So, I didn’t really play any video games today, because I was working on my icon. It is a picture of my character Strawberry (yes, she is a Pokemon called Glaceon) on her computer. And she is actually on WordPress in the picture. My sister did the coloring, lighting, and shading. I just drew the picture. Now all that’s left to do is write my about page and I’ll be set.


Anyway, since I didn’t play any video games today, but I don’t want my post to be too short, I think I’ll explain the battle system in Megaman Battle Network. But first, I’m going to put some more detailed pictures of the characters I talked about in my last post. I found these pictures on Google, and do not claim any ownership of them.

Lan Hikari

Lan Hikari, operator of Megaman.EXE



Mayl Sakurai, operator of Roll.EXE

Mayl Sakurai, operator of Roll.EXE







Mega Man Battle Network #7

Now for the battle system. The battle field is divided into two areas, a red area and a blue area. The red spaces are where Megaman can move, and the blue spaces are where the viruses can move. Megaman can NOT step on the blue spaces, and vice versa. There are certain viruses that can hover over the red spaces for a brief amount of time, but they cannot stay there. Megaman’s HP is displayed in the top left corner (in the yellow circle) the amount of damage you take depends on how strong the virus is. Once Megaman runs out of HP he gets deleted, resulting in a game over. The Custom Gauge (in the pink circle) fills up after a little while, whether you hit the virus or not, and only when it is full can you select more battle chips to use. Battle chips are necessary to deal large amounts of damage to a virus at one time, five are chosen randomly from your chip folder at the start of every battle and more are chosen randomly as the battle goes on. But I will explain more about how to use Battle Chips later on. The icon above Megaman’s head (the orange circle) shows what type of battle chip you chose, and which one of the ones you select you will use next. You can check the bottom left corner (the blue circle) to see the name of the chip that will be used next, and to see how powerful it is. Aside from Battle Chips, Megaman also has his Megabuster to attack with, and you can use it an infinite amount of time, it is not very powerful, however. You can also charge the Megabuster, but this takes a little time.

Well that’s all for now. Later.


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