This Reminds Me of a Puzzle…

Current Emotion: Oh, no. I found a hidden puzzle.

So, recently I bought a copy of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies. I had to go to four different stores to get the game, and it is totally worth it. I have a theory about Professor Sycamore, but for just in case I’m right, I don’t think I’ll post it here for spoiler reasons. But if you really want to know, you can leave a comment asking what my theory is, and I will tell you. Anyway, in this Professor Layton game, you are trying to solve the mysteries left by the Azran, the oldest known race of humans. Basically, the Azrans are the Atlantians of the Professor Layton series. The only way to solve the mysteries they left behind is to help their messenger, Aurora. Unfortunately, Aurora doesn’t know that she is the messenger, which also means she doesn’t remember anything about where the Azran Eggs (items which contain the secrets of the Azran) are. But if she knew where they were, Level 5 wouldn’t have been able to have a puzzle where you had to find the locations of the Eggs. Just like all of the other Professor Layton games, Azran Legacies has amazing puzzles. Some that are easy, others that are so hard you have to Google the answers. Right now I am working on getting my first Egg. But first I have to help out the chief of the village…

Anyway, point is, it’s a great game. Anyone who likes mysteries, puzzles, great story lines, action and adventure games, or all of the above, should really check it out.


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