Take That, Net Navis!

Dr. Hikari

Dr. Hikari

Look at this cool picture I found!

Look at this cool picture I found!

I forgot to put these two pictures in yesterday’s post, and again, I found these picture on Google Images and do not claim any ownership of them. I also typed my “About” page. And I’d like to send a personal apology to the 9 people who checked out my “About” page before it existed. And I also recently realized that the reason Protoman and Elecman were so easy to defeat was probably because I had bought the Woodarmr which raises Megaman’s defense.

Mega Man Battle Network #45 Mega Man Battle Network #50


So, today on Megaman Battle Network, I’m not sure how long it’s been since the restaurant incident (I think it’s been a day), but Chaud has been a little down in the dumps lately. And Lan’s dad wants him to try to cheer him up. Why do I have to cheer him up? He said I got in the way! Oh, well.

Mega Man Battle Network #46 Mega Man Battle Network #47 Mega Man Battle Network #48 Mega Man Battle Network #49



I didn’t go to SciLab right off (Chaud had been visiting SciLab a lot recently). Instead, I jacked Megaman into the Net to do some item searching again. I still can’t get those items I mentioned before (the ones that Megaman couldn’t decode the data of). What could they be? I also got a Busting Level S, which is the highest ranking you can get. Then I broke my time record for getting an S, which was cool. And I unlocked another WWW pin and got the “FtrSword B” battle chip. I also found and defeated a copy of Stoneman.EXE, the Net Navi responsible for the subway incident. The subway incident is another incident that happened before I started my blog, if anyone wants to know more about it, leave a comment asking for it.  After running around a bit more and checking out the Net Merchants, I jacked Megaman out of the Net.

Mega Man Battle Network #51


After that I went to Den City. After I answered five questions in a quiz correctly, I got a new battle chip. I also re-challenged a Net Battler that I had lost to before, and this time I defeated them. Now I can access more of the Net! Once I had talked to everyone I could, I went to the Government Complex, where SciLab is.

Mega Man Battle Network #52 Mega Man Battle Network #53


Before I went in SciLab, I re-challenged the Net Battlers that have Woodman.EXE, and Sharkman.EXE (the second pictures is what the field looks like when you begin the battle with Sharkman). I managed to defeat Woodman, and get his Navi Chip (a Battle Chip that lets you use the power of other Net Navis). But Sharkman still defeated me, I wasn’t as under-powered as last time, but he was still more powerful than me.

Mega Man Battle Network #54 Mega Man Battle Network #55 Mega Man Battle Network #56 Mega Man Battle Network #57


When I entered the Water Works Lobby, I found a vending mechine that was malfunctioning because of a virus. Namely the one I lost to before (the second picture is what he looks like in battle). This time, though, I defeated him and got a new Battle Chip as a reward.

Mega Man Battle Network #58 Mega Man Battle Network #59 Mega Man Battle Network #60


Next, I went to the second floor of the Water Works to challenge Dr. Froid and his Net Navi Iceman.EXE to a Net Battle. Iceman was the one responsible for the Water Works incident, and he was still hard to defeat, even with my improved defense. But, in the end, I defeated him and got his Navi chip. When I finally went to SciLab, Chaud wasn’t there. One of the employees tells Lan that Chaud went to Den City, you know, where I just came from.

Mega Man Battle Network #61 Mega Man Battle Network #62


He wasn’t hard to find after that. He had been looking for an ex-member of WWW. And he was not happy to see Lan. He tells Lan to get lost, then Lan asks him what his deal is, and explains that he had come to help Chaud. Chaud then tells Lan that he doesn’t need his help and walks off. Once he is gone, Lan and Megaman decide to look for the ex-member themselves. And I have no idea where to look. I went back to the Water Works and ACDC Town to see if it was someone I had already met, but it wasn’t.

Mega Man Battle Network #63 Mega Man Battle Network #64 Mega Man Battle Network #65


Since I didn’t find out anything useful, I returned to Den City and re-challenged Chaud and Protoman to a Net Battle. Protoman was a little tougher this time, but not much. He was still relatively easy to defeat, and I got his Navi Chip afterwords. It is one of my most powerful chips. I love how its rank is “B”, I may be seeing a reference where there isn’t one, but I see it as a reference to the fact that Protoman’s Japanese name is Blues.

Mega Man Battle Network #66

I jacked into a summer school board and found a power up, unfortunately I never made it out of the board, because I was defeated by some viruses, and therefore, was deleted.

Well, that’s all for now. Later.

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