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Info # 9

In this next chapter of Trainer Strawberry, Pepper and Strawberry head to the Pokemon Trainer School. While they’re at the school, they run into a familiar face, and they get directions too.

Anyway, I’ll probably put this at the bottom of the chapter as well, but do you guys think I should try to be a little more to the point, or do you like the way I’m writing Trainer Strawberry right now? Also, I’m still taking requests for what I should play next, so if there’s a game you want me to play, leave a comment with the name of the game. The game you request could be the next one I play! The only restriction is that I do not play FPS games. Anyway, I hope you like the next chapter of Trainer Strawberry!


Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 10

“Nurse Joy! Nurse Joy!” I called as I burst through the front doors of the Pokemon Center. Zip and I had ran as fast as we could to get here in time.

“Yes, what seems to be the problem?” Nurse Joy asked from behind a counter directly in front of the door.

“Please, Nurse Joy, you have to help my Poochyena,” I begged as I glanced down at Pepper, whom I held in my arms.

“Chansey, come quickly!” Nurse Joy called urgently as she took Pepper from my arms and dashed into a room. Chansey soon followed, then the doors closed, and a red light that was over the door started glowing.

“Well, Zip, I guess all we can do now is wait,” I said to the little raccoon as we both walked towards the seats and sat down. Suddenly, the rest of my Pokemon came out of their Pokeballs. At first they seemed confused, then Zip explained what had happened. They all looked surprised. Then their expression changed into a look of worry. Well, Caso didn’t look worried, but he didn’t look too hateful at the moment, so I guess that’s his way of looking worried. “Don’t worry, guys. Pepper will be okay, you’ll see,” I said as reassuringly as I could.

Now if only I could believe that. Why did I have to send Pepper out in that battle?

Suddenly, the words of the old lady that gave Pepper to me rushed to my mind.

Pepper will always be there for you. So, you just make sure you’re always there for her.

That was when I realized: I had been taking Pepper for granted. I hadn’t been noticing her as much as I probably should have. I had been paying attention to the things going on around me, which usually meant I didn’t notice her. I then remembered all the things my brain had previously thought of as unimportant information.

Pepper being as excited as I was when I caught Zip. She jumped up and down while barking happily to show her excitement.

Pepper being amused by Caso and Zip when we went to the costume shop in Oldale. She made a noise that sounded like laughter.

Pepper being confused by Scott. She sat down at my feet and looked up at me as though she was looking for an explanation to his behavior.

Pepper encouraging Wally while he tried to catch his first Pokemon. She sat next to me while we watched him.

Pepper being angry when Norman turned down our challenge. She growled at him, her neck fur was bristling, and her ears were pinned back as we walked out of the Gym.

Pepper being weirded out by the Devon Researcher. She stood between me and the Team Aqua Member as though she would attack if he got any closer.

And now that I thought about it, Pepper seemed a little hesitant to fight that Nincada.

I’m sorry, Pepper. I should have paid more attention to you. Then I would have noticed that you didn’t want to fight that Nincada. I guess I wasn’t there for you. But, even though we had only known each other for a few days, you were there for me. Thank you. When you get better, I’ll try my best to repay the favor. But not as someone who thinks it’s their duty to repay a debt, but as a friend who wants the best for their friends. Just make sure you get better, okay?

*A few hours later*

Nurse Joy walked out of the room, with Chansey pushing a stretcher not far behind her. My Pokemon and I looked at Nurse Joy expectantly.

“I have some good news. Your Poochyena is going to be just fine,” She smiled.

My Pokemon and I gave a happy gasp while we all turned to look at each other. Then we turned back to Nurse Joy. “That’s great news!” I said happily.

“You’ll have to stay here for the night, however. Even though your Poochyena is going to be okay, she still needs some rest.”

“Okay. Thanks, Nurse Joy. When can we go see her?”

“You can go see her now. Just make sure that you don’t get too loud.”

“We’ll make sure that we’re quiet, Nurse Joy. Come on, guys. Let’s go see Pepper!” We all got up and dashed off in the direction the Chansey had taken Pepper.


Info. And there you have it, the tenth chapter of Trainer Strawberry! I actually had to rewrite part of this chapter. I had wrote up to the part where it moves up a few hours, then my computer ran into an error and restarted. The last time I had saved my progress was about the middle of the chapter. So, I had to rewrite the memories of Pepper. Joy.

Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 9

I wonder if there’s any more wierdos in these woods.

Once the Team Aqua member and the Devon Researcher were out of sight, Zip popped out of his Pokeball.

“Huh? What’s the matter Zip?” I asked while the little raccoon sniffed the air. Next thing I knew, he dashed into a bush right next to the path. A few seconds later, he re-emerged with a great ball in his mouth. “Oh, wow! Good job, Zip. You found a great ball.”

“Zig, Zigzagoon,” He said happily as I took the great ball from him and stroked him.

“Alright, let’s get a move on. Zip, return!” I held out his Pokeball as he returned to it. “Come along, Pepper. Maybe if we hurry, we’ll get out of these woods before nightfall.” Pepper barked in agreement, and we went back to walking the same way we had been before being interrupted by those weirdos.

*Later, still in the woods*

“This must be my lucky day! I’ve found a Pokemon Trainer. Time to battle,” A young sounding voice that I had never heard before said.

I turned to where the voice had come from. It belonged to a Bug Catcher. “Challenge Accepted. Bring it on!” I replied as we both got ready to battle.

“That’s what I like to hear. Go, Nincada!”

“Nincada.” the bug called as it emerged. I stared at it for a few seconds, I had never seen a Nincada before. It was kinda cute.

“Hey, what’s the hold up? Hurry up and send out your Pokemon!” the impatient Bug Catcher yelled.

“Alright, alright. I’m working on it!” I yelled back. “Go get ’em, Pepper!” Pepper ran forward and barked.

“Haha. A Poochyena? You’re new at this aren’t you?”

Now he’s saying I’m weak? That’s even worse than Norman turning me down! I’ll show him!

“Pepper use Tackle!” Pepper charged and hit the Nincada.

“I was hoping you would do that. Nincada use Leech Life!”

“Nincada!” It shouted as one of its front claws turned a light green color. The claw seemed to glow.

“Pepper, get out of there!” I yelled. But it was too late. The attack hit Pepper dead on, sending her flying back. She landed on the ground and didn’t get back up. “Pepper? Pepper! You’ve got to get up!” I shouted as I ran to her.

“You really didn’t know? Bug-type attacks are super effective against Dark-types like Poochyena.”

“They are?” I asked, kinda dazed. I looked at Pepper as I held her in my arms. Suddenly Norman’s words came to my head.

Your Pokemon aren’t strong enough yet. If I battle you now, there’s a chance your Pokemon might die in the battle. I don’t know about you, but I would have a hard time dealing with that.

No. How could I let this happen?

“Hey, come on! If you don’t send out another Pokemon soon, you’ll have to forfeit. On second thought, just go ahead and give up. There’s no way you can win,” He taunted me.

“I’m not going to give up,” I said as I stood up, still holding Pepper in my arms. “I have to win. For Pepper. Go, Zip!”

“Zigzagoon!” Zip cried happily as he came out of his Pokeball. All of his excitement faded when he turned around and saw me Pepper. “Zagoon?”

“It’s up to you now, Zip. Show ’em what you’re made of. Use Headbutt!” I ordered. Zip charged forward with purpose.

“Nincada dodge it!” His Pokemon jumped in the air at his command, causing Zip to just barely miss his mark.

“Zip, jump in the air and use Headbutt again!” Zip jumped high into the air and started diving down toward the Nincada. This time he didn’t miss, and the Nincada was sent crashing back down to the ground.

“Nincada return! Aw man, I thought for sure I’d win,” He sighed as he walked away.

“Good job, Zip,” I said as the little Raccoon walked toward me. He looked at Pepper, then up at me. He was clearly concerned.

“Zigzagoon!” He said determinedly, suddenly he ran forward on the path a little way. Then he turned around to see if I got the message.

“You’re right! Maybe it’s not too late! There should be a Pokemon Center in the next town. If we hurry, they might be able to save Pepper! I hope the town isn’t to far away…” The two of us took off running. We didn’t really know where we were going, but we hoped the path would take us there.

Hang in there, Pepper.


Info. Ooh, a cliff hanger. I wonder what’s going to happen? Oh yeah, that’s right. I already know.

Info #7

Time for chapter 9 of TS! There’s a little drama in this chapter, but I’m not going to tell you why. Anyway, Strawberry and the gang are still in the woods, which are full of bugs! The gang is still on the way to the next town, but the way there isn’t going to be as smooth as they thought it would be. Will they all make it there alright?

How’s that for a chapter introduction? I think it still needs work, but hopefully I’ll get good at it soon. Anyway, the new Professor Layton game comes out tomorrow! Who’s excited? I’m super excited. I’m gonna get to play a new Professor Layton game! PROFESSOR LAYTON!!!!!!!!!

I must calm down. Okay, I’m a little calmer now. Not.

Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 8

“What do you mean you won’t battle me?!” I shouted in surprise. I had returned to the Gym to request a battle, but I had been turned down.

“I mean I won’t battle you,” the Gym Leader named Norman replied. “Your Pokemon aren’t strong enough yet. If I battle you now, there’s a chance your Pokemon might die in the battle. I don’t know about you, but I would have a hard time dealing with that. But, if you come back when you’re stronger, I’d be happy to battle with you.”

“Oh, you bet I’ll be back when I’m stronger. You’ll see, Norman. My Pokemon and I will defeat you someday. And when that day comes, you’ll see that we’re more than a match for you. Come on, Pepper. Let’s go.” Pepper barked in agreement as we turned around to leave.

I can’t believe this! I thought Gym Leaders had to accept every challenge they received. Then Norman goes and tells me that I’m too weak to challenge him. He might as well tell me that I shouldn’t be a trainer! Well, I’ll show him. Just you wait, Norman. We’ll make you eat those words.

*On Route 104*

“That’s it, Aqua! Keep it up!” I shouted encouragingly. Since Norman turned us down, we decided to do some training on Route 104. Everyone else had finished their training, the only who hadn’t finished yet was Aqua.

“Maaaaaaarrrrrrrrill!” Aqua exclaimed as a steady flow of water shot from her mouth.

“Whoa! Aqua, you just learned Water Gun. That’s great!”

“Marill, Marill!” Aqua jumped up and down happily. When she stopped jumping she turned toward me, “Marill, Marill?”

“Hahaha. Okay, Aqua. You can have some ham sammiches now. Come on, guys. The rest of you can have some too,” I called to my other Pokemon as I dug the sammiches out of my backpack.

After we ate, I returned my Pokemon to their Pokeballs. Then Pepper and I started walking towards the woods that were between us and the next town. We were about half-way through the woods when some weird bussiness guy walked up.

“Excuse me, have you by chance seen any Shroomish around here? You see, I came to these woods during my break to see one, but I can’t find them anywhere. It’s a shame really – I love Shroomish so much. The way they walk on their stubby, little legs. The way the wiggle when they move…” The wierdo went on and on about Shroomish.

Either this guy seriously has some love life issues, or I need to get ready to have my ear talked off.

“What about you? Don’t you think Shroomish are just the greatest?” He asked as he suddenly got right in my face.

“I-I’m sorry, but, who are you?” I asked while I tried to restrain from punching him in the face.

“Oh, right, sorry. I am a Devon Researcher. I was on my way back to Devon when I remembered that Shroomish live in these woods.”

“Well, I haven’t seen any Shroomish, but I hope you find some soon.” Suddenly Pepper turned and started growling. “What’s the matter, girl?”

“There you are! I’ve been waiting for you,” A voice I didn’t recognize said as the person it belonged to ran up.

Great. Another weirdo.

“Hand over those papers now, and nobody gets hurt!” The newcomer demanded.

“No! Devon needs these documents. Who do you think you are anyway?!”

“I’m the Team Aqua member that’s going to take those documents off your hands, that’s who I think I am.”

“Back off!” I demanded as I side-stepped to stand between the Weird-Shroomish-Guy and the Weird-Documenting-Taking-Theif. “You’ll have to go through me first.”

“Alright. This won’t take long. Go, Poochyena!”

“Go, Caso!”

“Poochyena use Tackle!”

“Dodge it, and counter attack with Water Gun!”

“Mud, Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud!” Caso shot a steady flow of water from his mouth, blasting the Poochyena and causing it to crash into its trainer.

“I-I won’t forget this!” My opponent shouted as he returned his Pokemon and ran away like the coward he was.

“Good. Maybe that’ll keep you from trying to take something that doesn’t belong to you!” I called after him. I then turned toward the Devon Researcher. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, thank you. Oh my gosh! Look at the time! I’m going to be late! Thanks again,” He said hurriedly as he shook my hand. “Got to go. Bye!” Then he was gone. Gone like the wind.

“Later,” I said quietly, still dazed by what had just happened. “Well, I guess we should get going too. You did great Caso.”

“Mud, Mud, Mudkip.” Caso replied proudly. He acted like there was never any question of if he would win or not.

“Return!” I said while holding out Caso’s Pokeball. After he went in in the red light, Pepper and I continued walking through the woods.

Well, defeating that Team Aqua guy was easy enough. Soon, we’ll prove to Norman that we’re stronger than he thinks!


Info. I can’t wait till I get to fight Norman, he’s gonna get it. LOL I’m just kidding. I’m not really mad. Have you ever played Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald? What was your reaction to getting turned down by Norman? If you haven’t played Pokemon R/S/E, what is your reaction to Norman in this fanfic?

Info #6

Here comes chapter eight of TS! In this chapter, Strawberry and team start out on Route 104 in order to prove themselves. On the way, they run into a little trouble with a Team Aqua member! I hope you enjoy this next chapter. (I really need to work on thinking of more stuff to put in these “Info” posts.)

Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 7

The front doors of the Petalburg Gym slid open. As Pepper and I walked through them, I looked around, taking everything in. Actually, there wasn’t a lot to take in, the Gym only had one room. In the middle of the room stood a guy whom I assumed was the Gym Leader.

Well, this is easy.

Suddenly a green haired boy barged in front of me, and walked up to the Leader.

“Hey! I was here first!” I yelled. But the boy didn’t seem to hear me.

“E-excuse me, Mister Norman, Sir. I-I was wondering if you could teach me how to catch a Pokemon? You s-see I’ll be moving to Verdanturf soon, because of my health. And I thought that maybe if I had a Pokemon to take with me, I wouldn’t be so lonely when I got there,” the boy said nervously.

“Hmm. Would you mind telling me your name?” the Leader whose name was apparently Norman asked.

“I-it’s Wally, Sir.”

“Wally-sir, huh? What an interesting name,” Norman smiled. “Well, Wally-,sir I would love to help you out. But unfortunately I have a meeting soon that I absolutely can not miss. I’m sorry.”

The young boy looked down at the floor, clearly disappointed. “O-okay. I understand.” He turned around to leave, when I suddenly felt this strong urge to help him out myself.

“Wait just a minute, uh… Wally-sir! I’ll help you out.” I declared as I threw my hand in the air like I actually had good sense.

“Really?! By the way, my name’s just Wally,” green haired boy looked hopeful, but he also looked like he was prepared to be turned down again.

“Of course I’ll help you out, Just Wally,” I giggled at the poor joke I had just made. Hey, if no one else was going to laugh at it, I was. “What kind of Pokemon Trainer would I be if I didn’t help another fellow Trainer out?”

“Thanks a bunch, girl-who-can’t-get-my-name-right. It really means a lot to me.”

“No problem. By the way, my name’s Strawberry. And that’s how you do an introduction correctly so that no one is confused as to what your name is. Anyway, here,” I reached him one of my Pokeballs from my backpack, “You can borrow Zip here to help you catch your first Pokemon.”

“Wow. A real Pokemon,” he said as he stared at the Pokeball, poor kid acted like Pokemon were something out of a cartoon, or video game, or something. Didn’t he know that all he had to do was step outside his door and he would see Pokemon everywhere? “Thanks again, Strawberry. Now, let me try your first lesson. It’s nice to meet you. My name is Wally.”

“That’s a better introduction,” I nodded my head in approval. “Come on, we won’t find any wild Pokemon here in this Gym. We’ll have to go to Route 102.”


*At Route 102*

“Alright, do you think you can remember everything I told you?” I asked Wally after I had explained to him how to catch a Pokemon.

“I-I think so,” he said uncertainly.

“Alright then! Get out there and find some Pokemon.”

Wally started looking for some Pokemon. Not too long after he started searching, he found a Pokemon I had never seen before. It was small, and was white with a green head that sorta resembled a hat that had two red things sticking out of it.

“O-okay. Go, Zip! Use Tackle!” Wally shouted as he threw Zip’s Pokeball.

“Zigzagoon!” Zip shouted as he emerged from his Pokeball, he then quickly attacked the wild Pokemon with Headbutt. “Ziiiiiiiig, Zagoon!”

“Raaaaallllllts!” the Pokemon exclaimed in surprise as Headbutt hit.

“Okay, now it’s been weakened. Go, Pokeball!” Wally threw the Pokeball I gave him at the Pokemon. It shook once, twice, three times, and it was caught. “I did it! I caught my first Pokemon!” he shouted happily as he ran to pick up the Pokeball containing his newly caught Pokemon.

“Good job, Wally,” I said happily. “Now there’s a few more things you need to remember.”

“Oh, yeah? What?”

“First, you need to remember that Pokemon are friends, not tools you can use to get what you want, so you always need to treat them as such. Second, you need to remember to try to be more confident. If you’re confident your Pokemon will be confident, and you’ll be surprised by what you can do.”

“Thanks. I’ll be sure to remember that. Welp, I’d better get going. My parents are probably starting to wonder where I am. Thanks again, Strawberry. Bye!”

“Later, Wally!” I waved as the kid dashed back into town. “You did great Zip,” I said as I petted the little raccoon. “Return.”

“Zig, Zigzagoon.” Zip replied as he returned to his Pokeball in a red light.

Pepper and I walked back to Petalburg City, maybe now I could have that Gym battle.


Info. I have something to say, and it may seem kind of weird, but… Pokemon are friends. Not food.

Info #5

Alright! Here comes chapter 7 of Trainer Strawberry! In this chapter, Strawberry meets Wally, a new Pokemon Trainer that I honestly didn’t think I’d get enough material from to make a whole chapter. Like, seriously, in my notes all I have is “Re-entered Petalburg City”, “Went to Gym”, and “Helped Wally”. That was it. And it turned out that “Helped Wally” ended up making a whole chapter! I hope you enjoy it!


Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 6

*Still on Route 102*
“Okay Zip, use headbutt!” I instructed the raccoon that was facing a tree. We had been training so he could use his new move better. Caso and Pepper, both sitting in the shade of a nearby tree, watched.

“Ziiiiiiiiggg, Zagoon!” Zip called his he attacked the tree with Headbutt. The impact caused some Seedots who were in the tree to fall. We all watched as they scurried away on the stubby, little legs faster than anyone would ever think they could.

“Good job, Zip! Okay, why don’t you take a rest in the shade. Caso, your turn.” The little mudfish pretended to not hear me. “Ooooh, I see how it is. Too scared to train because you’re afraid you’re not as good as Zip, huh?”

“Mud, Mudkip!” Caso jumped up angerly at that remark.

“Well, come on, then.” Reluctantly, he walked over and faced the tree. After we had trained for a while, I started to notice that Caso was getting stronger. “You’re doing great, Caso.”

“Kip, Mud, Mud.” He said as he stuck his nose in the air proudly.

“See? If you would just listen to me, you’d probably be a lot stronger by now.”

“Muuuuuddd, Kiiiiiiiiiiipp!” At that, the blue dude turned around quickly in my direction and shot a steady flow of water from his mouth, hitting me right in the face.

“Grr. What is it with you and hitting my face?!” I shouted, then the realization of what had just happened started to sink in. “Wait. Caso, did you just learn a new attack?!” I asked as I pulled out my Pokedex. “Yes you did! According to this it’s called ‘Water Gun’.
That’s so cool, Caso!” I looked back up at Caso, but he wasn’t there. “Huh? Where did you go?” I turned to Pepper and Zip, there was Caso, lying in the shade as though nothing important had happened. I giggled at the sight. “Okay, okay. You’ve earned a rest. Come on, Pepper. It’s your turn.” Pepper jumped up, barking twice excitedly, and walked over to face the tree.

After we had finished training, we decided to eat our lunch of ham sammiches and get back on the road. After walking a little longer, we reached a new town. Well, actually, it was more like a city. According to a sign placed just outside the city, it was called Petalburg City. We all took our first step confidently. And why not? After all, Caso was at level 11, and Pepper and Zip were at level 10.

“Okay, guys. Be on the look out. There should be a Gym around here somewhere.” I said as we all turned our heads side to side, looking for the Gym. Suddenly Pepper stopped and barked. “Do you see it, girl?” Pepper nodded and pointed to a building not far from where we were.

So that’s what a Pokemon Gym looks like. It’s bigger than I though it would be.

We all ran up to the Gym excitedly. When we got close, however, we noticed a sign on the door that said “Closed. Will re-open in one hour.”

“Aw, man. This Gym is closed.” I said disappointedly. Looking at my Pokemon, I could see that they were just as disappointed as I was. “Well, I guess there’s nothing we can do about it. Hows about we go check out the next Route while we wait? Who knows, maybe we’ll make a new friend.” Everyone seemed pleased by that idea, except Caso, but I had gotten used to that by now.

*On Route 104 – Caso and Zip are back in their Pokeballs*
“Oh, wow! There’s a beach here!” I exclaimed as we looked out at the sea. That’s when I spotted something blue lying on the beach. Something blue and round. “Hey, what’s that?” I asked no one in particular.

When we walked over, I realized it was a Pokemon. It didn’t seem to notice us, instead it just kept lying there. Alarmed, Pepper barked.

Oh, no! What do I do? It must be hurt!

After thinking/panicking for a little while, I decided to see if it was maybe just hungry.

“Here, uh…” I pulled out my Pokedex to see what Pokemon it was. “…Marill. Do you want a ham sammich?”

The blue-water-rodent-thing moved slightly, then it jumped up, grabbed the sammich, and wolfed it down.

“I guess you were hungry. Well, it looks like you’re fine now. Later.” I said as the little thing ate, like, ten sandwiches that I just happened to have. I stood up, turned, and started walking off with Pepper close behind. As we walked, I noticed an extra set of footsteps. When I turned around, I found out who the footsteps belonged to, it was the Marill with an infinite love of ham sammiches. “Don’t tell me you’re still hungry.”

“Marill, Marill.” The little blue Pokemon seemed super happy that I noticed it.

“Hey, now. You’ve gotta stop following me. I’m sure your friends are worried about you. You should head back to them.”

“Mar, Marill.” The Pokemon shook its head and stared at me with a determined look.

“Wait…are you saying you want to come with us?” Marill nodded its head. “Okay, then.” I laid a Pokeball on the ground. Marill eagerly jumped in the Pokeball. The Pokeball shook one time, then it clicked.

“Got’cha! Marill was caught!” my Pokedex exclaimed happily.

“Alright, come back out, Marill! Caso, Zip, you guys come on out too!” I said as I threw the three Pokeballs.

“Marill, Marill!” Marill exclaimed happily.

“Mud, Mudkip!” Caso said as he emerged from his Pokeball.

“Zigzagoon!” Zip called as he appeared in a white light.

“Okay, Marill, you need a nickname. How’s about… Aqua?” I suggested.

“Marill, Marill!” Aqua jumped around happily. I think the only thing that would have made her happier would be if I had named her ham sammich.

“Alright, Aqua meet Caso, Zip, and Pepper. Guys, meet Aqua.” All of the Pokemon, except Caso, greeted each other happily. Caso tried to act cool while he greeted Aqua. “Well, I guess we should head back to Petalburg City. Return!” Caso, Zip, and Aqua returned to their Pokeballs in the familiar red light. After they were in their Pokeballs, Pepper and I started walking back to the city.

I can’t wait to take on the Gym. I wonder what kind of Pokemon the Gym Leader has?

Pokemon met this chapter: Aqua, female, jolly nature


Info. Well, here we are at the end of chapter six! What do you awesome readers think of the story so far?