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Almost There!

First, I’d like to apologize to everyone for not keeping up with the Battle Chip information. I’d also like to announce that I will no longer be continuing that, because I could never remember to do it. Sorry about that. If anyone as any questions about any of the Battle Chips, I’d be happy to try to answer them. I’ll also try to answer generally any question, if anyone has any, so ask away.

Mega Man Battle Network #110 Mega Man Battle Network #111 Mega Man Battle Network #112


I’ll admit it, I almost gave up on this game because of this section. All of the viruses seemed to have over-kill attack power, making it extremely difficult to beat them. After being deleted for, like, the TENTH TIME, I happened to think, “You know, it almost seems like Megaman has a weakness to fire or something”. That’s when I remembered, MegamanĀ did have a weakness to fire. I still had the Woodarmr equipped! Woodarmr causes Megaman to take double damage if the attack is a fire element. I quickly unequipped the armor, and that made things a lot easier. I panicked when I got near the end, there was a lot of fire, and I didn’t have enough ice blocks to put it all out. Luckily Glide (Yai’s Net Navi) showed up and put the fire out for me. I was surprised when he showed up, but I was so happy that he put the flames out for me that I didn’t pay much attention to it. After jacking Megaman out, I talked to Yai and she said Mayl had told her to give Lan a Battle Chip. It was an upgraded Roll chip, I was so happy. Roll’s Navi Chip is one of the most useful, in my opinion. Her Navi Chip does damage and restores some of Megaman’s HP.

Mega Man Battle Network #113 Mega Man Battle Network #114


The second door resembled the school’s Network. So, it contained many firewalls that you need a code to get through, there is no way to get this code that I know of. You just have to keep guessing until you get it. This was my favorite thing about the school incident, and it made this my favorite door to get through. I feel so cool when I hack into the firewall and get the code. Near the end, there was another obstacle that Megaman couldn’t get through. There was a huge firewall that would have taken Megaman a long time to hack, and they didn’t have time for that. Suddenly Mr. Higsby and Numberman show up and save the day. I was expecting another Navi to show up to help, but I wasn’t expecting it to be Numberman. His appearance made me wonder if Chaud really would show up to help. If he does show up he’ll probably say something like “A real Net Op doesn’t need others to solve their problems”. He’s just like that. Protoman’s cool though, so it evens out.

Mega Man Battle Network #115 Mega Man Battle Network #116 Mega Man Battle Network #117


The next door looked like the Waterworks’s Network. Which meant there was sliding puzzles, which consequently meant that I did an excessive amount of talking to myself. Like when I found this virus I had never ran into before. It was an airplane, but when I first saw it, I thought its wings looked like chainsaws. So, I’m just like, “*Gasp* It’s a chainsaw virus! No, wait. It’s an airplane virus! *Gasps again* It’s a chainsaw airplane virus!”. This virus had a targeting syestem, which got this reaction from me, “The chainsaw airplane’s targeting me! What do I do? I don’t know how to avoid its attacks!”. I then proceeded to jump all around the battlefield randomly like a crazy person. Lan was probably face-palming and thinking “What is Megaman doing?”. Anyway, this time the big problem was a huge chunk of ice that was in the way. And this time Iceman showed up to help. Yeah, a Net Navi that attack with ice, and makes ice, and that has ice abilities is going to melt the ice. Logic. After I jacked Megaman out of the Net, I re-challenged Dr. Froid and Iceman to a Net Battle. I also did this with Mr. Higsby and Numberman to see if I could get some upgraded chips, I won both fights but I didn’t get any new chips.

Mega Man Battle Network #118 Mega Man Battle Network #119

The fourth door resembled the traffic signals. Which meant there were spaces that Megaman could only walk on when a switch was that color. This door took the least amount of time to get through. This time the problem was a big boulder, which Gutsman cleared with ease. Once Megaman was jacked out, I re-challenged Dex and Gutsman to a Net Battle. I won this fight as well, but I still didn’t get a new chip.

Mega Man Battle Network #120 Mega Man Battle Network #121


The fifth door resembled the Power Plant’s Network. Which meant I had to go through more invisible mazes, but it wasn’t near as hard as the real Power Plant was. I was honestly disappointed with the viruses at first, I thought they were too weak. Then I got deleted by some of them and my opinion of them changed. The problem here was there was a space missing, that’s when Roll showed up and added a new one. Which lead to the revelation that Mayl had seen Lan enter the secret passage in front of the school, and that she had been the one to tell the others that Lan needed their help. Well, that was the last door. Now Lan just had to jack Megaman out and they could defeat WWW once and for all. It’s too bad that he can’t do that, because…

Mega Man Battle Network #122 Mega Man Battle Network #123

Poof! Just like magic, Magicman.EXE appears! He is WWW’s right hand Net Navi, and he is one tough customer. I still have not defeated him. After I had died four times, I decided that that was a good time to stop. So, next time on Megaman Battle Network, will I be able to move past Magicman? Or am I doomed to remain stuck at this boss forever? I hope not-I’d like to finish this game.

Well, that’s all for now. Later.