I Found It!

Hey, guys! I’ve got a few quick announcements to make before we get back to the journal. First, I now have two extra pages on my blog, one features a list of what movies I’ve watched recently, and my opinion about the movie. The other page contains basically the same thing only with anime instead of movies. Second, I will be posting the picture edits tomorrow as requested by dinomacabre. Now, on with Megaman!

Mega Man Battle Network #99

Did you know this is my 100th Megaman Battle Network picture that I've put on my blog?

Did you know this is my 100th Megaman Battle Network picture that I’ve put on my blog?

The rumor of a war is now a reality, and everyone is panicking. As I was wandering around aimlessly before talking to Higsby, I found a guy outside SciLab that really amuses me. I think Capcom put him there on purpose. He pretty much describes a bunch of video games in two sentences. Begging a little kid to save the world. I love it. Anyway, I took the elevator leading to the Power Plant and found a scientist who wants me to take his quiz. After answering all ten questions (and having to look up the answer to two of them), he gives Lan a new Battle Chip. I’ve never really used any of the Ratton chips, but I get the feeling that they’re pretty useless. I also re-checked those items that Megaman couldn’t decode, and he still can’t decode them. What could they possibly be? Will I ever get to use them?

Mega Man Battle Network #101

After I had talked to everyone, I went back to Higsby’s Chip Shop, only to find that Higsby wasn’t there. Instead, on the counter was a WWW Pass, unfortunately the date had expired. This answered the question of how the WWW agents were getting into ACDC Town, however, now all that was left to do was to find the entrance to the secret metro-line.

Mega Man Battle Network #104

After searching all over creation, I eventually had to look up the location of the entrance. It was behind the statue in the school yard the whole time! But since the pass I found was outdated, the entrance might as well have been on the moon; there was no way I could take WWW’s secret metro-line. Or was there?

Mega Man Battle Network #103 Mega Man Battle Network #105Mega Man Battle Network #106

The pass needed to be re-activated, and Megaman suggested going to Dr. Hikari. And, for once, the lead wasn’t a dead-end! Dr. Hikari re-activated the pass with ease. After he warned Lan to be careful, I headed back to ACDC Town to take the secret metro-line.

Mega Man Battle Network #107

While riding the secret metro-line, an interesting cutscene plays. Lan’s mom calls his dad and asks if Lan is alright. Dr. Hikari then assures her that everything is okay, and that he wouldn’t let “what happened last time happen again”. What is he talking about? What happened? Does Lan have a brother that he never knew about? Or did Dr. Hikari have a Net Navi that met a tragic end?! I need to know!

Mega Man Battle Network #108 Mega Man Battle Network #109

Upon arriving at WWW’s Lab, Lan finds Mr. Higsby, Ms. Yuri, and the old guy that helped him find the secret lab, and frees them. By going up a little, Lan finds a door that is locked. Megaman states that he will unlock the door. Inside the door looks a lot like the inside of Lan’s oven, I wonder which virus could be the one locking the door. Hmmmm. I wonder. I haven’t gotten to the end yet, however, so I could be wrong. Anyway, next time on Megaman Battle Network, can Lan and Megaman make it through WWW’s base in time? What did Dr. Hikari mean? Is Chaud actually going to help, or is he just going to stand around in ACDC Town while Lan does all the work? What could Dr. Hikari have possibly meant? I really need to know this.

If you like the Legend of Zelda, you should watch this. EDIT: I should probably add that there is a seizure warning on this video.

Well, that’s all for now. Later.

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