I think I’ll start putting the title for posts that are information for my upcoming Trainer Strawberry chapters “Info”. So, if you check your reader and see a post titled “Info”, that’s what it is. Anyway, I should have the next chapter up in an hour, like always. And, yes, I did get it finished! I don’t think its as long as the last two chapters, but at least I got it done. I might find that it is as long as the others when I go to post it. So, in this chapter, we see a bit more of Pepper. And we meet Zip the Zigzagoon. He doesn’t get much of an introduction in this chapter. So, I might have to give a more proper introduction in the next chapter, or I might not, it depends on what I feel like writing. Now for a closing question that I hope everyone answers after they read this next chapter. Who is your favorite character so far?


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