Sorry that this post is super late. I’ve been meaning to put up a new post, but haven’t really gotten around to it. Anyway, I feel pretty confident that most of my awesome readers already know this, but I am a part of Project Imagination! I have a new page titled “Project Imagination” with a list of volunteers for the project, and a link to the original post mentioning this project that has more information about Project Imagination. We’ve already gotten some extra helpers, and one volunteer, so we still need more volunteers! Also, we haven’t really decided on how we’re going to transfer the data for Project Imagination, so for those of you who are still waiting, thank you for your patience. Hopefully, we’ll get something figured out soon.

Anyway, I did play some video games today, but I didn’t get any snapshots. Dino and I were playing Banjo Kazooie, and we are currently playing Pokemon Stadium. We got some snow over here, which makes me happy. I’m an Ice-type Pokemon after all, so I LOVE snow! Also, there is a slight possibility that I might not get the third chapter of Trainer Strawberry up at the time I usually do, so you might have to wait till a little later than usual. But, I should get it up tomorrow, if not, then I apologize ahead of time. And while we’re on the subject of Trainer Strawberry, Taco suggested that I add a new page that states what Pokemon I have on my team, what there nicknames are, their stats, and what moves they know. He also said I should have the page keep track of my Gym Badges, play time, and Pokemon “deaths”. So, I should have that up either later, or some time tomorrow (wow, I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow).




4 thoughts on “Yeah…

  1. Jack Flacco

    I remember Banjo Kazooie from the N64 days! Is there a new version out now or is it that you’re playing this through an emulator? I miss that game. Donkey Kong 64 was my all-time favorite game for N64–and Super Mario 64, too!

    1. Strawberry Post author

      I’m playing mine on an emulator. I think you can download Banjo Kazooie and Tooie on Xbox Live. But since I don’t have an Xbox, I don’t know for sure. I used to play Donkey Kong 64 and Super Mario 64 too! I preferred DK64, though. Super Mario 64 was just a little too hard for me to completely enjoy it. I also have DK64 for my emulator, and I could get Super Mario 64 for it too. I might do a video gaming journal on them someday. Thanks for reading!


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