that’s all for now. Later.


Almost There!

First, I’d like to apologize to everyone for not keeping up with the Battle Chip information. I’d also like to announce that I will no longer be continuing that, because I could never remember to do it. Sorry about that. If anyone as any questions about any of the Battle Chips, I’d be happy to try to answer them. I’ll also try to answer generally any question, if anyone has any, so ask away.

Mega Man Battle Network #110 Mega Man Battle Network #111 Mega Man Battle Network #112


I’ll admit it, I almost gave up on this game because of this section. All of the viruses seemed to have over-kill attack power, making it extremely difficult to beat them. After being deleted for, like, the TENTH TIME, I happened to think, “You know, it almost seems like Megaman has a weakness to fire or something”. That’s when I remembered, Megaman did have a weakness to fire. I still had the Woodarmr equipped! Woodarmr causes Megaman to take double damage if the attack is a fire element. I quickly unequipped the armor, and that made things a lot easier. I panicked when I got near the end, there was a lot of fire, and I didn’t have enough ice blocks to put it all out. Luckily Glide (Yai’s Net Navi) showed up and put the fire out for me. I was surprised when he showed up, but I was so happy that he put the flames out for me that I didn’t pay much attention to it. After jacking Megaman out, I talked to Yai and she said Mayl had told her to give Lan a Battle Chip. It was an upgraded Roll chip, I was so happy. Roll’s Navi Chip is one of the most useful, in my opinion. Her Navi Chip does damage and restores some of Megaman’s HP.

Mega Man Battle Network #113 Mega Man Battle Network #114


The second door resembled the school’s Network. So, it contained many firewalls that you need a code to get through, there is no way to get this code that I know of. You just have to keep guessing until you get it. This was my favorite thing about the school incident, and it made this my favorite door to get through. I feel so cool when I hack into the firewall and get the code. Near the end, there was another obstacle that Megaman couldn’t get through. There was a huge firewall that would have taken Megaman a long time to hack, and they didn’t have time for that. Suddenly Mr. Higsby and Numberman show up and save the day. I was expecting another Navi to show up to help, but I wasn’t expecting it to be Numberman. His appearance made me wonder if Chaud really would show up to help. If he does show up he’ll probably say something like “A real Net Op doesn’t need others to solve their problems”. He’s just like that. Protoman’s cool though, so it evens out.

Mega Man Battle Network #115 Mega Man Battle Network #116 Mega Man Battle Network #117


The next door looked like the Waterworks’s Network. Which meant there was sliding puzzles, which consequently meant that I did an excessive amount of talking to myself. Like when I found this virus I had never ran into before. It was an airplane, but when I first saw it, I thought its wings looked like chainsaws. So, I’m just like, “*Gasp* It’s a chainsaw virus! No, wait. It’s an airplane virus! *Gasps again* It’s a chainsaw airplane virus!”. This virus had a targeting syestem, which got this reaction from me, “The chainsaw airplane’s targeting me! What do I do? I don’t know how to avoid its attacks!”. I then proceeded to jump all around the battlefield randomly like a crazy person. Lan was probably face-palming and thinking “What is Megaman doing?”. Anyway, this time the big problem was a huge chunk of ice that was in the way. And this time Iceman showed up to help. Yeah, a Net Navi that attack with ice, and makes ice, and that has ice abilities is going to melt the ice. Logic. After I jacked Megaman out of the Net, I re-challenged Dr. Froid and Iceman to a Net Battle. I also did this with Mr. Higsby and Numberman to see if I could get some upgraded chips, I won both fights but I didn’t get any new chips.

Mega Man Battle Network #118 Mega Man Battle Network #119

The fourth door resembled the traffic signals. Which meant there were spaces that Megaman could only walk on when a switch was that color. This door took the least amount of time to get through. This time the problem was a big boulder, which Gutsman cleared with ease. Once Megaman was jacked out, I re-challenged Dex and Gutsman to a Net Battle. I won this fight as well, but I still didn’t get a new chip.

Mega Man Battle Network #120 Mega Man Battle Network #121


The fifth door resembled the Power Plant’s Network. Which meant I had to go through more invisible mazes, but it wasn’t near as hard as the real Power Plant was. I was honestly disappointed with the viruses at first, I thought they were too weak. Then I got deleted by some of them and my opinion of them changed. The problem here was there was a space missing, that’s when Roll showed up and added a new one. Which lead to the revelation that Mayl had seen Lan enter the secret passage in front of the school, and that she had been the one to tell the others that Lan needed their help. Well, that was the last door. Now Lan just had to jack Megaman out and they could defeat WWW once and for all. It’s too bad that he can’t do that, because…

Mega Man Battle Network #122 Mega Man Battle Network #123

Poof! Just like magic, Magicman.EXE appears! He is WWW’s right hand Net Navi, and he is one tough customer. I still have not defeated him. After I had died four times, I decided that that was a good time to stop. So, next time on Megaman Battle Network, will I be able to move past Magicman? Or am I doomed to remain stuck at this boss forever? I hope not-I’d like to finish this game.

Well, that’s all for now. Later.

I Found It!

Hey, guys! I’ve got a few quick announcements to make before we get back to the journal. First, I now have two extra pages on my blog, one features a list of what movies I’ve watched recently, and my opinion about the movie. The other page contains basically the same thing only with anime instead of movies. Second, I will be posting the picture edits tomorrow as requested by dinomacabre. Now, on with Megaman!

Mega Man Battle Network #99

Did you know this is my 100th Megaman Battle Network picture that I've put on my blog?

Did you know this is my 100th Megaman Battle Network picture that I’ve put on my blog?

The rumor of a war is now a reality, and everyone is panicking. As I was wandering around aimlessly before talking to Higsby, I found a guy outside SciLab that really amuses me. I think Capcom put him there on purpose. He pretty much describes a bunch of video games in two sentences. Begging a little kid to save the world. I love it. Anyway, I took the elevator leading to the Power Plant and found a scientist who wants me to take his quiz. After answering all ten questions (and having to look up the answer to two of them), he gives Lan a new Battle Chip. I’ve never really used any of the Ratton chips, but I get the feeling that they’re pretty useless. I also re-checked those items that Megaman couldn’t decode, and he still can’t decode them. What could they possibly be? Will I ever get to use them?

Mega Man Battle Network #101

After I had talked to everyone, I went back to Higsby’s Chip Shop, only to find that Higsby wasn’t there. Instead, on the counter was a WWW Pass, unfortunately the date had expired. This answered the question of how the WWW agents were getting into ACDC Town, however, now all that was left to do was to find the entrance to the secret metro-line.

Mega Man Battle Network #104

After searching all over creation, I eventually had to look up the location of the entrance. It was behind the statue in the school yard the whole time! But since the pass I found was outdated, the entrance might as well have been on the moon; there was no way I could take WWW’s secret metro-line. Or was there?

Mega Man Battle Network #103 Mega Man Battle Network #105Mega Man Battle Network #106

The pass needed to be re-activated, and Megaman suggested going to Dr. Hikari. And, for once, the lead wasn’t a dead-end! Dr. Hikari re-activated the pass with ease. After he warned Lan to be careful, I headed back to ACDC Town to take the secret metro-line.

Mega Man Battle Network #107

While riding the secret metro-line, an interesting cutscene plays. Lan’s mom calls his dad and asks if Lan is alright. Dr. Hikari then assures her that everything is okay, and that he wouldn’t let “what happened last time happen again”. What is he talking about? What happened? Does Lan have a brother that he never knew about? Or did Dr. Hikari have a Net Navi that met a tragic end?! I need to know!

Mega Man Battle Network #108 Mega Man Battle Network #109

Upon arriving at WWW’s Lab, Lan finds Mr. Higsby, Ms. Yuri, and the old guy that helped him find the secret lab, and frees them. By going up a little, Lan finds a door that is locked. Megaman states that he will unlock the door. Inside the door looks a lot like the inside of Lan’s oven, I wonder which virus could be the one locking the door. Hmmmm. I wonder. I haven’t gotten to the end yet, however, so I could be wrong. Anyway, next time on Megaman Battle Network, can Lan and Megaman make it through WWW’s base in time? What did Dr. Hikari mean? Is Chaud actually going to help, or is he just going to stand around in ACDC Town while Lan does all the work? What could Dr. Hikari have possibly meant? I really need to know this.

If you like the Legend of Zelda, you should watch this. EDIT: I should probably add that there is a seizure warning on this video.

Well, that’s all for now. Later.

The End is Near

Mega Man Battle Network #84


Alright, time to break WWW firewalls and get their server address! I went in expecting hard to defeat viruses, and was disappointed to find that there wasn’t any really tough ones. Until, suddenly…

Mega Man Battle Network #85 Mega Man Battle Network #86

A wild Elecman appears! Yep. Didn’t see that one coming, did’ya? Now’s probably a good time to mention, that it is possible to find copies of bosses that you’ve defeated. And, since it was a copy, this Elecman wasn’t any more difficult to defeat than the first one. The only difference was, when I defeated the first Elecman, I got a lot of Zenny. But, when I defeated the copy, I got an Elecman Navi Chip, which I immediately added to my chip folder to use in battle.

Mega Man Battle Network #87 Mega Man Battle Network #88

I went through the next two gates with no problems at all. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any more boss copies, which is a shame, because I really wanted their Navi Chips.

Mega Man Battle Network #89 Mega Man Battle Network #90


The WWW Navi here was Bombman.EXE. Hardest. Boss. Since. Colorman. He would generate three bombs, then wait a little while before kicking them over to Megaman’s area, where they would explode. If you’re fast enough, you can destroy some of the bombs before he kicks them, and if you destroy them in a certain order, you can use that to your advantage. However, if you destroy all of his bombs before he kicks them, he’ll just generate three more, causing an endless loop of destroying and re-generating bombs. I finally defeated him, though, after trying FIVE TIMES! In the end, I still didn’t get access to WWW server, because Bombman blew up the access way. Why did he have to go and do that? Life would have been so much easier if he hadn’t done that.

Mega Man Battle Network #91 Mega Man Battle Network #92


Since there was no way I was getting to the WWW server through the Net, Megaman suggested that he and Lan should ask Dr. Hikari if he could find WWW’s secret lab from the data they acquired after defeating Bombman. So, after hopping on a train and heading to the Government Complex, I checked to see if Dr. Hikari was back. He was. And one of the first things he was concerned about was if Lan had talked to Chaud yet. That was when I remembered, Chaud was the reason I had went to the Undernet to find the server address in the first place. If he would have just let Lan help him look, none of this would have happened! Is it ironic that, even though I act like Chaud makes me really mad, he’s my favorite human character? Anyway, it took some convincing before Dr. Hikari would Lan help take down WWW. Once he agreed, he informed Lan that it would take some time before he could pinpoint a location, and that Lan should take this opportunity to practice his Net Battling skills. As soon as he said this, I immediately knew who I wanted to Net Battle, Eugene Chaud. But since I was in the area, I decided to re-challenge Woodman and Sharkman. I defeated Woodman, but I still can’t defeat Sharkman.

Mega Man Battle Network #93 Mega Man Battle Network #94

After that I went to Den Town to re-challenge Chaud. I just barely defeated Protoman this time, I’m not sure if he got stronger, or if I was just being careless. Anyway, after defeating Chaud and Protoman, I went back to Lan’s house, and Lan went to bed.

Mega Man Battle Network #95


And WWW’s evil plot has been revealed! By combining the four ultimate programs they acquired, Dr. Wily was able to create the LifeVirus, a virus that will make all technology in the world useless! And he’s going to start by sending the virus into the military’s satellites!

Mega Man Battle Network #96

Luckily, Dr. Hikari has found the site of WWW’s lab! Now it’s just a matter of getting there. There has to be a secret entrance somewhere!

Mega Man Battle Network #97 Mega Man Battle Network #98


As I was walking around ACDC Town I found Chaud and re-challenged him. Once he was defeated, he made the satisfying statement that is shown in the picture. Finally, he’s giving Lan the respect he deserves, or at least he’s giving it to Megaman. I also re-challenged Dex and Gutsman, and got a new Navi Chip. So, next time on Megaman Battle Network, can Lan and Megaman reach WWW’s lab in time? Will Chaud co-operate and help? Or is it too late to stop WWW. And how many game overs will I get before I defeat whatever shows up? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Before I end this post, I have an announcement to make. Very recently, I was informed that I now have five likes on this blog. Also, I now have five followers. And to top things off, this is my tenth post! So, I’d like to send out a personal “thank you” to all my readers. You guys are awesome!

One last thing, yesterday when I was playing Megaman X, I defeated Sting Chameleon, Storm Eagle, and Flame Mammoth. So, now I have defeated all of the Mavericks, and can move on to Sigma. *Dun, dun, dun* Also, Storm Eagle was the first Maverick I defeated in one try. So, yeah. I’m on a roll. I hope I don’t drown in butter.

Well, that’s all for now. Later.