Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 10

“Nurse Joy! Nurse Joy!” I called as I burst through the front doors of the Pokemon Center. Zip and I had ran as fast as we could to get here in time.

“Yes, what seems to be the problem?” Nurse Joy asked from behind a counter directly in front of the door.

“Please, Nurse Joy, you have to help my Poochyena,” I begged as I glanced down at Pepper, whom I held in my arms.

“Chansey, come quickly!” Nurse Joy called urgently as she took Pepper from my arms and dashed into a room. Chansey soon followed, then the doors closed, and a red light that was over the door started glowing.

“Well, Zip, I guess all we can do now is wait,” I said to the little raccoon as we both walked towards the seats and sat down. Suddenly, the rest of my Pokemon came out of their Pokeballs. At first they seemed confused, then Zip explained what had happened. They all looked surprised. Then their expression changed into a look of worry. Well, Caso didn’t look worried, but he didn’t look too hateful at the moment, so I guess that’s his way of looking worried. “Don’t worry, guys. Pepper will be okay, you’ll see,” I said as reassuringly as I could.

Now if only I could believe that. Why did I have to send Pepper out in that battle?

Suddenly, the words of the old lady that gave Pepper to me rushed to my mind.

Pepper will always be there for you. So, you just make sure you’re always there for her.

That was when I realized: I had been taking Pepper for granted. I hadn’t been noticing her as much as I probably should have. I had been paying attention to the things going on around me, which usually meant I didn’t notice her. I then remembered all the things my brain had previously thought of as unimportant information.

Pepper being as excited as I was when I caught Zip. She jumped up and down while barking happily to show her excitement.

Pepper being amused by Caso and Zip when we went to the costume shop in Oldale. She made a noise that sounded like laughter.

Pepper being confused by Scott. She sat down at my feet and looked up at me as though she was looking for an explanation to his behavior.

Pepper encouraging Wally while he tried to catch his first Pokemon. She sat next to me while we watched him.

Pepper being angry when Norman turned down our challenge. She growled at him, her neck fur was bristling, and her ears were pinned back as we walked out of the Gym.

Pepper being weirded out by the Devon Researcher. She stood between me and the Team Aqua Member as though she would attack if he got any closer.

And now that I thought about it, Pepper seemed a little hesitant to fight that Nincada.

I’m sorry, Pepper. I should have paid more attention to you. Then I would have noticed that you didn’t want to fight that Nincada. I guess I wasn’t there for you. But, even though we had only known each other for a few days, you were there for me. Thank you. When you get better, I’ll try my best to repay the favor. But not as someone who thinks it’s their duty to repay a debt, but as a friend who wants the best for their friends. Just make sure you get better, okay?

*A few hours later*

Nurse Joy walked out of the room, with Chansey pushing a stretcher not far behind her. My Pokemon and I looked at Nurse Joy expectantly.

“I have some good news. Your Poochyena is going to be just fine,” She smiled.

My Pokemon and I gave a happy gasp while we all turned to look at each other. Then we turned back to Nurse Joy. “That’s great news!” I said happily.

“You’ll have to stay here for the night, however. Even though your Poochyena is going to be okay, she still needs some rest.”

“Okay. Thanks, Nurse Joy. When can we go see her?”

“You can go see her now. Just make sure that you don’t get too loud.”

“We’ll make sure that we’re quiet, Nurse Joy. Come on, guys. Let’s go see Pepper!” We all got up and dashed off in the direction the Chansey had taken Pepper.


Info. And there you have it, the tenth chapter of Trainer Strawberry! I actually had to rewrite part of this chapter. I had wrote up to the part where it moves up a few hours, then my computer ran into an error and restarted. The last time I had saved my progress was about the middle of the chapter. So, I had to rewrite the memories of Pepper. Joy.


6 thoughts on “Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 10

  1. stina

    Ah yes, hindsight is always 20/20 vision 🙂 Good to see Strawberry’s character maturing a little~ And I’m glad Pepper is okay! 😀


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