What an Electrifying Day

Mega Man Battle Network #28

I’m not the only one who sees the Megaman Legends reference, am I?

EDIT: I’m sorry that some of the pictures didn’t show up. That should be fixed now.

Okay, so first off. From now on I will be putting my pictures above what I type about them, instead of having them below like I previously was doing.

Mega Man Battle Network #29

Today in Megaman Battle Network, I finally started back on the main storyline and bought a ticket for the subway. In case you forgot, Lan’s dad sent him an e-mail inviting Lan to a party at his work. The party was taking place in an underwater restaurant located beneath the building that Lan’s dad works at.

Mega Man Battle Network #30

Gee, I don’t know. Maybe my dad works here.

Mega Man Battle Network #31

When I went to where Lan’s dad was supposed to be, I didn’t find Mr. Hikari, instead I found Eugene Chaud. Chaud is a professional Net Battler, and therefore is pretty much a cop despite the fact that he’s the same age as Lan (yeah, don’t ask me how that works). Chaud’s Net Navi is Protoman.EXE, and is rumored to be the strongest Net Navi around. After Chaud insulted Lan (called him a kid of all things) and walked off, Mr. Hikari decided to grace us with his presence.

Mega Man Battle Network #32

Before I talked to anyone, I jacked Megaman into some PETs made from recycled plastic bottles. I found an HPmemory which raises Megaman HP.

Mega Man Battle Network #33

Mega Man Battle Network #34

If you get this reference you get a cookie.

One of WWW’s Net Agents sneaked into the party and cut off the power, causing everyone in the restaurant to start to suffocate. So, the question is, who’s idea was it to put a restaurant underwater that depended on ELECTRICITY for its AIR? Anyway, this level was the hardest so far, in my opinion. See that battery gauge at the top? If it ran out Megaman would be unable to heal himself. This actually happened to me once, that’s when I found out that Lan can recharge the gauge, which made the rest of this level much easier. Another thing that made it hard was that the level was almost like a maze, and it’s impossible to see most of the paths. I’ll admit it, I actually had to look up how to get through here.  WWW had also messed with some of the Program Navis, making them turn evil. They were some of the easiest viruses to defeat. Ever.

Mega Man Battle Network #35  Mega Man Battle Network #36

After getting near the end of the level, Megaman was able to unlock the door to the generator room. Lan went to this room only to find out that the generator was still on. Which meant that the WWW Net Navi had to be deleted in order to get power back to the restaurant. After switching back to Megaman and taking a few more steps, I came face to face with Elecman.EXE, the cause of all the trouble. Elecman greets Megaman with text talk, but whether or not this is significant is something I do not know.

Mega Man Battle Network #37 Mega Man Battle Network #38

Elecman would have to be my favorite WWW Net Navi just because of his design. Elecman has a total of 600 HP, and attacks with lightning strikes. It is impossible to defeat him when you first meet him, because once you hit him just a few times he completely restores his HP, stating that as long as he has access to electricity he is invincible. Gee, wouldn’t it be a shame if someone, you know, turned the generator off? Ha ha yeah that’d be bad.

Mega Man Battle Network #39

Once the powers cut off, this guys a total pushover. In fact, he is one of the few Megaman bosses I took out on my first shot.

Mega Man Battle Network #40   Mega Man Battle Network #41

After Elecman is defeated, Protoman makes a surprise appearance. Protoman then informs Megaman that he was running a scan on Elecman’s memory data in order to find the WWW base, and blames Megaman for not being able to complete the scan. Chaud then orders Protoman to eliminate Megaman so he doesn’t interfere anymore. At first I was a bit concerned, thinking that Protoman was going to beat me up.

Mega Man Battle Network #43

But then I found out he wasn’t so tough. And added him to the few Megaman bosses I defeated on my first shot. After Megaman explains that his power comes from his friendship with Lan (a foreign concept for Protoman), Chaud orders Protoman to jack out, and Megaman says that he should do the same.

Mega Man Battle Network #44

So in the end, peace was once again restored. For now. What trouble awaits Lan and Megaman now that WWW has all the programs they needed to delete the world? I don’t know-guess we’ll find out.

Now for a little video to get you all into the Christmas spirit.

Well, that’s all for now. Later.

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