Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 6

*Still on Route 102*
“Okay Zip, use headbutt!” I instructed the raccoon that was facing a tree. We had been training so he could use his new move better. Caso and Pepper, both sitting in the shade of a nearby tree, watched.

“Ziiiiiiiiggg, Zagoon!” Zip called his he attacked the tree with Headbutt. The impact caused some Seedots who were in the tree to fall. We all watched as they scurried away on the stubby, little legs faster than anyone would ever think they could.

“Good job, Zip! Okay, why don’t you take a rest in the shade. Caso, your turn.” The little mudfish pretended to not hear me. “Ooooh, I see how it is. Too scared to train because you’re afraid you’re not as good as Zip, huh?”

“Mud, Mudkip!” Caso jumped up angerly at that remark.

“Well, come on, then.” Reluctantly, he walked over and faced the tree. After we had trained for a while, I started to notice that Caso was getting stronger. “You’re doing great, Caso.”

“Kip, Mud, Mud.” He said as he stuck his nose in the air proudly.

“See? If you would just listen to me, you’d probably be a lot stronger by now.”

“Muuuuuddd, Kiiiiiiiiiiipp!” At that, the blue dude turned around quickly in my direction and shot a steady flow of water from his mouth, hitting me right in the face.

“Grr. What is it with you and hitting my face?!” I shouted, then the realization of what had just happened started to sink in. “Wait. Caso, did you just learn a new attack?!” I asked as I pulled out my Pokedex. “Yes you did! According to this it’s called ‘Water Gun’.
That’s so cool, Caso!” I looked back up at Caso, but he wasn’t there. “Huh? Where did you go?” I turned to Pepper and Zip, there was Caso, lying in the shade as though nothing important had happened. I giggled at the sight. “Okay, okay. You’ve earned a rest. Come on, Pepper. It’s your turn.” Pepper jumped up, barking twice excitedly, and walked over to face the tree.

After we had finished training, we decided to eat our lunch of ham sammiches and get back on the road. After walking a little longer, we reached a new town. Well, actually, it was more like a city. According to a sign placed just outside the city, it was called Petalburg City. We all took our first step confidently. And why not? After all, Caso was at level 11, and Pepper and Zip were at level 10.

“Okay, guys. Be on the look out. There should be a Gym around here somewhere.” I said as we all turned our heads side to side, looking for the Gym. Suddenly Pepper stopped and barked. “Do you see it, girl?” Pepper nodded and pointed to a building not far from where we were.

So that’s what a Pokemon Gym looks like. It’s bigger than I though it would be.

We all ran up to the Gym excitedly. When we got close, however, we noticed a sign on the door that said “Closed. Will re-open in one hour.”

“Aw, man. This Gym is closed.” I said disappointedly. Looking at my Pokemon, I could see that they were just as disappointed as I was. “Well, I guess there’s nothing we can do about it. Hows about we go check out the next Route while we wait? Who knows, maybe we’ll make a new friend.” Everyone seemed pleased by that idea, except Caso, but I had gotten used to that by now.

*On Route 104 – Caso and Zip are back in their Pokeballs*
“Oh, wow! There’s a beach here!” I exclaimed as we looked out at the sea. That’s when I spotted something blue lying on the beach. Something blue and round. “Hey, what’s that?” I asked no one in particular.

When we walked over, I realized it was a Pokemon. It didn’t seem to notice us, instead it just kept lying there. Alarmed, Pepper barked.

Oh, no! What do I do? It must be hurt!

After thinking/panicking for a little while, I decided to see if it was maybe just hungry.

“Here, uh…” I pulled out my Pokedex to see what Pokemon it was. “…Marill. Do you want a ham sammich?”

The blue-water-rodent-thing moved slightly, then it jumped up, grabbed the sammich, and wolfed it down.

“I guess you were hungry. Well, it looks like you’re fine now. Later.” I said as the little thing ate, like, ten sandwiches that I just happened to have. I stood up, turned, and started walking off with Pepper close behind. As we walked, I noticed an extra set of footsteps. When I turned around, I found out who the footsteps belonged to, it was the Marill with an infinite love of ham sammiches. “Don’t tell me you’re still hungry.”

“Marill, Marill.” The little blue Pokemon seemed super happy that I noticed it.

“Hey, now. You’ve gotta stop following me. I’m sure your friends are worried about you. You should head back to them.”

“Mar, Marill.” The Pokemon shook its head and stared at me with a determined look.

“Wait…are you saying you want to come with us?” Marill nodded its head. “Okay, then.” I laid a Pokeball on the ground. Marill eagerly jumped in the Pokeball. The Pokeball shook one time, then it clicked.

“Got’cha! Marill was caught!” my Pokedex exclaimed happily.

“Alright, come back out, Marill! Caso, Zip, you guys come on out too!” I said as I threw the three Pokeballs.

“Marill, Marill!” Marill exclaimed happily.

“Mud, Mudkip!” Caso said as he emerged from his Pokeball.

“Zigzagoon!” Zip called as he appeared in a white light.

“Okay, Marill, you need a nickname. How’s about… Aqua?” I suggested.

“Marill, Marill!” Aqua jumped around happily. I think the only thing that would have made her happier would be if I had named her ham sammich.

“Alright, Aqua meet Caso, Zip, and Pepper. Guys, meet Aqua.” All of the Pokemon, except Caso, greeted each other happily. Caso tried to act cool while he greeted Aqua. “Well, I guess we should head back to Petalburg City. Return!” Caso, Zip, and Aqua returned to their Pokeballs in the familiar red light. After they were in their Pokeballs, Pepper and I started walking back to the city.

I can’t wait to take on the Gym. I wonder what kind of Pokemon the Gym Leader has?

Pokemon met this chapter: Aqua, female, jolly nature


Info. Well, here we are at the end of chapter six! What do you awesome readers think of the story so far?

9 thoughts on “Trainer Strawberry: Chapter 6

    1. Strawberry Post author

      Thanks! I think the reason Aqua was caught the way she was is because I was thinking of James from the anime while writing, and he almost always catches his Pokemon by asking them if they want to come along with him and the rest of Team Rocket.

      Thanks again! I try my best to keep them all unique. 😀


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