Mr. Creepy Review

Creepy Final1

Mr. Creepy is a short comic by Micah Acord

Mr. Creepy is a short comic that I recently had the pleasure of obtaining. It is about a creepy old man whose real name is unknown to everyone in the town, he is simply referred to as Mr. Creepy. One day, a new kid in town decides to try to befriend Mr. Creepy. Well, let’s just say that that didn’t go too well. The comic centers around the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but with an interesting twist.

The storyline was interesting, and does a good job of giving the feeling of being narrated by a kid who witnessed the events that are being retold in the comic, which is who the story is being told by. But what really stood out for me was the artwork. It had a nice, newspaper comic strip look to it that really worked for the story it was telling. And Mr. Creepy’s grin was always consistent, which was a nice touch in my opinion.

Creepy Final3

Creepy Final5


Mr. Creepy is definitely a short comic I would recommend checking out. With its interesting story and amazing artwork, it is completely worth the read. So, yeah, if any of you awesome readers get the chance, you should definitely check it out!



10 thoughts on “Mr. Creepy Review

    1. Strawberry Post author

      Maybe that kid would have succeeded in becoming friends with Mr. Creepy if he brought some ham sammiches. LOL XD

      Sorry to have worried you. Everything’s okay, I just haven’t been as active here lately. Tell Coll I said “HAM SAMMICH!!!!” 🙂

  1. dreager1

    Mr. Creepy definitely seems like a guy to avoid and reminds me of the evil clowns and why people have always been afraid of him. He looks like he shouldn’t be very tough and yet, he’s definitely a very disturbing individual. Solid review Strawberry! I haven’t read an online comic in quite a while, the only one that I’ve been keeping up with has been Dragon Ball Multiverse although I used to read plenty. I should look for some more soon.

    1. Strawberry Post author

      Thanks! Mr. Creepy isn’t an online comic, though. It was a handout at a convention that one of the comic artists had at his stand. But, it’s always a good idea to look for new comics to read! 🙂 Thanks again for checking out my review!

      1. dreager1

        Ah, that’s pretty cool. Always makes the experience of going to a convention worth it. So many nice collectibles to buy and things to score for free. Definitely sounds like it was a fun experience 🙂

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