Here We Go!

Mega Man Battle Network #67


Back to having no idea what I’m doing. As I was running around Den Town, I happened to think that maybe I was supposed to talk to Lan’s dad. After all, the desk lady said he would be in later, but he wasn’t. So, that was another dead-end. I’m really good at finding those.

Mega Man Battle Network #68

Alright! A Megaman X reference!

Alright! A Megaman X reference!

In the end, I had to look up where to find the guy. I didn’t find out where he was from the internet, but I did find out where the others where. So, I went back to the chip shop (the first place I looked for the guy), and all I had to do the whole time was go behind the counter and talk to him! This guy’s name is Mr. Higsby and his Net Navi is Numberman. These two are the ones responsible for the school incident (again, all you have to do is ask).

Mega Man Battle Network #70 Mega Man Battle Network #71 Mega Man Battle Network #72 Mega Man Battle Network #73


Before, I could reach the access point for the Undernet, however, I had to use the access link that I got from defeating a Net Navi in Den Town. After I unlocked the gateway to the Undernet, Megaman was attacked by a “strong” virus. It was really just a slightly powered-up copy of the virus I fought in the vending machine.

Mega Man Battle Network #74 Mega Man Battle Network #75 Mega Man Battle Network #76


Once I had defeated the virus, I entered the Undernet. I found a Net Merchant not far from the entrance, and I bought four HPmemorys and one Power Up from him. Later on, I unlocked another WWW firewall type thing, and got another HPmemory. As I was running around, I found out something I wished I had known before, I needed three other passwords before I could get to the WWW server *sigh*. Mr. Higsby sent me an e-mail telling me that I could get the passwords from other ex-members of WWW, and the first one I would need could be found at SciLab. Of course it would be there. After all, I had just left there before returning to ACDC Town and finding Mr. Higsby. Leaving the place I’m supposed to be seems to be another thing I’m good at.

Is that Mario and Luigi?

Is that Mario and Luigi?

Mega Man Battle Network #78

Finding the guy wasn’t too hard. Unlike Higsby. After giving Lan one of the passwords, he tells him that there are two other ex-members of WWW in Den City. A young girl, and an old man.

Mega Man Battle Network #79 Mega Man Battle Network #80 Mega Man Battle Network #81 Mega Man Battle Network #82


Remember how I said I had looked up where to find an ex-member of WWW? Yeah, thanks to the fact that I did that, I knew exactly where to find the other two ex-members. Now I have all three passwords, and I just have to go unlock the access points and get into WWW’s server!

Mega Man Battle Network #83


I ended up only unlocking one today, however. I really needed to get me something to eat. MMMM, Pizza Rolls. *Licks lips*

As a side note, yesterday when I was playing Megaman X, I finally defeated Launch Octopus! And I just kept going and defeated Boomerang Kuwanger! Unfortunately I didn’t get any screenshots, I’m not sure if I even have a way to get screenshots from a Super Nintendo.

Well, that’s all for now. Later.


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