Tario Issue 1 Review


Art and story by Micah Acord. Licensed and published by Micah Acord. Printed by Comix Well Spring.

Tario is an action and adventure comic by Micah Acord, the same guy that made Mr. Creepy. And, just as expected, Tario is just as enjoyable, if not more so. So far, the story follows two adventurers for hire, an anthropomorphic dog named Tario, and his buddy Waymon.

Since this is just the first issue, it’s too soon to really tell how the story will be, but, so far, it seems pretty promising.

The art style resembles a newspaper comic strip, which I’m personally a fan of. The action scenes are pretty appealing, and the glimpse of the villain that we get certainly has me intrigued.

All in all, Tario was a really enjoyable comic, and I’m looking forward to the second issue. I highly recommend it to all you awesome readers.

I’m going to put a few of the pages up and a video from Youtube so all you awesome readers can get a glimpse of Tario.


#06 PAGE 04

#07 PAGE 05


10 thoughts on “Tario Issue 1 Review

    1. Strawberry Post author

      Yeah, let’s hope so! I think you would really like it. I might be wrong, but, based on your reviews, it’s right up your ally of things you like. πŸ™‚


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