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Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 18

Before heading back to Rustboro, Pepper and I decided to go back into the cave to make sure all the Pokemon in it were okay. As we entered the cave, I noticed something purple hiding behind a stalagmite. I stood still while I tried to figure out what the purple thing was. When it didn’t hear any movement, it poked its head out from behind the stalagmite. It looked like a chubby, purple rabbit with yellow ear tips.

Cool, a new Pokemon! I’m gonna catch it!

I looked at Pepper, and nodded toward the Pokemon. Pepper must have just been waiting for the command, because as soon as it was given, she charged toward the Pokemon and used “Bite”. The Pokemon was too surprised to move, and the attack became a direct hit. Once the Pokemon had fallen over from the force of the attack, I threw a Pokeball at it, then waited until it stopped shaking. My Pokedex then informed me that the Pokemon was a Whismur.

“Gotcha! Whismur was caught!” I sent the newly caught Pokemon back out. “Okay, the Pokedex says that your cries equal a jet plane in volume. So, how’s about I call you Echo?”

“Whis, Whismur.” The Pokemon quietly replied. I guessed that meant it was okay with that name, but it was hard to tell.

“Umm, well, okay. Let’s return the stolen Devon Goods. Okay, Pepper?” I asked my canine companion as I returned Echo to his Pokeball. Pepper nodded her head in agreement, she also seemed to not be quite sure how to respond to the quiet answer of Echo.

*Later, back at Rustboro*

Pepper and I headed toward the Devon building when we were stopped by a slightly familiar voice yelling at us.

“Hey!,” The Devon Researcher Man called as he waved his hand in the air, trying to get our attention, “Did you get the stolen goods back?”

“Yeah, we have them right here.” I yelled back. The man ran over to make sure the goods were still in good condition.

“This is wonderful! Come on, you simply must come to the Devon Building so we can properly thank you!”

I followed the Devon Researcher Man into the building, he lead me to the third floor. He then pointed to a chair and told me to wait there, the man then disappeared to parts unknown. Pepper jumped into my lap once I had sat down.

“I’m back, thanks for waiting.” The Devon Man said cheerfully when he came back after what had seemed like hours. “Here, take this as a token of my gratitude.” He said as he handed me a Great Ball.

I gave a slight bow as I accepted the item, I had heard that bowing was a polite gesture somewhere-or-another, and it seemed appropriate for the occasion. I then turned to leave when the man stopped me.

“Wait just a second. I have a favor to ask. Do you think you could deliver this package to Capt. Stern at Slateport’s Shipyard? You can? Great!” The man shoved the package into my hands before I could object, it was the same stolen goods I had just recovered, I guess the poor guy didn’t want to risk running into more bad luck and being unable to deliver it. “Also, the president would like to speak to you. Please follow me.” The man then headed toward some stairs, with Pepper and I following close behind.

“Well, hello there.” A man sitting behind a desk said as we entered the room. He had white, slightly spikey hair, kind but stern eyes, and he wore a white shirt with a bluish-greenish tie underneath a blue suit with some black stripes on it. His desk was surprisingly tidy, and on it sat a white hat with a gray band around it. “I’m Mr. Stone, the President of the Devon Corporation. I’d just got word about you! You saved our staff not just once, but twice! I have a favor to ask of an amazing person like you. I understand that you’re delivering a package to Slateport’s Shipyard. Well, on the way, could you stop off in Dewford Town? I was hoping that you’d deliver a Letter to Steven in Dewford.”

“Umm, yeah, sure.” I replied, I was surprised that Mr. Stone was actually giving me a choice in the matter. So far, it had seemed like everyone I met on my journey didn’t ask if I wanted to help or not, they all just seemed to expect my help, even if I had never met them before. And this guy was actually asking for my help, giving me the option of if I wanted to help him or not. That wasn’t exactly what I was expecting from the president of a company as big as Devon.

“Really? Well, you should know that I am a great President. So, I’d never be so cheap as to ask a favor for nothing in return. That’s why I want you to have this!” He handed me a strange device that I had never seen before.

I assumed that this was a new device that had just come out, but just because I had never seen it before didn’t mean it was new. While I was moving, I got a little behind on technology, so it wouldn’t surprise me if almost every Pokemon Trainer had one of these devices. Not knowing what to say, and not wanting to admit that I had no idea what the device was, I bowed in gratitude, just as I had done when the Devon Researcher Man gave me a Great Ball.

“That device… It’s a Pokémon Navigator, or PokéNav for short. It’s an indispensable tool for any Trainer on an adventure. It has a map of the Hoenn region. You can check the locations of Dewford and Slateport easily!” He explained, seeming to sense my confusion, “By the way, I’ve heard that sinister criminals—Magma and Aqua, I believe—have been making trouble far and wide. I think it would be best if you rested up before you go on your way.”

“I’ve heard of Team Aqua before, they’re the ones who attacked your staff and stole some of your company’s goods. But, I’ve never heard of this Team Magma that you mentioned, who are they?”

“They’re Team Aqua’s arch enemies. You see, while Team Aqua wants to expand the oceans in hopes that it will help restore the Pokemon of the world’s habitats, Team Magma wants to expand the world’s land mass, so life will be easier for humans.”

“How are they going to do that?”

“I’m not sure. All I know is that both of them need to be stopped. If either one of them succeeds, they will disrupt the balance of this world, and who knows what the consequences will be.”

“That just means I’ll have to do everything in my power to stop them!” I said as I turned to leave. “Thanks for the Pokenav, Mr. Stone. I’ll be sure to deliver the letter and the package for you.”

“Well, then, Strawberry, go with caution and care!”

I nodded as I left the room.

Team Aqua and Team Magma. What could they be thinking?!

Pokemon met this chapter: Echo, male, quiet nature


Whoa, a new chapter of Trainer Strawberry?! What is happening?! Haha, yes, at long last, I have written another chapter of Trainer Strawberry. No, your eyes do not deceive you. Just as a side note, it’s been so long since I wrote a chapter for Trainer Strawberry, that I had no idea what any of my notes meant. Like, seriously, I had to get Dino to help me translate them. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and I hope it was worth the wait (but it probably wasn’t).


Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 8

“What do you mean you won’t battle me?!” I shouted in surprise. I had returned to the Gym to request a battle, but I had been turned down.

“I mean I won’t battle you,” the Gym Leader named Norman replied. “Your Pokemon aren’t strong enough yet. If I battle you now, there’s a chance your Pokemon might die in the battle. I don’t know about you, but I would have a hard time dealing with that. But, if you come back when you’re stronger, I’d be happy to battle with you.”

“Oh, you bet I’ll be back when I’m stronger. You’ll see, Norman. My Pokemon and I will defeat you someday. And when that day comes, you’ll see that we’re more than a match for you. Come on, Pepper. Let’s go.” Pepper barked in agreement as we turned around to leave.

I can’t believe this! I thought Gym Leaders had to accept every challenge they received. Then Norman goes and tells me that I’m too weak to challenge him. He might as well tell me that I shouldn’t be a trainer! Well, I’ll show him. Just you wait, Norman. We’ll make you eat those words.

*On Route 104*

“That’s it, Aqua! Keep it up!” I shouted encouragingly. Since Norman turned us down, we decided to do some training on Route 104. Everyone else had finished their training, the only who hadn’t finished yet was Aqua.

“Maaaaaaarrrrrrrrill!” Aqua exclaimed as a steady flow of water shot from her mouth.

“Whoa! Aqua, you just learned Water Gun. That’s great!”

“Marill, Marill!” Aqua jumped up and down happily. When she stopped jumping she turned toward me, “Marill, Marill?”

“Hahaha. Okay, Aqua. You can have some ham sammiches now. Come on, guys. The rest of you can have some too,” I called to my other Pokemon as I dug the sammiches out of my backpack.

After we ate, I returned my Pokemon to their Pokeballs. Then Pepper and I started walking towards the woods that were between us and the next town. We were about half-way through the woods when some weird bussiness guy walked up.

“Excuse me, have you by chance seen any Shroomish around here? You see, I came to these woods during my break to see one, but I can’t find them anywhere. It’s a shame really – I love Shroomish so much. The way they walk on their stubby, little legs. The way the wiggle when they move…” The wierdo went on and on about Shroomish.

Either this guy seriously has some love life issues, or I need to get ready to have my ear talked off.

“What about you? Don’t you think Shroomish are just the greatest?” He asked as he suddenly got right in my face.

“I-I’m sorry, but, who are you?” I asked while I tried to restrain from punching him in the face.

“Oh, right, sorry. I am a Devon Researcher. I was on my way back to Devon when I remembered that Shroomish live in these woods.”

“Well, I haven’t seen any Shroomish, but I hope you find some soon.” Suddenly Pepper turned and started growling. “What’s the matter, girl?”

“There you are! I’ve been waiting for you,” A voice I didn’t recognize said as the person it belonged to ran up.

Great. Another weirdo.

“Hand over those papers now, and nobody gets hurt!” The newcomer demanded.

“No! Devon needs these documents. Who do you think you are anyway?!”

“I’m the Team Aqua member that’s going to take those documents off your hands, that’s who I think I am.”

“Back off!” I demanded as I side-stepped to stand between the Weird-Shroomish-Guy and the Weird-Documenting-Taking-Theif. “You’ll have to go through me first.”

“Alright. This won’t take long. Go, Poochyena!”

“Go, Caso!”

“Poochyena use Tackle!”

“Dodge it, and counter attack with Water Gun!”

“Mud, Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud!” Caso shot a steady flow of water from his mouth, blasting the Poochyena and causing it to crash into its trainer.

“I-I won’t forget this!” My opponent shouted as he returned his Pokemon and ran away like the coward he was.

“Good. Maybe that’ll keep you from trying to take something that doesn’t belong to you!” I called after him. I then turned toward the Devon Researcher. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, thank you. Oh my gosh! Look at the time! I’m going to be late! Thanks again,” He said hurriedly as he shook my hand. “Got to go. Bye!” Then he was gone. Gone like the wind.

“Later,” I said quietly, still dazed by what had just happened. “Well, I guess we should get going too. You did great Caso.”

“Mud, Mud, Mudkip.” Caso replied proudly. He acted like there was never any question of if he would win or not.

“Return!” I said while holding out Caso’s Pokeball. After he went in in the red light, Pepper and I continued walking through the woods.

Well, defeating that Team Aqua guy was easy enough. Soon, we’ll prove to Norman that we’re stronger than he thinks!


Info. I can’t wait till I get to fight Norman, he’s gonna get it. LOL I’m just kidding. I’m not really mad. Have you ever played Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald? What was your reaction to getting turned down by Norman? If you haven’t played Pokemon R/S/E, what is your reaction to Norman in this fanfic?