Megaman Battle Network

So, I guess today’s post will be about Megaman Battle Network, since I already made that the title and all.

Mega Man Battle Network

In Battle Network, you switch between playing as Lan Hikari and his trusty Net Navi, Megaman.EXE. The game takes place about 300 years after the Classic series, and is made to be an alternate timeline to the X series and is meant to answer the question, “What if robots didn’t become the main technology?”. In it, everything is connected by the Net, and people carry around Personal Terminals (PET for short) that contain their own Personal Net Navi, which they use to navigate around the Net. When an evil group known as WWW (pronounced “World 3”) threatens to take over the Net using extremely dangerous viruses, it’s up to Lan, Megaman, and their friends to stop them.

And that’s the description of this game. It’s made in the RPG style, which is a change from the usual Platforming style of the other Megaman games. I’m not the best at playing them, but I enjoy almost every minute of them, except for when I’ve died for the 20th time to the same enemy. Anyway, I guess I’ll be posting about whatever I’ve played or watched earlier in the day. So, today on Megaman BN, I saved a bus, with Lan’s friend on it, that was about to explode.

Mega Man Battle Network #2

In order to do this, I had to send Megaman into the Net to defeat Colorman and save Roll (the Net Navi belonging to Lan’s friend Mayl).

Roll is the pink one

Roll is the pink one

(Roll is the pink one)

It has taken me quite a few tries to finally defeat this guy. He has two extra attacking things that move back and forth across the battlefield and block my attacks. The red one shoots out lines of fire and the blue one shoots out lines of gushing water. As you can see, Colorman has 600 HP, so it takes quite a few hits to bring him down.

Mega Man Battle Network #4

Eventually, though, I finally managed to defeat him, saving Roll, Mayl, the bus, and everyone else on it.

Mega Man Battle Network #5 Mega Man Battle Network #6

Well I guess that’s all for now. Later.

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