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Astro Boy Book One and Two Volume Edition Review

Astro Boy 1

Astro Boy is written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka. And published by Kobunsha and Kodansha in Japan. And published in English by Madman Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics.

Astro Boy is a manga series that revolves around a robot built by Dr. Tenma and modeled after his sadly deceased son. At first Tenma is happy with Astro, but for some reason soon comes to despise him. After Tenma kicks him out, and a few other events occur that I won’t mention, Astro goes on fantastic adventures and saves the day on more than one occasion. This volume edition contains several of Tezuka’s original illustrations.

The art was exactly as I expected it to be, amazing. There is a reason why Tezuka’s known as the godfather of manga. However, I did notice a couple of mistakes. For example, sometimes Astro would have his boots, but in the next panel they would disappear. This wasn’t really a problem for me, though, it was just something I noticed.

The storyline was also just as amazing as I expected. There were certain points of the stories that I found particularly creative. For example, there was a torture device in one story that looked like a cube and was filled with balls of polyester. The bad guys would put someone in it and fill the cube with water, thus expanding the balls of polyester and crushing the victim. But, as stated by the bad guys, it’s okay because it’s just a comic strip.

Anyway, I definitely recommend¬†Astro Boy if you haven’t already checked it out. It is really worth the read. And hopefully I’ll get better at reviewing comic books and manga in the future so I’ll have more to say about them.