It has been one week since I stared my blog! I don’t have any snapshots of the games I played today, sorry about that. I was visiting my older sister, and playing with my nephews on their Xbox 360. They love playing on it with me for some reason. Anyway, since I don’t have any snapshots of games I played recently, now seems like a good time to explain how to use Battle Chips in Megaman Battle Network.

Mega Man Battle Network #10  Mega Man Battle Network #11

Like I said in an earlier post, five chips are chosen randomly from your chip folder at the start of a Net Battle. The name of the chip is shown above the picture of the chip (the orange circle). The type and power are under the picture (the pink circle). The power is shown in numbers, and the type is the letter. To have more than five chips to chose from, you have to hit the “add” button (the yellow circle). This adds five more chips for one turn, but takes one turn, however, and means that you must fight using your Megabuster until your custom gauge refills. Under normal circumstances, you can only use one chip at a time, but there are exceptions. For example, if you have more than one chip that is the same type, you can select more than one chip. In this way you can select up to five chips to use at one time (shown by the five empty slots in the purple circle). The most I’ve ever selected at one time is three, so getting to use five chips at one time probably requires a customized chip folder.

Mega Man Battle Network #13 Mega Man Battle Network #17

Another way to select more than one chip at a time is if you have more than one chip with the same name. For example, you can chose several Cannon chips to use at one time, whether they’re the same type or not. This also applies to every other type of chip.

I think I’ll start explaining individual Battle Chips in later posts. Then maybe move on to viruses, or maybe just virus attack patterns since I don’t know the name of every virus.

One more thing before I end this post. While playing The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap, I found what I believe to be a glitch. While carrying shrubs, if someone talks to Link or you find an item on the ground that you haven’t gotten before, Link strikes a pose or drops his arms, but the bush stays above his head like his arms are still holding it up. This makes it seem like Link is wearing a bush on his head.


Zelda - the Minish Cap #2

Aw, man! I was so close to sneaking past her!

Health units in this game are referred to as hearts.

Health units in this game are referred to as hearts.

Well, that’s all for now. Later.

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