Pokemon Origins: Review (Possible Seizure Warning Near the End)

Okay, so this is my first movie review. Probably most of it will be a rant, but anyway. Pokemon Origins is a special episodes arc released just before the Pokemon X & Y games were released. It follows the adventures of young Pokemon Trainer Red, and his rival Blue. This special arc follows the design of the original Pokemon games. I really think it shows just how far Pokemon has come animation wise. But of course I do have my complaints…

This is not Red.

This is not Red.

This is.

This is.

It takes quite a bit to cross the line with me (example: I think Sonic 06 is one of the best Sonic games ever), and Nintendo crossed it. The first time I read about Origins, I read that it was about Red and Green (or Blue as we call him in America), and I got super excited. Then I checked out the trailer, and was disappointed. The boy I saw in the trailer was not Red, but instead he was some brown haired kid that for some strange reason had the same name. Then I read a comment on the video that said that it wasn’t actually Red, and that the Trainer’s name was actually “Flame”. I was satisfied with that. But, when I went to watch the English dub of Origins, it turned out that that comment only applied to the Japanese version. I understand that Nintendo was trying to avoid confusion between Red and Ash, but, honestly Nintendo, if you’re going to use a different character design, then you have to use a different character!

Red -Fake- #2

I got over the fact that they used the wrong hair and eye colors pretty quickly (but I still wasn’t very happy that they did that). This may have just been because I was expecting it to somewhat follow the manga since Red was in it, and if someone watches the episode arc without thinking that, the next thing that bothered me probably won’t bother them. What could it possibly be, you ask? It’s the fact that Red chose Charmander as his beginner Pokemon, that’s what. The reason for this is because (like I said earlier), I was expecting it to follow the manga somewhat, and like I also stated earlier, this probably won’t bother people who watched it without thinking that. But, in the manga, Red chooses Bulbasaur (nicknamed “Saur”), and the reason he chose this Pokemon is because there weren’t any other starter Pokemon Oak could give him. Green/Blue had already chosen Charmander, and Squirtle had been stolen. Of course, once I accepted that the arc was based on the games and not the manga, I got over this little detail.

Red -Fake- #3 Red -Pokemon Trainer- #3

Another thing that I think is worth pointing out, is the difference between Origins Red’s and manga/later-Pokemon-games Red’s final teams. Since I had already realized the the arc was game based and not manga based, I didn’t really have much problem with this. I was just like “Hey, that’s different,” then I accepted it.

So, in closing, Origins is a good episode arc, with amazing, high action animation. Just don’t start watching it thinking that it’s going to follow the manga like I did. I would recommend this arc to all Pokemon fans.


P.S. – If anyone is interested in learning more about why Green is called Blue in America, I would be happy to tell you.


5 thoughts on “Pokemon Origins: Review (Possible Seizure Warning Near the End)

  1. lefthumbstick

    Hey you watched it! I had never read the manga so I went in with no preconceptions and really liked it. It’s kind of cool that there are so many different takes on one game though isn’t it. Nice review by the way.

    1. Strawberry Post author

      Thank you! I really liked it too, it just wasn’t what I expected. Yeah, it really is cool that there are so many different ways of looking at a game. I think it’s one of the beauties of video games, everyone has a different story to tell. So, is the rival called “Green” or “Blue” over there in England?


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