What’s this, an OC?!

Betaman 2

This is my Megaman Battle Network OC, Betaman. Usually referred to as just Beta. I started this picture a while back, so if I were to redraw it, it might look better. But, I’m too lazy to completely restart a picture just to see if it will look any better. This is the frontal view of a reference sheet I’m working on. Of course, whether or not I finish said reference sheet has yet to be seen. Anyway, you can draw him yourself, if you want to. Just make sure you give credit to me for the character design. And leave a comment with a link to the picture when it is done, because I want to see it. Now, for his backstory. He was programmed by an inexperienced programmer who lived in a place where Net Navis were just characters in stories, not programs that actually existed. Beta’s programmer loved the stories about the Net Navis, and thought it would be cool if they were real. So, the programmer set to work programming a Net Navi. Unfortunately, the programmer didn’t have a PET, nor did anyone they knew have one. So, Beta was programmed for a smartphone instead. The programmer was unable to correctly program Beta’s sight and hearing senses, and instead programmed Beta to use the camera on the phone for sight, and to use the internal microphone for hearing. Beta was also programmed to be able to completely operate the phone on his own, meaning he could access all of the apps himself. He also had capabilities like a security system, being able to send out “Scouts” to check for and eliminate viruses. He also has anti-hacking programs that allow him to detect and prevent hackers from hacking into whatever system he is in. The programmer was also unable to program him to use Battle Chips, so they programmed him with some attacks similar to certain Battle Chips. By lifting his arms and bringing them together, Beta can access his Beta Cannon, which looks like a regular Cannon Chip’s cannon, except Beta’s cannon is white, like him. He also has a Beta Sword (which is also white), and when he wants to use two at one time, it is known as a Double Beta Sword. Beta does not have a buster, however. Later on, both Beta and his programmer meet Dr. Hikari, who helps Beta’s programmer slightly reprogram Beta so he can function in a PET, and Dr. Hikari also adds Beta’s sight and hearing programs. For the first time, Beta is able to see what his world looks like, which was something he was previously unable to do, because the phones camera only showed outside the phone, not inside.

Anyway, I have some more pictures for you awesome readers, because I didn’t play Super Mario RPG today, and therefore, will not be making a post about it. Sorry about that. So, let’s see if you can guess who this is. I’ll give you a hint, he appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. I made three versions of this picture for you awesome readers to enjoy.

Neku Sketch 1-2 Neku Sketch 2-2 Neku Sketch 4-2


Yeah, I’m better at headshots than full body pictures. Also, I had meant to put my signature on my previous pictures, but I forgot to do so.


12 thoughts on “What’s this, an OC?!

  1. Ryogagaga

    Wow, I’m.. speechless. This is the best backstory I’ve ever read. The whole details is just- wow, you’re gooooood. AND OHMYGOSH A CUTIE.

    Ugu what a pretty Neku! I really love the way you color. *u*

    1. Strawberry Post author

      Thank you! 😀 He doesn’t look exactly like he does in my head in this picture, but maybe, if I keep practicing, he will someday.

      Thanks again! 😀 I tried to draw and color him as close to the way he looks in the game as possible.

      1. Ryogagaga

        You surely will! Practice makes perfect. (But to be honest, this looks really great.)

        Welcome! You had, but to me he looks closer to the anime than the game, 8D

        Also, sorry for the late reply, I had the roughest week ever. xD

      2. Strawberry Post author

        *Gasps* I just noticed a huge typing error in my comment! :O I meant to say I tried to color him as closely as Megaman looks in game (although technically I used a picture from the anime as reference, so I guess I tried to get closer to the anime). I can’t believe I did that, Beta doesn’t appear in the games. -_-‘

        Don’t worry about it, we all have it rough sometimes. 🙂

      3. Ryogagaga

        Ah it was obvious, I mean I played all the games and if he was there in anyway I’d just point it out immediately. xD

        Thanks! C:

  2. stina

    I know next to nothing about Megaman, but cool OC! The design is nice and streamlined, perfect for a smartphone 😉

    I like the way you color! I’ve never been very good at cel shading like that…I have some kind of compulsion to blend things together ^^;

    1. Strawberry Post author

      Thank you! 🙂 And Beta doesn’t have any of those extra designs on him that other Net Navis have, so he’s easier to draw. 😉

      Thanks again! Wait, I do cel shading? I didn’t know it had a name. I usually just try to guess where the shading and lighting should be, and if it doesn’t look right, I fix it has best as I can. And I like the way you color too! It looks very pretty. I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while, but… What program do you use to draw with?

      1. stina

        Cel shading is what we usually see in anime, where the shadow is one or two colors and very clearly defined. Your coloring is like cel shading in the sense that the edge of the shadow is clear and not blended into the base color 🙂

        For the most part, I use Photoshop to draw! I also like using a free program called Fire Alpaca for certain things like lineart.

      2. Strawberry Post author

        Cool. 🙂 I’m a pretty big anime fan, which is why I use the same shading and lighting method as is used in anime, but I never knew it was called cel shading. Thanks for the cool fact!

        I’ve never heard of Fire Alpaca before, I’ll have to check it out sometime. 🙂 I use an older version of MS Paint. And for animation edits, I use a free program called Gimp. I also used to use Gimp for shading, but I thought that was too tedious with the last few pictures I’ve colored, so I shaded them in MS Paint instead.

      3. stina

        I used to use Gimp too, a few years ago. For a free program it’s a pretty good equivalent to Photoshop, but it also had a bit of a learning curve because of all the features. Fire Alpaca is fairly new and still being developed, so new versions of the program are released pretty frequently. It has a simple toolset, but what I like about it is that it has a freehand line stabilizer, which means that the lines you draw come out looking very smooth.

        I thought maybe you used MS Paint 🙂 Your drawings remind me a bit of pixel art ^^

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