I Played Something Other than Megaman!

That’s right. I did. I played Disney’s Donald Duck: Going Quackers. Which is a really fun game for the Nintendo 64. Unfortunately, because it is on the N64, I didn’t get any screenshots. The game is also relatively short, I started around 2:00, and by 5:40 I was already half-way done with the second to last level. My only real complaint is that because I’m playing the game on an emulator, whenever I talk to a character (namely Donald’s nephews) they keep doing their talking animation in a continuous loop, even after they finish speaking. As a result, even though I collect all of the toys that Donald’s nephews ask for, I can’t return them because it requires talking to the nephews! This doesn’t prevent me from finishing the game, but it does prevent me from getting it 100% done. Anyway, if you’ve never played the game, why? Why haven’t you played it? It really is a great game, with smooth game play, interesting levels, and excellent (and pretty annoying) bosses. So, if you haven’t played it yet, you really should.


6 thoughts on “I Played Something Other than Megaman!

    1. Strawberry Post author

      *Dun dun dun* I’ve never owned an actual N64 either. That’s why I always play N64 games on an emulator. I need to get a newer version of the emulator I’ve got, though. That way I can take snapshots for my posts.

      Thanks for reading!


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