Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 16

“Help! Someone, please help!” I heard someone shout as Pepper and I made our way to the edge of Rustboro to start heading to the next town.

“I wonder what’s going on? Come on, Pepper, let’s go check it out!” I said as Pepper and I ran in the direction that the shout had come from. It was the Devon Researcher we had met in the forest. “What happened?” I asked as Pepper and I approached.

“That Team Aqua member stole the Devon Goods I was supposed to deliver!” The man wailed.

“Okay, Okay, calm down. Which way did he go?”

“He ran toward Rusturf Tunnel.”

“Alright, don’t worry, we’ll get your stuff back.” Pepper and I raced towards the Tunnel. Or, at least, we raced towards where we thought the tunnel was. It probably would have been a good idea to get directions first, now that I think about it. Oh well, we found it eventually.

“Wait! Don’t go in that cave, Whippersnapper!” A voice suddenly called as Pepper and I were about to enter the tunnel.

“Huh? Why not?” I asked the old man who was the source of the voice.

“Because there’s a bad guy in there. And if you’re not careful he’ll steal your Poochyena like he stole my Peeko!” The old man sobbed as he said the latter part of his sentence.

“Wait, slow down. Who’s Peeko?”

“Peeko is my beloved Wingull. My poor little Peeko, I hope that terrible person isn’t being mean to my precious Peeko…”

“This guy…is he wearing a blue headband?”

“Why, yes. How did you know that? Are the two of you working together?! What have you done with my Peeko?! Answer me!”

“I’m not working with that him! The reason I know he’s wearing a headband is because he stole something from someone else, and I’m trying to catch him so I can return what he stole.”

“Oh. Then in that case… Could you possibly save my precious Peeko for me?” As he made his request his eyes got larger and sparkly-er than I though possible.

“Uh, sure…” I replied, trying to hide the fact that I had been slightly creeped out by his sudden change in behaviour.

“Oh, thank you!” He exclaimed as he hugged me.

“You’re welcome. Just, please, let me go.”

“Oops! Sorry about that, sometimes I get a little carried away.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll be sure to return yourย Peeko as soon as I can.”

I waved goodbye as the old man thanked me again and Pepper and I headed into the tunnel.


Sorry that this chapter is late. I could make an excuse as to why I didn’t get it posted last week, but I really don’t have one. I guess writing is just one of those things that’s hard get into the habit of, and easy to get out of the habit of. Again, I’m really sorry that this is late. I hope you awesome readers enjoyed it, though!

21 thoughts on “Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 16

  1. RosslynB

    I have a Pokรฉmon fanfic up on my friend’s blog. It just doesn’t seem that anybody is reading it :/

    1. Strawberry Post author

      Cool! I tried to find some other fanfics on WordPress for me to read, but I could only find ones in other languages. :/ I’d love to read yours sometime. Do you and your friend share a blog, or do they have a different one?

      1. RosslynB

        I can put it up on my blog. I happen to have a Super Paper Mario fanfic on my blog, so that means I’ll have more that one fanfic in reading on my blog

    1. Strawberry Post author

      That’s a cool name, I’ll definitely name it that! Wait, how did you know I was going to get the Plusle?!

      Congratulations! You just earned the honor of being epic! How does it feel to earn such an honor?

      1. hydrataco

        The Tags :]
        Since you recently finished Pokemon would you like to battle sometime I’m building new teams and training more competitive sets- One of the tags said “whoever reads this first” Than later says “Name Plusle”

      2. Strawberry Post author

        Sorry, but I’m still not very interested in wifi stuff.

        Oh! I completely forgot about that! Thanks for reminding me! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Strawberry Post author

      Yeah, it was in the last chapter. I’m glad you read the tags, I put some random ones on each post just to see if people read them. ๐Ÿ™‚


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